The flight of a Soviet MiG over Israel that prevented a nuclear war in 1973

In the previous article we showed how the USSR played a key role in the creation of Israel. However, any hopes that the USSR had, showed to be misplaced and on the 10th of June 1967 the USSR broke the diplomatic relations with the Israel over its unleashing of the 6-day War, and the diplomatic relation were first restores eight days before the disintegration of the USSR, on the 26th of December 1991.

MiG 25 R / Bezhevets Alexander Savvich

During that time the USSR criticized and warned against the Zionism on par with the Ukrainian nationalism as the children of the same bourgeois imperialism. We have shown several caricature from that time on our Beorn and The Shieldmaiden Telegram channel. Here is one of them:

The caricature «The Family Portrait — Blood Brothers» is from a 1981 edition of the Ukrainian satitical magazine «Perec», and was drawn by S.Gerasimchuk.

The text over the caricature reads in Ukrainian:

«Imperialism, together with the father of the same crooked sons as Zionism and Ukrainian bourgeois nationalism.»

The Ukrainian nationalism holds the microphone of the «Radio Svoboda» («Radio Freedom»), while Zionism has a scroll with the «Plans of aggression» tucked under the arm.

The USSR was also forced to take some very specific military steps to contain the Israeli Zionism, as will become apparent from the following article.

How did the MiG’s flight over an Israeli city prevent a nuclear war? The risky mission of the Soviet pilot

15th of June 2022

We have heard a lot about the Cold War and the Caribbean Crisis, but not everyone knows that apart from the confrontation in Cuba, the world once more stood on the brink of nuclear war in 1973. Open information is still contradictory, so there are several versions of events. But the fact remains the same – it was the flight of the Soviet MiG that led to the calming of a conflict, which could have ended with an exchange of nuclear strikes.

In early October 1973, a military clash began between a coalition of th Arab States led by Syria and Egypt, and Israel. Coalition forces successfully crossed the Suez Canal and inflicted a tangible defeat on Israel in the Golan Heights area.

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The History of Creation of Israel – The Soviet Side of Story

The political sensibilities of a historic period may lead to decisions that result in unforeseen and undesired consequences down the historical road. The approval of the creation of Israel by the Soviet leader Iosif Stalin is one such event. True, shortly after wards the USSR would break the diplomatic relations with Israel, once its real natur became apparent. The USSR would even have to perform a little-known military operation against Israel to “dissuade” it from using nuclear weapons on its neighbours.

How did the USSR and Stalin personally create Israel, and why did the Jews betray the Soviet Union after that

6th of February 2021

In 1948, US President Truman was the first to recognize the State of Israel. And the Israelis do not get tired of reminding us about this till this day. Schools, libraries and hospitals in Israel are named after the 33rd President of the United States. For this reason, many mistakenly believe that the United States created the state of Israel.

But few people know that the key role in the creation of Israel was actually played by the Soviet Union and personally by Iosif Stalin. But how and why did the Soviet leader create Israel?

In January 1946, with a difference of only 2 days, Stalin received two letters. One was on behalf of the Jewish National Liberation Committee. The other came on behalf of the Arab committee. The authors of the first epistle asked Iosif Vissarionovich to help in the creation of a Jewish state on the territory of Palestine. The authors of the second one – to not let this happen. A year and a half later the whole world would learn of the decision that Stalin had made.

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Israeli Zionists follow in the footsteps of the German Nazis. Genocide and Holocaust of the Palestinians. Destruction of World Heritage

Over the past weeks, the civilised world was watching in horror and condemning the atrocities committed by the Israeli Zionists against the Palestinian population. Everything that we are witnessing has been done before by the German Nazis against the Slavic and Jewish people, and against the Communists of Europe during WWII. At the same time USA, Ukraine, NATO and EU were egging the Israeli Zionists on to commit more crimes, which is fully expected – the Bidens, Stoltenbergs, Netanyahus, von der Leyens and Zelenskys of today are following in the footsteps of Hitlers, Banderas, Quislings and Mussolinis of the past.

Israel iS Starting to turn the
Gaza Strip
into a
Gas Chamber
for the
Holocaust of the Palestinians

After the number and the scale of atrocities committed by the Israeli Zionists, it is, by now, fully justified to start calling them “Zionazis“!

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“Fainting Piglet”, aka. “Unconscious Piggy” Satirical Cartoons Explain the Core of Ukraine and Why SMO Was Unavoidable (with future updates)

In the August of 2022 the CGI animator Evgenia from Krasnodar Krai started creating something that grew into an in-depth satirical reviews of all what was failing Ukraine, and explaining the Special Military Operation’s goals.

The character personifying Ukraine became a little wayward, Nazi-tainted piglet. The Russian title of the series is “Свинка в обмороке” (Svinka v obmoroke), which is a play on the shortened name of the Special Military Operation (SMO) – SVO in Russian. In English the series have got several varying names, trying to convey the essence: “Unconscious Piggy”, “Fainting Piglet”, “Piglet in a Swoon”, “Swooning Pig”.

All episodes are released at the official Telegram channel of the Fainting Piglet. Evgenia writes in the description: “The Piglet is not the whole of Ukraine, but only her demented part!” I have additionally uploaded them to Yandex Disk for easy download.

While the later episodes were released bilingually, earlier episodes require translation (and most of them also require some context for the Western audience, who have been subjected to the heavy Mains Stream Media censorship). This honourable task was undertaken by the admin of The Putinger’s Cat Telegram channel.

As more and more episodes get release and translated, they are becoming increasingly more difficult to trace. And, additionally, not everyone has Telegram. That is why I decided to upload them to Odysee and create this collated post that will get updates as new episodes see the light of day.

But first, a very short clip that cuts to the chase, and shows the very essence of the conflict and the role Ukraine plays in it!

The very first Unconscious Pig episode – “What is Russia Punishing Ukraine For?” or “Why do Russians support the SMO?” – is finally translated! (Translation at Putinger’s Cat)

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