Crimea That Sailed Away From NATO – Vesti, 23.04.2014

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On the 18th of March 2014, exactly 10 years ago, Crimea returned to the home shores, based on the results of the referendum.

The news program that we present was aired a month later, on the 23rd of April 2014, and tells about the unhealthy interest that NATO displayed for Crimea before it managed to escape its clutches.

An American military hospital and a CIA-affiliated school would have been the cherries on top of the Sevastopol Bay naval base.

Transcript of the program:

VESTI is on air and we continue our sending.
An extensive modernisation of medical
institutions starts in Crimea this summer.
This was reported today by the Minister of Health, Veronika Skvortsova.
While just recently, at least one hospital in Simferopol
was going to be re-purposed according to orders from the US Navy.
Some American military facilities could appear
in Crimea, instead of a hospital and a school.
The work tender was only recently
removed from the official site of State Procurement .
Our correspondent in Crimea, Nikolai Dolgachev
made sure that after the reunification of Crimea with Russia,
the school is still a school, and the hospital is still a hospital.
The Americans have always shown heightened interest
in military facilities of Crimea.
Here’s the entrance to the former submarine base in Balaklava.
For a long time, they considered it a priority target for a nuclear strike.
And the interest didn’t disappear after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
NATO’s military personal was present in Sevastopol during all these years.
On constant visits and inspections.
With the Ukrainian authorities’ permission,
they studied even the secret installations.
The Americans were in these tunnels, too.

Valery Ivanov, Scientific deputy director of the museum “Cold War”

The representatives of the 6th American fleet were here.
There was quite a large number of them from various administrations.
When they came out, they just had such interesting emotions,
expressing: “how can this be?”
The USSR had spent so much money on it.
And most importantly, how rich it was.
To build such a facility in the United States,
you have to have so much money.
Valery Borisovich Ivanov, a former Soviet officer,
is now the deputy director of the museum that the submarine base was turned to.
During the previous government, he often met overseas guests.
During the 15 years of my work in the administration,
more than 25 foreign ships came to us in Sevastopol.
Those were the Americans, the Italians, the Turks.
I am sure that each of these warships had the goal of
conducting reconnaissance, visual reconnaissance.
NATO’s warships have repeatedly tried to demonstratively
patrol opposite the Russian destroyers in the Sevastopol Bay.
Only the reaction of the inhabitants of
the Hero-City made the Americans act more cautiously.
Sevastopol, Kerch, Feodosia were protesting against NATO in Crimea.
The demands were always the same:
To stop the sale of national interests.
But Western special services were infiltrating deeper and deeper.
As it follows from official sources, the US Navy
planned to rebuild for their own purposes a hospital
in Simferopol and a school in Sevastopol.
They wanted to spend half a million dollars
on the reconstruction of the building
The children of the school would be prepared
from the start for cooperation with intelligence.

Nataliya Tishevskaya Physical training teacher at school No.5 of Sevastopol

In principle… of course, well… let’s just say, I am far from young.
And I could certainly assume that there is no free cheese in the mousetrap.
Therefore, it is clear how all this could have turned out.

Andrey Savitsky, Head of the Department of History of the Black Sea Branch of Lomonosov Moscow State University

Ukraine was turning Crimea into
a black hole, a geopolitical whirlpool,
which would actually be drawn in
and aimed at Russia,
so that Russia would be forced to solve this problem.
It is well-known to specialists that the Americans paid
for their work in the Crimea to many, including those in power,
having actually created an agent network.
The Americans positioned all this not as a center of CIA intelligence,
but to various funds.
They worked here while, of course, primarily engaging in intelligence.
The Americans invested most of the Crimean funds in Sevastopol.
They understood that this was the main strategic point in the Black Sea.
This is not just a dream
of, let’s say, either Turkey or the United States.
This is one of the best bays in the world.
There are 12 more bays inside the Sevastopol Bay,
where ships are stationed.
This is a magnificent, covered, closed-in naval base.
Now the hospital will hardly ever receive American marines for treatment,
and the school will definitely remain a school,
and will not turn into the US intelligence HQ.
The military understands: Whoever controls the southern coast of Crimea,
he controls it the whole of the Black Sea,
and can monitor the south of Russia.
That’s why NATO has such an interest in Sevastopol.
Nikolai Dolgachev, Anton Berezin, Dmitry Fedorchenko.
Vesti, Crimea.

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