Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Crimea’s Reunification with Russia

Congratulations to the people of Crimea on the 10th anniversary of their sailing back home to Russia! Much of what can be said, has already been written in the article, commemorating the 5th anniversary, but let us once again admire the cover image of the “Argumenty i Fakty” newspaper, published 10 years ago, on the 18th of March 2014.

Here are the earlier celebrations: Celebrating 3 years of Crimea’s reunification and Crimea Celebrates the 2nd Anniversary of Reunification – Legendary Sevastopol.

On our Telegram channel “Beorn And The Shieldmaiden” we marked the occasion with several posts, and the translation of Lavrov’s congratulatory speech, now presented below with a complete transcript at the bottom of this article.

A Brit in Crimea

A 2018 travel documentary by Graham Phillips

What is the best way to dispel all the fearmongering and smearing of Crimea in the Western MSM? Taking a vacation there!

That’s what Graham Phillips did back in 2018, but with a twist – he invited his compatriot to enjoy a proper vacation there, and in the process to see all that there is to see for themselves, bypassing the MSM echo chamber.

Crimea – The Way Home

Complete documentary with English subtitles. The Russian edition of the film is at the official Smotrim.ru VGTRK site.

This is Andrey Kondrashov’s documentary on the return of Crimea to Russia, aired in Russia on March 15. It has been a year since Crimeans took to the polls to vote for returning to their Motherland and leaving wretched Ukraine behind.

The Western powers – led, as ever, by the US and UK – are determined to portray this momentous historic event as an imperial land-grab by Russia, and that it caused the subsequent civil war between Kiev and the breakaway provinces in the country’s East.

However, as this excellent documentary shows, the Russian government could see that the violent manner in which the elected Ukrainian leader Yanukovich had been ousted from power – with American fingerprints all over it – meant chaos would soon spread throughout Ukraine, and that the majority ethnic Russian population in Crimea would be among the worst hit by neo-Nazi militias terrorizing anyone whom they considered ‘insufficiently loyal’ to the US-selected regime. When President Yanukovich fled the capital on February 22nd 2014, President Putin set in motion a series of responses that would present the first real (and successful) challenge to American imperial hegemony.

The Film was made to keep in history every significant episode that happened in Crimea in Spring 2014. It took 8 months to finish the film and enveloped Simferopol and Kerch, Yalta and Bakhchisaray; Feodosia, Djankov, Alushta and a dozen settlements of Crimea

Other sources of the documentary:
👉 Embaixada da Rússia on AltCensored
👉 Embaixada da Rússia on YouTube (with a different, slightly more condensed translation)

Lavrov Congratulates Crimeans on 10th Anniversary of Reuniting with Russia

Dear friends, 10 years ago, on March 16, 2014, at the referendum, the residents of Crimea independently and consciously determined their future by reuniting with Russia.
Thus, they implemented their right to self-determination in full accordance with the UN Charter and the Declaration on the Principles of International Law.
As the further development of the situation showed, such a decision was the only correct one.
It allowed to protect the life, honour and dignity of the Crimeans from the attacks of the Russophobic Kiev regime.
We all remember well that disturbing, terrible spring, when, as a result of the bloody coup, the neo-Nazis seized power in Kiev.
We also remember the notorious “trains of friendship”, which were manned with the ideological successors of the Banderites to suppress the inhabitants of the peninsula, who did not want to betray their values, their culture, their history, the centuries-old traditions of their ancestors.
The subsequent anti-Crimean sanctions, the sabotage of the electric lines, the transport, energy and water blockades only strengthened the Crimeans in the correctness of their choice.
The question of the belonging of Crimea and Sevastopol is closed.
The peninsula is an integral part of the Russian Federation.
Over the past years, we have managed to overcome many problems inherited from Ukraine.
Large-scale projects have been and are being implemented, which contribute to the revival and renewal of Crimea, its further integration into the policy of the legal and socio-economic space of Russia, and the improvement of the quality of life of the citizens.
Among such projects is the Crimean bridge, perhaps the brightest symbol of reunification with Russia, as well as the new “Aivazovsky” Simferopol airport, the modern “Tavrida” motorway, new residential areas.
Dozens of social facilities have been repaired and built, including schools, polyclinics, maternity hospitals, hospitals.
A large-scale restoration of the historical and cultural complexes of Vorontsovsky palace and park, Lavedia and Meshchorsky in Yalta, Vostochny-Krymsky in Kerch and Bakhchisaray historical and cultural reserves continues.
The main cathedral mosque in Simferopol, the largest in Eastern Europe, is at the final stage of the construction.
I would like to note that in Crimea the rights of all citizens, regardless of national origin and language preferences, are strictly observed.
Russian, Ukrainian and Crimean-Tatar are state languages in the republic, and their status is protected by law.
Having clear prospects for further development, the Crimeans can look to the future with confidence and optimism.
I would also like to highlight the stable development of external ties between Crimea and Sevastopol, to which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, our representative in Simferopol, provides all kinds of support.
I congratulate all the inhabitants of the peninsula on the 10th anniversary of the historical reunification with Russia.
I wish you good health, well-being, prosperity and all the best.

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