Maidan madness – a collection of YouTube links from April 2010 until March 2014

What you are about to read started as a collection of YouTube links with accompanying descriptions has been sitting as a text file in my archive since April 2014 and was a documentation of the madness that engulfed the Ukraine. As can be expected, the majority of the links are now defunct, yet, surprisingly, quite a few survived.

For this publication, the links were verified, and the ones missing on YouTube were supplemented with references to the WebArchive – an indispensable took for historical research at a time history is being actively erased as it happens. The original descriptions in Russian are translated as they too bear witness to the events both leading up to and following the 2014 Nazi coup d’etat in the Ukraine.

Among the clips, there are a couple of Irina Farion, whom I in 2014 likened to Bellatrix Lestrange from the Harry Potter universe: Ukraine events resonating with Half-Life2, Harry Potter and Star Wars.

Some of the clips, or those similar to them, can be seen in the opening of the Project ‘Ukraine’. Documentary by Andrei Medvedev (with English subtitles)!

Another large collection of links is in the 2014 blog article The Unreported War in Ukraine. Some of the links there are probably dead, but might have been saved by the WebArchive.

  1. 17th of April 2010

    * Video lost *

    WebArchive without video

    – Москалив на ножи

    Odessa. Imported Ukrainian neo-Nazis chant “Moskals onto knives” and call for killing of Russians.

  2. 29th of September 2011

    Removed by YT citing “hate speech”

    Video available at WebArchive

    – злобные бандеровцы. Лозунги “Геть москаля! Убей москаля!” “Москалей на ножи!” UKRAINE & RUSSIA ‘Геть москалів, на ножі, на ножі

    Vicious Banderites. Slogans “Get Moskals! Kill Moskals! Moskals onto the knives!”

  3. 1st of January 2013

    * Video lost *

    WebArchive without video

    – лозунги “Йода – наш герой!” “Кому принадлежит Киев – нам!” “Хватит бухать – Пора воевать!” “Москалей на ножи! На ножи! На ножи!” “Один за всех – и все за одного!”

    Slogans: “Yoda is our hero!” “To whom belongs Kiev – to us!” “Stop drinking – It’ time to go to war!” “Moskals onto the knives! On the knives! On the knives” “All for one and one for all!”

  4. 14th of March 2013

    * Video removed by YT *

    Video at WebArchive

    – “Москалей на ножи! На ножи! На ножи!” “Коммуняк – на ножи! На ножи! На ножи!”

    Slogans: “There’ll be Ukraine…” “Moskals onto the knives! On the knives! On the knives” “Commies onto the knives! On the knives! On the knives”
    A closed gathering of the radicals, a warm-up before the Maidan half a year later.

  5. 18th of June 2013

    * Video removed by YT *

    Video at WebArchive

    – Одесса. Митинг бандеровцев, Фарион. Лозунги “Москалей на ножи!”

    Arrival of Irina Farion to Odessa. Rally of the banderites. Slogans “Moskals onto the knives!”. When the police arrests some of the radicals, a cry can be heard: “they are children!”.

  6. 9th of July 2013

    – свободовец передаёт привет от Гитлера смелому русскому журналисту, который заступился за евреев.

    Kiev. A member of “Svoboda” neo-Nazi party sends a greeting from Hitler, saying that hitler killed too few Russians. Addressed to a Russian journalist, who defended the Jews. Tells the journalists to go to Russia.

  7. 16th of October 2013

    Removed by YT citing “hate speech”

    Video at WebArchive

    – массивный марш националистов, “Москалей на ножи! На ножи!” “Мы бандеровцы!”

    Massive march of the OUN-UPA. Slogans “Moskals onto the knives” “We are Banderites!”

  8. 4th of December 2013

    * Video lost *

    WebArchive without video

    – стадион. Сектор из радикалов. “Москалей на ножи! На ножи!”

    A stadion. The sector with the radicals. Slogan “Moskals onto the knives! Knives!”

  9. 15th of December 2013

    * Video lost *

    WebArchive without video

    – Киевское метро. Лозунг “Бей Москаля!”, направленный против одного из пассажиров. Именно на этот ролик со стороны прошлого правительства Украины поступил комментарий “Они же просто дети!”.

    Subway in Kiev. Slogan “Beat the Moskal!, directed at one of the passengers. It was this videoclip that the previous government of Ukraine commented by saying that “But they are only children!”.

  10. 26th of January 2014

    Removed by YT citing “hate speech”

    Video on WebArchive

    – “Батька Йода прийдет – порядок наведёт! Москалей на ножи! На ножи!”

    Participants of Maidan with slogans: “Father Yoda will come and install order! Moskals onto the knives! On the knives!” “Glory to Ukraine!” (Banderite Nazi slogan) “Moscow will be in ruins”

  11. 28th of January 2014

    – Музычко, в зале правительственного учреждения; многие в масках. “Свобода слова”, “Пацифизм”.

    Rovno. Alexander Myzychko speaks in the government building. Many people are masked. “Freedom of speech”, “Pacifism”. At 3:55 “Right Sector” and the nazi salute.

  12. 22nd of February 2014

    – украинца облили зелёнкой. Потом его увёл Музычко и избил.

    Medical green paint is poured over a Ukrainian, then he’s taken aside and beaten up by Myzychko.

  13. 24th of February 2014

    – «Правый сектор» воплощает европейские ценности в жизнь. новая жизнь Украины. Жгут петарды, избивают прохожих.

    “Right Sector” brings the European values to fulfilment. The new life of Ukraine. Firecrackers are ignited, passer-bys are being beaten up.

  14. 24th of February 2014

    * Video lost * – removed by YT citing “hate speech”

    WebArchive without video.

    – лозунги “Москалей на ножи!”

    Slogan by the Right Sector: “Moskals onto the knives!” (that is: “Cut the Russians!”)

  15. 1st of March 2014

    – Новая националистическая власть обсуждает смерти людей на майдане в весьма интеллигентной манере. Сходняк новой власти.Новинский послал на х й Порошенко. Порошенко на Новицкого: “Сука православная!”. Запомните эти слова.

    The new nationalist Ukrainian power is discussing deaths of people i a very “intelligent” form. Novinsky told Poroshenko to f*ck off. Poroshenko back at Novinsky: “You are an Orthodox Christian b*tch”. Let’s remember these words.

  16. 11th of March 2014

    * Video lost *

    WebArchive without video

    – Убийство людей под Корсунем радикалами правого сектора. Украина. За убийство людей под Корсунем Ярош ответит!
    Преступление Правого сектора под Корсунем помним! За убийство людей под Корсунем Правому сектору и Ярошу отомстим!
    Бандеровцы убивали людей под Корсунем. Правый сектор. Расправа с крымчанами и поджег автобусов под Корсунем.

    – Murder of people at Korsun by the radicals of the Right Sector.

  17. 14th of March 2014

    – Нацизм во Львове. Пропаганда нацизма среди детей.

    Ultra nationalist Irina Farion telling a child that Olenka is OK, but if she decides to be called Alyona, then she can just pack and go to Russia. Nazism in Lvov. Children are being humiliated for their Russian names, sorted into first and second class. Propaganda of Nazism among children.

  18. 14th of March 2014. 22:00

    – Выстрелы, коктейли Молотова, ослепительные гранаты радикалов, приехавших в Харьков.

    – Shots, Molotov cocktails , blinding grenades from the radicals, who came to Harkov.

  19. Around 15th of March 2014

    * Video lost *

    – Провалившаяся провокация радикалов в Харькове.

    – A failed provocation by the radicals in Harkov.

  20. 15th of March 2014

    Removed by YT citing “hate speech”

    Video at WebArchived

    – Школьная линейка в Киеве. Лозунги: “Одна мова, одна нация, одна батьковщина, це – Украина! Москаляку на гилляку. Кто не скачет – тот москаль!”

    – A school rally in Kiev. (According to the file-name in WebArchive, it is from a school in Lvov-region) Slogans: “One language, one nation, one fatherland, it is Ukraine! Moskals (Russians) onto the knives. Those who are not jumping are Moskals (Russians)!”

    As an aside, Russians were watching this jumping in both bemusement and incomprehension. There is a Russian expression, consisting of the verb “jump” in a perfective form with the destination prefix. Depending on the tense, it can be translated as “Beware, your jumping will lead you to grief!” or “Told you so, now you’ve jumped to the bad ending.” So seeing them jump up and down like that was a visualisation of this Russian expression, and yet, they kept jumping. Now, 10 years later, they are all of the conscription age, and their jumping has lead many of them to the bad end.

  21. 16th of March 2014

    * Video lost *

    WebArchive without video

    – Нацисткие лозунги правого сектора в Днепре. Население города: “Йода – пидорас! Пидорасы!” Нацисты: “Москаляку на гилляку! Коммуняку на гилляку!”. Закончилось избиением и унижением (нацисты харкали в лицо) нескольких днепропетровских украинцев радикалами.

    – Nazi slogans of the Right Sector in Dnepropetrovsk. The residents of the city: “Yoda is a pedofile! Pedos!” The Nazis: “Moskal unto the knives! Communists unto the knives!”. It ended up with beating and humiliation by the radicals (the Nazis were spitting to the face) of several Ukrainians of Dnepropetrovsk.

  22. 16th of March 2014

    – Украинское телевидение. Донецкие – второй сорт. Донецк/Луганск – депрессивные регионы, Луганска нету как области; и нету там рабочих мест. Над населением Донецка смеются: не могли получить образование, чтобы переехать оттуда.

    – Ukrainian TV. People of Donetsk are second-hand. Donetsk/Lugansk are the depressive regions, there is no such thing as Lugansk as a region; and they don’t have work places there. The TV figures are laughing at the residents of Donetsk: they couldn’t get education to move away from there.

  23. 19th of March 2014

    * Video lost *

    WebArchive without video

    – Представители ВО “Свобода” избивают директора киевского Первого национального канала за то, что в эфире этого канала было показано выступление Императора о присоединении Крыма. Украинская демократия и свобода слова во всей красе. Ролик активно трут на ютубе из-за нарушения прав какого-то украинца, так что вот зеркало: http://vК.com/video-19279447_168308010

    Депутаты от ВО “Свобода” заставили и.о. президента НТКУ Александра Пантелеймонова написать заявление об увольнении. В качестве аргументов, депутат от “Свободы” Игорь Мирошниченко называл руководителя НТКУ “Москалюк” и обвинял его постоянной лжи на канале ид время Майдана.
    Видео Аронец live (Svoye.TV)
    Народные депутаты ВО Свобода избивают директора киевского Первого национального ТВ канала за то, что канал транслировал событие в Москве!
    Если народные депутаты душат людей то что уже говорить про простых смертных?

    Representatives of Svoboda beat up the director of the Kiev First National Channel for the fact that the “Emperor’s” speech on the annexation of Crimea was shown on the air of this channel. Ukrainian democracy and freedom of speech in all its glory. The video is actively being rubbed off YouTube due to the violation of the rights of some Ukrainian, so here’s a mirror: (also defunct now!)

    Deputies from the Svoboda party forced the acting president of the NTKU, Alexander Panteleimonov, to write a letter of resignation. As arguments, the deputy from Svoboda, Igor Miroshnichenko, called the head of the NTKU for “little Moskal” and accused him of constant lies on the channel during the Maidan.
    Aronets live video (Svoye.TV)
    People’s deputies of Svoboda are beating the director of the Kiev First National TV Channel for the fact that the channel broadcast an event in Moscow!
    If people’s deputies strangle people, then what can we say about ordinary mortals?

  24. Around 19th – 20th March 2014

    * Video lost *

    – Люстрация украинского врача-педиатра, по признаку того, что он когда-то состоял в партии “Партия Регионов”. Люстрируют молодые националисты (18-25 лет).

    Lustration of a Ukrainian paediatrician on the basis that he once was a member of the “Party of the Regions”. The lustration is done by young nationalists (aged 18-25).

  25. Around 19th – 20th of March 2014

    * Video lost *

    – Бандеровцы ломают украинский храм. Лозунги “Москалей на ножи! На ножи!” “Москаляку – на гилляку”.

    Banderites are breaking a Ukrainian church. Slogans: “Moskals onto the knives! On the knives!”

  26. 20th of March 2014

    – никогда мы не будем братьями. Стихи от националистически настроенной девушки. Вы умоетесь кровью, а у нас – демократия!

    “We will never be brothers”. A verse from a nationalistically-inclined girl. You will bath in blood, while we have democracy!

  27. 20th of March 2014

    * Video lost *

    WebArchive without video

    – Нацизм во Львове. Рисуют нацистские символы на здании “Сбербанка Империи”. Домогаются до не понравившихся им прохожих, снимают с них куртки, топчат и красят баллончиками. Петарды и нацисткие лозунги.

    Nazism in Lvov. Right Sector. Nazi symbols are painted on the wall of the “Savings bank Empire”. Intimidation of passer-bys, whom the radicals did not like the look of – they are taking off the jackets from the people, trample on them and paint them with spray-paint. Crackes and nazi slogans are heard.

  28. 20th of March 2014

    * Video lost * – removed in November of 2014 by YouTube on Copyright claims

    WebArchive without video

    – Крещатик, Киев. Правый сектор избивает киевских украинцев.

    Kreschatik, Kiev. Right Sector is beating up Ukrainians of Kiev.

  29. Around 20th of March 2014

    * Video lost *

    – Донецк. Граждане разоружили бандеровцев.

    Donetsk. Citizens disarmed the banderites.

  30. 21st of March 2014

    Removed by YT

    WebArchive without video

    – Тенюх обвинил украинских военных в плохом воспитании и призвал выполнять присягу
    И.О. Министра обороны Украины прокомментировал военную ситуацию в Крыму. Выпуск ТСН.Телемарафон за 21 марта 2014 года.
    Адмирал Тенюх бросил украинских моряков. Несет чушь, никто из Киева не может дать внятных приказов солдатам (боятся ответственности). Даже националистически настроенная ведущая показывает своё недовольство нынешним командованием украинской армии.

    Admiral Tenyuh accused the Ukrainian military of poor preparedness and called on them to fulfil. The acting Minister of Defence of Ukraine commented the situation in Crimea. Tenyuh abandoned the Ukrainian sailors. Speaks some codswallop, no one in Kiev can give clear orders to the soldiers, fearing responsibility. Even the nationalistically-inclined TV anchor shows her discontent with the present leadership of the Ukrainian army.

  31. 22nd of March 2014

    – Кременчуг. Майданутые делят деньги между собой и ссорятся. “Кошеки” майдана. Говорят по русски, пока “москали” не видят.

    Kremenchug. The “Maidowns” are splitting the money between themselves. The pillar of Maidan. All are speaking in Russian while out of sight of the “Moskals”.

  32. Around 22nd of March 2014

    * Video lost *

    – Запорожье. Радикалы кидают молоты в машины с российскими флагами.

    Zaporozhie. Radicals are throwing “Molotov cocktails” at cars with Russian registration plates.

  33. 22nd of March 2014

    * Video lost *

    WebArchive without video

    – Обобщение всех событий в одном ролике. Двуличные разговоры приверженцев майдана. Выдержка из множества националистических выпадов новой власти и радикалов. Саркастичный ролик.

    A summary of all the events in one video. Two-faced conversations of Maidan supporters. An excerpt from the many nationalist attacks of the new government and radicals. A sarcastic video.