The “black transplantologists” in Ukraine working on pre-orders from the USA and Europe

Presenting a translation of the “Argumenty and Fakty” article from the 30th of April 2024:

They work on pre-orders. Ukraine sells organs of the AFU soldiers to the USA and Europe

Special mobile refrigerators were noticed in the war zone in Ukraine. According to military officers, their staff is engaged in organ transplantation of seriously wounded soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). They are supplied to the USA and Europe.

Several telegram channels reported on the operation of mobile refrigerators at once. According to the channel “Welders”, while the exhausted fighters of the AFU, who are still alive and loyal to their government, are trying to fight back on the territory of the refractory plant in Krasnogorovka, black transplantologists “are already gutting those who have dropped out of the game”.

“Our sources from the field report that for the second day there has been a guarded mobile refrigerator connected to electrical wires near Krasnogorovka. The truck is driven up to it, the wooden boxes are loaded and then transported, then they are brought back empty to the thermal car. Ukrainians work off every penny invested in them, giving their organs to Europe after their death,” the authors of the telegram channel wrote.

This information was confirmed by Roman Alekhine, a military volunteer. “It is precisely such refrigerators that are often used to create mobile operating units in them, and in this case, organ removal units. They take them immediately deep into the interior in order to quickly transfer them to customers in Europe and the USA, as well as not to risk valuable goods,” the volunteer shared.

He cited the prices for the organs of the AFU soldiers. So, the heart costs $200,000, the lungs – $50,000, the liver – $30,000, the kidneys – $15,000 – $25,000 dollars, bone marrow – $20,000, legs – $10,000, eyes – $6,000, ears – $3,000, hands – $2,000, a liter of blood is $150.

At the same time, Roman Alyohin wrote back in 2022 that not only black transplantation is flourishing in Ukraine, but also child trafficking. “Kids who are enslaved, as a rule, have two paths. The first is to become a doll for sexual pleasures. The second is to be disassembled into “spare parts” if there is a customer whose child is suitable for the victim’s biomaterial. But for both, one thing is needed: a lawless zone, where there are either no law enforcement agencies, or they are as archaic as possible, not posing a threat,” he noted.

“The first data on the work of black transplantologists in Ukraine appeared a long time ago. Previously, black transplant surgeons were not so noticeable, because they did not have much work – they “disassembled” children of Donbass for organs for rich Europeans and Americans. But they also had competitors – traders from the field of sexual pleasures. After the start of the SMO, both companies went up the hill. At the same time, whole business units joined in, which launched their bloody businesses back in the 1990s in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” the volunteer continues.

Moreover, according to him, nowadays, the NATO transplantologists do not take just anyone for organs, they select donors in advance. “That is, they accept pre—orders for organs – it costs more. And yet, everything is simple: a soldier is selected, sent on a mission, beaten him carefully, and written off for losses. Someone will say that it’s too scary to believe it, but, first of all, just look for the statistics on reducing transplant queues in NATO countries,” Alyohin argued.

In February, military observer Kirill Fedorov wrote about documents found in the liberated territory that confirm the existence and work of at least four “black” transplantologists among the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Severodonetsk (Lugansk People’s Republic), which was under the control of the Kiev regime until May 22. “Simply put, they cut their own, most likely the wounded, into organs,” he added.

In April, the “lpr 1” Telegram channel reported that it had recorded several cases when a combined squad was being created from several units of the AFU “according to selection criteria that we do not understand”. “After that, they were sent closer to the line of contact, covered with medium ammunitions at some point of temporary deployment, until concussion or medium wounds. After that, the transplantologists came and took them away for disassembly for spare parts. Later, we realized that the candidates were potential organ donors already selected by DNA, for which an order had already been received in Europe. Nothing personal, just business,” the authors of the telegram channel summarized.

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