Oles Buzina. In Memory of the Ukrainian Poet, Prophet and Patriot.

The memorial picture reads: “They are afraid of his memory, even after death. Because for them, The Truth is like a aspen stake!”

Oles Buzina was the real Ukrainian patriot, seeing his country developing along its own unique path, but not as a ramming tool against Russia, not as “Ukraine Is Not Russia” (https://t.me/BeornAndTheShieldmaiden/795), in Kuchma’s words, but as something special in its own way. He loved Ukraine, he loved his Fatherland.

That did not agree with the ultra-violent neo-Nazi views of those whom the USA installed in power in the Ukraine.

Oles Buzina was killed 9 years ago, on the 16th of April 2015 in Kiev with four shots in the back. The perpetrators were known, coming from OUN. The perpetrators were arrested, and then released. No one was sentenced for his murder.

In 2014, after Ukraine started the war on its own people in Donbass, Oles Buzina wrote this verse:

Cry, Ukraine, cry!
You are your own traitor and executioner!
With your very own hand,
You’ve crushed your reason and peace!
You’re killing your best sons!
…Up in arms against the “evil Muscovites”!
And biting, like a snake, your own tail,
You created in your borders HOLOCAUST!
With whom will you stay afterwards,
Having destroyed it all, cast over which board?
Maybe you’ll rebuild your home?!
But you won’t resurrect those who died in it.

The words of a prophet, that ring even stronger these days.


Oles Buzina
13.07.1969 – 16.04.2015

A memorial plaque on the house where Oles Buzina lived.

“The well-known historian, writer, journalist and Kievan resident. He died for truth.”

The following poem was written by Oles Buzina about a month before he was murdered.

I don’t like a lethal outcome,
I don’t like war, war is shit.
I will not understand the silent people who
who’s put on the yoke without a word.

I don’t like all the soot from the maidan,
I don’t like bloody lawlessness.
This wound’s been gaping for a year now
And by thousands of bodies it does bleed.
I don’t like it when the guarantor of the law
Is destroying own people.
I don’t like strategists of Pentagon,
Those who are used to having an income from war.
I don’t like conceited Americans,
I don’t like deliberate deception.
I don’t like corrupt politicians,
I will never love the maidan.
I don’t like Yankees poking everywhere there noses,
Lynching Ukraine as they see fit.
I don’t like that tanks of Kiev
Are ironing Donbass and bombing cities.
I don’t like this kind of Ukraine,
Where honour and conscience have long ago been sold,
Where they meanly shoot with “Grads” in the back,
At the same time raping and robbing.
I don’t like the cynicism of politicians –
They trade people for profit.
The resorts of Magadan have been waiting for them for a long time,
With houses with slate grey roofs.
I don’t like fake democrats,
They trade in people’s lives.
Their place is right there – within the walls of the sixth ward [looney bin],
I don’t like their mad ideas.
I don’t like passive liberals,
I don’t like traitors to the country.
I don’t like America’s vassals,
I am against the horrors of the war.
I don’t like the semi-brave “sixers” [subservient ones],
With boastful words of “who’ll get whom”,
I don’t like wild tantrums,
I don’t like when a crowd attacks one person.
I don’t like treachery and betrayal,
I don’t like to keep an axe at one’s bosom [hidden threat].
I don’t like it when they hit the face against the wall,
I am also against a point-blank shot.
I don’t like schizoids in power,
I don’t like intrigues and lies.
I don’t like the snarl of an animal’s maw,
When the crows are circling over the house.
I don’t like the two-faced Pharisees –
They crucified the Lord Christ.
For 2000 years they’ve been sowing war around the world,
Their soul is black and unclean.
I do not like the lack of faith and violence,
Why mock Islam?
When will this Euro-camarilla
Remember that “shalom” equals “salaam”?…
I don’t like shameless hypocrites,
It’s like they don’t have eyes.
I don’t like caricatures mocking faith,
I am not Charlie, I am the fiery Donbass!
I don’t like arrogant phrases:
“Americans are the chosen people.”
Fascism has risen and there is no more terrible infection–
It’s like the year 1941 again!
I’ve not forgotten the Victory of 1945,
And memory cannot be killed in our genes!
We bow low to all the soldiers
To the dead, so that we can live in peace!
I’ve not forgotten the heroes of Stalingrad,
I ‘ve not forgotten about the Kursk Bulge,
And the horrors of the siege of Leningrad,
Not surrendering to a terrible enemy.
I don’t like cowardly Europe,
She forgot who was saving her,
How millions died in the trenches –
No one has counted them all yet!
I don’t like war – it ruins everything,
I don’t like it when innocent people are beaten,
I don’t like it when Russia is being strangled,
Especially when they’re spitting at her!

From the memorial posts at our Telegram channel “Beorn And The Shieldmaiden”.

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