An asymmetric tongue-in-cheek sarcastic response from the Belorussian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the US State Department’s insolent “congratulation”

It’s bee a while since my last post, but this one is too good to pass. The Belorussian Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted an official humorous response to a meddling “congratulation” from the US State Department.

The complete text in Russian can be found here: Комментарий пресс-службы МИД в связи с заявлением Посольства США от 25 марта 2021 года

While the English version is here: Comment by the Press Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus in connection with the statement of the US Embassy on March 25, 2021

RT wrote a piece about this response, titled:

Happy CONFEDERATE constitution day! Belarus mercilessly trolls US Embassy after it praised German-backed puppet regime of WW1

And this is indeed a level 100 trolling on the Belorussian part. I take my proverbial hat off! Below is the complete official text of the response, followed by my re-translation of the American “congratulation”, which triggered it:

Comment by the Press Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus in connection with the statement of the US Embassy on March 25, 2021

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Hope from the East – Russia develops first vaccine against COVID-19

This week brought hope to humanity, and again from Russia. The N. F. Gamaleya Federal Research Center for Epidemiology & Microbiology which previously developed the vaccine against Ebola in 15 months, beat their own record and developed the COVID-19 vaccine in just 5 months. The vaccine’s name is fittingly “Sputnik V”.

The vaccine is entering the third phase of clinical tests, but it is already cleared for use this autumn for those in the high risk group. This is a two-part vaccine, which uses two different biological carriers of the COVID-19 genome. The first part crates immunity (antibodies), the second – applied 3 weeks later – creates immunologic memory. The immunity is expected to last for 2 years (analogous to the the effect of the Ebola vaccine).

The vaccine can be applied to those between 18 and 60 years of age. It should not be applied to those with allergies, infectious diseases or pregnant women.

Three factories have already started producing the vaccine at a rate of 1 million doses per month each, doubling the production capacity towards the end of the month. All of Russia should have enough vacines in 9 to 12 months. 29 other countries showed interest in the vaccine – in order to either buy or produce it under license.

President Vladimir Putin in his statement said that one of his daughters got vaccinated, thus participating in the clinical tests.

In the interview with academician Alexander Gintsburg, he said that as the result of the current work, Russia now has technology to develop vaccines even faster – in about 1 month. This is an indirect message to the USA, which has biological laboratories on the territory of Ukraine and Georgia developing battle viruses there with Russia as an obvious target.

More about it in this Vesti report:

The West met this news with incredulous rejection. And it is not for the first time. Four years ago Russian vaccine against Ebola was met with equal incredulity and ridicule, which Alexader Rogers drew a reference to in his article at Cont.

The Reason for the Destruction of the Family Values in the West

The following translation of an article, published in “Argumenty i Fakty” #42 on the 16th of October 2019, probably gives the best explanation for the underlying reasons for the systematic destruction of the family values in the Western countries. This is also, so far, the best explanation that I’ve seen for the seemingly senseless abductions of normal kids from normal families by the assorted Western CPS “childprotection” services, like the case of the Lisovs, which luckily had a happy outcome.

The Time of Transgenders. Why is Europe demolishing the traditional family?

Mattel has started selling “gender-neutral” Barbie dolls, which the child itself can transform into a boy or a girl at will.

The new toy has no secondary sexual characteristics (breasts) and the usual shape of the figure (for example, the female waist). Barbie-transformer has already been called “a symbol of the LGBT community” and “a blow to childhood.” Experts on the family argue that in this way it is planned to finally undermine the psyche the new generations. Igor Beloborodov, a demographer, sociologist, Executive Director of the Dniester-Prut information and analytical center, a member of the working group on improving legislation in the social sphere at the state Duma, explained to “AiF” why it is necessary for ideologists of gender equality.

The king fell in love with the king

Vladimir Kozhemyakin, “AiF”: Igor Ivanovich, why dos Europe, despite the obvious decline of the indigenous population, deliberately destroy the traditional family? It seems unnatural to a normal person.

Igor Beloborodov: this is a matter of political lobbying. Many politicians at the helm of the European Union are childless, without a family. They are not interested in all our problems – the decline of the population, the crisis, the decline of the family. Their standard answer to these fears is that the family is dying, and for childbirth there is surrogacy. Moreover, the family for them is a red rag, the enemy number one, because they see in it, as in a mirror, their own perversion. Therefore, they will continue to welcome juvenile justice (CPS), which takes children from normal parents and gives them to homosexuals, to promote sexual education starting from kindergarten. And in the future we will see not only a gender-neutral Barbie, but also a change in the fairy tales, where a king falls in love not with a beautiful mystery girl, but… with another king.

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US-NATO Mission accomplished: Country destroyed, people killed

Reprinting Russia Inside translated article The Extent of NATO’s Destruction in Yugoslavia from March 2015. There is not really much one can add to it…

16 years ago, without a UN Security Resolution, NATO started an illegal attack on Yugoslavia. Today commemorative ceremonies will take place all over the country. Tanjug presents the figures that show the massive destruction of the country and loss of life.

Mission accomplished: Country destroyed, people killed

On the 24th of March in 1999, without a Security Council Resolution, NATO started the military attack on Yugoslavia [Serbia and Montenegro].

Yugoslavia, allegedly responsible for the ‘humanitarian catastrophy’ in Kosovo and Metohija, was attacked after the so-called Rambouillet negotiations about the future status of Kosovo failed. The Rambouillet agreement foresaw the deployment of NATO forces on the territory of Yugoslavia. The Yugoslav party didn’t want NATO forces on its territory and suggested UN troops should be deployed instead, to oversee the implementation of the Rambouillet agreement, which was also confirmed by the Yugoslavian parliament.

Unsatisfied, NATO unleashed a massive military onslaught on the small country and its people, which led to massive destruction and loss of lives. General Wesley Clark, who led the campaign, admitted in his book ‘Modern Warfare’ that the planning and preparations for the war were already underway in summer 1998 and finalized in August 1998. Which actually implies that Rambouillet never really had a chance of succeeding.

Today “Tanjug” listed some figures that were released by the Serbian Government, that show the devastating results and the destruction of the country by the NATO led attack:

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20 Years Since US-NATO War-criminal Invasion of Yugoslavia and Declaration of War on Russia

20 years ago, on March 24 1999, the US-NATO and its accomplices started an invasion and bombing of Yugoslavia. This was done under false pretence and constituted the war crimes and crimes against humanity on the part of the following countries: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, United, Kingdom, United States.

The aggression was directed against the Serbian people, and the Serbs are as close a brotherly nation to the Russians as one can get. A sure way to declare a war on Russia, as WWI shows, is to attack Serbia. In effect, that is what US-NATO did. 1999 became a watershed in the post-USSR American-Russian relations. Whereas before the attack on Yugoslavia, the Russians viewed the USA as a potential equal partner, a friend, then after 1999 the rosy naïve glasses fell off and Russians saw the USA for what it is – a gluttonous monster, only capable of grabbing and destroying, and entity, with which Russia will not be able to find a common cooperative ground.

In 1999 US-NATO declared a war on Russia. Yes, Russia was weak and pillages by the local crime gangs and the American foreign rule under the puppet leader of Yeltsin. The Wild 90s were at their darkest time. But the invasion of Yugoslavia became that rude awakening for Russia, which it needed to come back from the brink of death. And in that the sacrifice that Yugoslavia, the Serbs paid, was not in vain – it allowed to awaken the only force capable of curtailing the greedy and murderous ambition of the US-NATO.

Back then there was no wide-spread Internet, and getting at alternative information was still fairly difficult. The Western MSM ruled supreme, spreading the disinformation and manipulating imagery. Still, the US-NATO aggression against the Serbs awoke quite a few people in the West too. I remember that in Norway, Loesje had anti-war campaign posters displayed in the public transportation on the spots, where one would typically see commercial ads. “Where are the NATO cheerleaders?” read one of them.

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BREAKING: Ukrainian Drone Drops Bombs in Downtown Donetsk Near School, Miraculously, No Casualties

From Russia Insider article:

Russian civilians are routinely being shelled, bombed, and killed right on Russia’s border. It’s a real war.
The bombs, three of them, detonated on a spot where hundreds of school children usually gather at that time, perhaps they were the intended targets.

Following closely the developments in Donbass, the civil war there has not stopped for a single day since Ukraine started shelling and bombing from air the towns of Donbass in 2014. Each day a dozen people – men, women, children, elderly – get killed and maimed by the murderous US-backed Ukrainian regime.


As always, the best way to prevent a customary Western false flag attack, is to make as many as possible aware of its possible preparation. To this end…

Reported by Fort Russ on the 22nd of November:

FRN has confirmed from our sources on the ground that the data obtained by the DPR intelligence, in which a group of British military experts arrived in Artyomovsk, is likely to be correct. Of particular concern is that this operation, done in concert with Kiev, is being conducted in order to carry out a chemical attack in the north of the Donbass People’s Republic. While this was initially revealed at a briefing in Donetsk on Wednesday, November 21, by the head of the press service of the Office of People’s Militia, Captain Daniel Bezsonov, speculations circulated that the DPR’s announcement contained an error or over-statement.

Based upon our conversations from persons in the DPR associated with a Cossack groupment independent of Russia and Donetsk, on the condition of anonymity, the arrival of British personnel has been confirmed.

According to Captain Daniel Bezsonov of the DPR’s press service:

“The Ukrainian side does not leave intentions to conduct a chemical sabotage in the north of the DPR. Our intelligence obtained data on the arrival at the headquarters of the 72nd brigade in Artyomovsk a group of military specialists from the UK, ” the DAN news agency quoted him.

According to available information, some of the arrivals are part of the units of the special op forces of the United Kingdom. Also, according to intelligence reports, in the populated areas of Dacha and Dzerzhinsk, 2 and 5 km from the contact line, the arrival of special units with individual chemical protective equipment and boxes with signs of chemical danger has been observed.

New Samizdat – a news aggregator to break through the Western media censorship

Well, it increasingly looks like the Western “freedom of speech” and “democracy” are the two sham concepts that the West is shedding off.

A new aggregator has been launched by RT, in the wake of a flurry of censorship, banning and criminal prosecution (as proposed in Denmark) of alternative media and people holding alternative views, that is those not towing the US government line.

New Samizdat

The name has a historical reference to the once strict censorship of news in the USSR. “Samizdat” literally means “self-publishing”, and was a phenomenon in USSR, where dissenting books and articles would go underground and be “published” by way of spreading hand-written or machine-copied copies of the prohibited works.

And the “New” in New Samizdat indicates that the West has completely committed to the path of censorship, just like USSR once did (with the consequences that we all know about), and that a similar, now digital, phenomena arises in the West as a response to the censorship and banning.

Here is what RT had to say about New Samizdat
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BREAKING: Israeli aggression cost 15 Russian servicemen their lives!

Today, Israel yet again attacked Syria in the cowardly despicable way. This time the provocation happened just a few kilometres away from the Russian naval base! This must be viewed as the most open to date attempt by the American-Israeli axis to provoke WWIII.

The attack was performed in such a way, that the Russian IL-20 military turbo-prop plane came into the cross-fire from the Syria air defences. In short, Israel used the Russian pilots as a human shield for their sneak attack on the Syrian infrastructure.

An important note: This Israeli aggression comes just as Putin and Orban were holding talks in Moscow. The previous time Israel attacked and bombed Syria was on the 9th of May – The Victory day, just as Netanyaho was duplicitly sitting at the parade in Moscow.

Adding insult to injury, Israel is laying blame for the Russian pilots’ death on the victim of their pirate attack – on Syria! It’s akin to a rapist accusing their victim for dressing too prettily…

The current status, is that Russia is attempting to avoid starting WWIII though diplomacy. However, knowing how the Turkish provocation a few years back went, Israel will be in a lot of pain for this vile act, not speaking of the ongoing Israeli holocaust of the Palestinians, which Israel has yet still to atone for.

Rest in peace, brave Russian pilots. You will be avenged. As the WWII memorial slogan goes:

No One’s Forgotten. Nothing’s Forgotten.

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ALERT! Western-backed terrorists are all set to launch a chlorine chemical false flag in Idlib – Russian MoD warns

‘Chlorine delivered’: Idlib militants ‘readying false flag attack’ in Syrian village – Russian MoD

Militants in Syria’s Idlib have transported several canisters containing chlorine to the village of Bsanqul, apparently preparing to stage a false flag chemical attack, the Russian Defense Ministry has said.

The chlorine-filled canisters were delivered by the Al-Qaeda-affiliated militants of Tahrir al Sham, formerly known as Al-Nusra Front, a spokesman of the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria, Lieutenant General Vladimir Savchenko, said in a statement Saturday. He added that the latest developments showed that the militants are preparing for a false flag attack that would be used to accuse the Syrian government of using chemical weapons against its people.

USA conducting biological warfare experiments on the population in Georgia

I am presenting below a snap-translation of an article from the “Argumenty i Fakty” (“Aguments and Facts”) newspaper of 11.09.2018.
The atricle’s title is “Secret ulcer. Do the US conduct experiments on people in Georgia?”

It is worth noting that alarming reports about the creation of the biological weapons labs were also coming from the US-occupied Ukraine, as well as in Kazakhstan and Armenia (source 1, source 2). This is especially worrying coupled with USA openly seeking Russian DNA samples for some sort of “research” (source 1, source 2 eng), presumably to breed the weapons capable of targeting specifically Russians.

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The Salisbury Farce Continues

What with the final push of the Syrian Army – with the Russian and Iranian help – against the US/British-backed terrorists in Idlib, the resurrection of the Salisbury farce was almost a given. So when news of an arrest warrant of the “highly-likely” fake Russian residents appeared in the British news just as the offensive in Syria started, I was not at all surprised by the perfect timing.

I was going to write a short satirical piece about the tragic-comical farce that unfolds in Britain, where the British government is highly-likely expecting their population to be dumber than a banana fly, to believe the nonsense spewed by MSM such as BBC.

However, RT beat me to the punch with the article Salisbury plot thickens, questions without answers multiply where the author lays out all the main plot points that would have made Agatha Christie cringe at the ineptness of the plot writers.

And speaking of “punch”… The plot that the British government concocted around Salisbury would have qualified for the “Punch and Judith” show slapstick comedy style.

Judge for yourself. Here is a short highlight summary of the events that the British government wants us to believe, no questions asked:

  1. The two “Russian nationals” fly to Britain using fake Russian passports. This is almost on par with the narrative of the terrorists’ passports always turning up that the crime scene to immediately identify them. Why would not those “Russian nationals” use a fake, say, Ukrainian passports, since the Western MSM would like us to believe that Russia is at war with the Ukro-nazi… whoops – democratic Ukrainian regime? Or why can’t that be Ukrainians travelling under fake Russian passports to incriminate Russia?
  2. So these two “Russian nationals” took a bottle of a military grade highly toxic highly volatile substance on a plane and all went well. No traces of Novichok there.
  3. At the hotel they had to spray a bit of this substance, which does not seem to affect Russians, yet is said to be so deadly that a single droplet of it would be enough to kill half of the population of Salisbury.
  4. The they go to Salisbury and sprey this highly lethal stuff on the door handle. They themselves walk away unharmed – remember this stuff does not work on Russians
  5. Skripals touches the door, but.. the stuff still does not work on Russians – so he goes to a restaurant and has a nice meal, walking about for 4 hours
  6. Then they fall ill on a bench. A passing policemen inspecting them, falls immediately ill. Remember, this is potent stuff, though not for Russian.
  7. This is further proven by Skripals making a recovery from the most deadly poison known to man (according to the British media)
  8. Skripals’ pets die. But not from poison, but form starvation, having been locked down in the poisoned house for many days. The sole surviving cat as eliminated as a witness.
  9. The two “Russian nationals” casually throw the bottle leaving the incriminating evidence behind.
  10. A hapless woman picks the bottle up, uses it and dies. Poor soul. So far she is the only victim of this military-grade nerve agent.
  11. And all this time Porton down – a military chemical lab, that is known to have actually produced Novichok, is calmly observing this lethal farce from just 10km away.

BREAKING, UPDATED: Head of DNR Aleksander Zaharchenko killed in a blast

Aleksandr Zaharchenko, head of the Dontsk People’s Republic, has died in what appears to be an act of state terrorism by Ukraine. Another party, that benefits from his death, is USA, who would thus attempt to reignite the civil war in Eastern Ukraine and tie up Russi’s resources there, as Russia would not be in a position to leave a hot war raging right on its border.

In any case, with his death, the last hope for a diplomatic settlement, for the end to the civil war, and for the salvation of Ukraine as a state is gone, and it seems that this time, just like in 1945, Nazism will have to be defeated with the use of the force of arms.

Aleksander Zaharchenko was a true statesmen, who in the short span of time built up the statehood of the Donetsk People’s Republic, just as Ukraine was losing the last vestages of its statehood and sanity. He was a brave man, taking up the banner of fight against the McCainsian breed of neo-Nazism. He was a patriot, who could not stand idle and indifferent to the fate of his compatriots. He was a good man, one of those people who keep the darkness at bay and stand guard over this world. Rest in peace, you shall be remembered!

Rest in peace, brave statesman and patriot, Aleksandr Zaharchenko.

Leader of self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic killed in E. Ukraine blast

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BREAKING: US may stage a chemical attack in Syria

Just in: The worrying news that USA is again on the war path to revive ISIS through a chemical attack false as a pretext to launch an assault against the Syrian army in order to support the terrorists.

Russia warns US not to ‘play with fire’ in Syria – Lavrov

Russia’s foreign minister is the latest official to warn the US against using a possible chemical weapons provocation to justify a new strike against Syrian forces. He said Moscow warned the West not to play with fire in Syria.

Sergey Lavrov reiterated the warning that a staged chemical weapons attack in Syria’s Idlib province may trigger a US-led attack on the forces loyal to Damascus.

“A new provocation is being prepared by the West to hamper the anti-terrorist operation in Idlib,” Lavrov said during a joint media conference with his Syrian counterpart, Walid Muallem. “We have facts on the table and have issued a strong warning to our Western partners through our Defense Ministry and our Foreign Ministry not to play with fire.”

Earlier, the Russian military reported that a group of militants in Syria was preparing a provocation, in which chlorine gas would be used to frame the Syrian government forces. The incident would be used by the US and its allies to justify a new attack against the country, similar to what happened in April, according to the claim.

See also:
Kremlin points to ‘terrorists in Idlib’ when asked about massive naval drill near Syria’s shores

Newsflash: Ukraine is amassing troops on Donbass border – preparing for an invasion during World Cup in Russia

Reposting the alert from Futurist Trendcast:

This has been in the works for months and DPR and LPR have been warning that Kiev is preparing an all-out attack against both Donetsk and Lugansk during World Cup 2018 in Russia. I warned about it since last year, too.

Ukraine seem to be now fully prepared to escalate the hostilities from their daily shelling of the residential areas and murder of the civilians to a full-fledges invasion and genocide of the population of Donbass!