“Fainting Piglet”, aka. “Unconscious Piggy” Satirical Cartoons Explain the Core of Ukraine and Why SMO Was Unavoidable (with future updates)

In the August of 2022 the CGI animator Evgenia from Krasnodar Krai started creating something that grew into an in-depth satirical reviews of all what was failing Ukraine, and explaining the Special Military Operation’s goals.

The character personifying Ukraine became a little wayward, Nazi-tainted piglet. The Russian title of the series is “Свинка в обмороке” (Svinka v obmoroke), which is a play on the shortened name of the Special Military Operation (SMO) – SVO in Russian. In English the series have got several varying names, trying to convey the essence: “Unconscious Piggy”, “Fainting Piglet”, “Piglet in a Swoon”, “Swooning Pig”.

All episodes are released at the official Telegram channel of the Fainting Piglet. Evgenia writes in the description: “The Piglet is not the whole of Ukraine, but only her demented part!” I have additionally uploaded them to Yandex Disk for easy download.

While the later episodes were released bilingually, earlier episodes require translation (and most of them also require some context for the Western audience, who have been subjected to the heavy Mains Stream Media censorship). This honourable task was undertaken by the admin of The Putinger’s Cat Telegram channel.

As more and more episodes get release and translated, they are becoming increasingly more difficult to trace. And, additionally, not everyone has Telegram. That is why I decided to upload them to Odysee and create this collated post that will get updates as new episodes see the light of day.

But first, a very short clip that cuts to the chase, and shows the very essence of the conflict and the role Ukraine plays in it!

The very first Unconscious Pig episode – “What is Russia Punishing Ukraine For?” or “Why do Russians support the SMO?” – is finally translated! (Translation at Putinger’s Cat)

Episode #1“The Heritage of the USSR” – does not require a translation. It is a start of a sub-series, titled “No to Russophobia” that can also be translated as “There’s no Russophobia”.

Episode #2 Bears the title “Martryoshka”, which is the name of a traditional Russian nested doll. This episode requires no translation.

Episode #3 is called “The Fence”. It did not get a translation, but basically, as the camera pans across the fence, you see Piglet’s scribbles of all the well-known Ukrainian slogans: “Glory to the nation, death to RF”, “Bandera is out father”, “OUN/UPA”, “Death to the Bears (Russians)”, “Damned orcs”, “Russian military ship go f— yourself”, “Crimea is Ukraine”, “America is with us”…

Episode #4‘s title is “Poland”, and it is in a way a continuation of “The Fence”. (Translation at Putinger’s Cat)

Episode #5 is about the activity of the Ukrainian CIPSO (Center for Phycological Operations) that performs a massive informational onslaught on Russia from both Ukraine and Poland. Loosely translated, it’s title is “CIPSO Swinery”. (Translation at Putinger’s Cat)

Episode #6 is called “Palyanytsia”. Here is an explanation from Putinger’s Cat, the translator: A bit of context for those, who don’t speak Russian. The Ukrainian word “palyanytsia” (a round bread) is very difficult for Russians to pronounce for some reason. Almost all Russian speakers say it in the same incorrect way. It became a check-word for whether one is Russian or Ukrainian, and you better get it right or else. In this video from a few months ago, a wounded Russian POW is mocked for being unable to say “palyanytsa” properly.

Episode #7 has a title that is a play on words “lard”, “self” and “delusion”. It does not lend itself to a direct translation. So instead of “Self-delusion”, I think going with a more catchy and truer to the original intent “Swindelusion” (an attempt to play on the words “swine”, “swindle” and “delusion”). The episode is pure visual and does not require any additional translation.

Episode #8, “At the Crossroads”. The episode is not translated. It builds on a Russian folk tale with a twist. The inscriptions on the stone: “Go straight – hit the stone with the forehead; Go left – take weapons and die; go right – lay down your arms and live; down below – the domain of a mole”.

Episode #9. “Lezginka on a Piggy”. The episode has been translated by Putinger’s Cat. A couple of comments from the translator: Lezginka is a folk dance of the people of the Caucasus region. The first Churchill quote is nowhere to be found in English, may be false.

Episode #10. A polite translation of the title is “Europe and the Refugees”. The episode does not require a translation as the images say it all. A separate comment on the title, though. “Hlevropa” is a play on word “a barn” (can also mean “a mess”) and “Europe”, something akin to “Messrope”. And the second word – “refugees” – is wiritten with “sh” instead of “zh”: “beshency”, playing on the word “beshenyj” – “crazy, rabid”. So, the result could have been something like “Rabigees in Messrope”.

Episode #11 bears the title of “Prodigal Pig”. Here there is also a play on the word “son” in the “prodigal son”. In Russian is is “syn”, while the word pig is a rhyming “svin”. The European Bison represents Belarus and respectively has a Belarusian flag on the arm. The Polish eagle deserves a special mention! The creators gave it the name «kurvjol», which is an amalgam of the words «plucked chicken» (kur’) and «eagle» (orjol) in Russian, plus a Polish swearword that I will not mention here… The episode was translated by Putinger’s Cat.

Episode #12 is a harsh, yet truthful depiction of the USA and is called simply “Mr. President”. It is the first bilingual episode, so no additional translation is required. However, a small comment about one placard is in order. When asking for more money, the piglet is not simply saying “Give me money now!”, which would be a polite way to state this demand. The Ukrainian text is true to the way the demands are made in reality: “Hey, quickly money to me now, you dumb creature!”

Episode #13 shows the world through the prism of “UkroTV”. It is a bilingual episode. When watching it, remember to repeat the mantra of the Western MSM – “There is no Nazism in Ukraine”…

Episode #14 is New Year-themed, with a title “Who’s Not Jumping on the New Year’s Eve?” The title alludes to the 2014 Maidan chant “Who’s not jumping is a Moskal” that war bringing the young crowds into a hypnotic frenzy. Here is the translated message from the creator: New Year’s holiday episode No. 14 “Who’s not Jumping On New Year?”. I understand that the mood of the people is far from festive, but I think that despondency would be worse. Don’t take the series as something serious. It’s just a congratulation. I will start working on the meaning in the new year. There are a lot of ideas. I wish our fighters to return alive and well from the front. I wish our citizens to be strong in spirit. I wish Russia (and the entire collective east) victory over the collective West. I wish the pigs in the new year to get out of the darkness of their ignorance to spiritual and literal warmth and light. I wish our Ukrainians (those, who are brothers) courage, good luck, patience and a speedy return home (to history, to traditions, to faith, to brothers). Thank you to all those today who are united with Russia in spirit. Victory will be ours!

Episode #15 is called “No Knife Is Needed Against the Piglet”. The title is a reference to a song from the 1975 Soviet children’s film “Buratino”, where the referenced verse is: “No knife is needed against a fool / Tell him a load of lies and do whatever you like with him”

Here’s the song, and the verse is right at the end:

And the film:

Episode #16 bears a peculiar title of “Piggie, pass the round”. The meaning of the expression is “you’re so dumb, the only thing you can do is pass stuff around”. This episode is laden with references: from dodging the falling “geranium” pots, to crushing the busts of Pushkin and Dostoyevsky – a wholesale destruction of the cultural heritage that the Ukrainians are very proud of, calling it for “Pushkinokad”. In the process the “culture” is chopped off to become a “cult” that Ukraine now represents. There is a reference to “Zrada” that the piglet dodges (when in reality “Peremogas” – victories are turning into “Zradas” – betrayals). The piglet shoots at the beloved cartoon characters – “Winnie the Pooh”, “Masha and the Bear”, “Nu, Pogodi”, “Cheburashka”. And finally he rushes to face an oversized by the propaganda bear, while the real bear is saving his strength, eyeing the real opponent.

The final word at the end of the clip reads: “The Beginning”.

For additional background, see this post from Putinger’s Cat.

Episode #17 is called “Lend-(pod)Lease”, and contains a double play on words in the second word. “Podlizyvat’sja” means to “sucker up to somebody”, and “Podlizyvat'” has a a meaning of “licking up something clean after somebody”. Take your peak what kind of Lend-(pod)Lease” Ukraine is doing.

Episode #18. The Russian title contains a play on the words “grunt” and “shitty”. The closest parallel that comes to mind, is “porky” and “poor”, so here are the “Poor’ky Plans”! Most of the allusions in the cartoon should be familiar to those living outside of the Western MSM bubble.

Episode #19. The title is just what is says on the packaging: “The Torn Off Turret”. Though there might be a double entendre to it, as one can say that someone is without a turret, when that person possesses no common sense and sensibility.

Episode #20. “Not Every Mushroom Is a Truffle”, because when the UK sends depleted uranium to the Ukraine, the resulting mushroom might not be to the piglet’s liking…

Episode #21. “Swined is a Find for the State Department”. This episode is dedicated to all the Russian “piggies” inside Russia. The title is a reference to the WWII slogan: “A chatterbox is a find for a spy”.

And a “swined” – or “piggy-bear” – is, per definition, a citizen of Russia, who wishes for her defeat and, for a payment, is ready to commit any crime against the country and its people.

This caricature from 2014 might have served as an inspiration for this episode:

Episode #22. When the Wagner-related day of unrest happened in Russia, Zelensky and his clique suddenly went into a full overdrive, cheering on Wagner that overnight, in their minds, transformed from their worst enemies to their best friends – a clear example of a “Stockholm Swinedrome”.

The conclusion to that bewildering day in Russia is illustrated by this short clip:

Episode #23. “Surrender, Or Else They’ll Babahmut” – the name of this cartoon is a play on words “Bahmut” and “babahnut”, which is the future tense, 3rd person plural form of one of the many verbs that translate as “to strike”.

Guys, these images were not included in the new series due to time constraints, but I think they are important. This is information about what Russia has rebuilt in Crimea since 2014. So that you understand, for 23 years under Ukraine, Crimea had received only ruins. This is not all, of course, but even here you can see how much work has been done. I have no doubt that everything will be finished. Our country defends and ennobles everything it concerns. An asterisk marks those objects that are almost finished or are planned for construction. For example, 20 schools are planned, but 13 have already been built. The Tavrida cave, of course, was not built 🙂 But it was ennobled and made a tourist destination. Gambling zone in the project. In general, I am proud of my country. I hope you do too. 🥰 👇

Episode #24 – “Russian HackerZ”. Not much to say, just come and see…

Episode #25 – “The History of the Ancient Oinkrainians”. Official translation by Putinger’s Cat.

The Ukrainian Soros-funded schoolbooks plant the idea that Ukrainians are the most ancient humans on earth, with Jesus Christ, the Pharaohs and Sumerians being ancient Ukrainians. This is a satirical twist on such teachings.

Other such examples of “ancient Ukrainian history” (also, make sure to follow the links out from the post below):