About Human Dignity. Russian scientist Artem Oganov resists the International Geological Congress which follows in the steps of IOC in their fear of light (“russophobia”)

Russian scientist Artem Oganov was invited to speak at South Korea’s 37th International Geological Congress scheduled for August this year. He then received a letter from the event organizers demanding he change his affiliation like other participants with Russian citizenship, otherwise he won’t be allowed to take part in the conference. Oganov’s reply was an unequivocal refusal.


A couple of months ago I was invited to give a lecture at the International Geological Congress (South Korea, August 2024). Two days ago I received a letter from the organizers demanding that the Russian affiliation be removed. I refused to do this – you can’t allow yourself to be humiliated. Science must not be turned into a tool of discrimination. Here is a letter from the organizers of the congress and my response. I ask for maximum reposts.

Sent: Friday, April 5, 2024 11:08 AM
Subject: [IGC 2024] Request for modification of your affiliation on the official website of IGC 2024

Dear Russian abstract submitters,

Warm greetings!

IGC 2024 Organizing Committee is very grateful for your submission of abstracts. 

Nevertheless, we earnestly ask you to change your Russian affiliation to the other country’s affiliation by 7th April, 2024 (UTC+9),

if possible.

If not, we cannot accept the abstracts from Russia during review period next week according to IUGS’s policy.

If your abstacts are not accepted because of the nationality, your fee may be refunded.

Thank you again for your cooperation.


IGC 2024 Organizing Committee

From: Artem Oganov
Sent: Friday, April 5, 2024 11:39 PM
Subject: Fw: [IGC 2024] Request for modification of your affiliation on the official website of IGC 2024
Dear colleagues,

I am appalled, shocked and disappointed by your discrimination against Russian scientists. Such discrimination is against the spirit of science and is not compatible with the international status of the International Geological Congress that you are organizing. 

While some people can be susceptible to xenophobia and hysteria induced by media and politicians, intellectuals should be above that. I hope that after a second thought you will agree that discrimination should have no place in science, in any international events, and more generally, in society – and will allow me and all other Russian scientists to use our Russian affiliations at IGC. Otherwise I will be unable to attend and will have to give this case maximum possible international publicity, in order to eradicate discrimination and racism from science. 

P.S. I have never visited Korea, but visited other Asian countries (especially China) many times, and got used to their welcoming attitude and hospitality. I expected a similar attitude in South Korea, but your letter showed that perhaps I was wrong.  

Cordially yours,

Artem R. Oganov PhD DSci FRSC

How can you be forced to unwillingly discriminate others, if you’re a ‘free society’? – Artyom Oganov


I am enclosing a letter from the President of the International Geological Union, with which the organizers of the congress in South Korea justify their discriminatory decisions.

The most surprising thing is that the author of the letter, Briton John Lydon, did not condemn the countless invasions of Britain in a single word. And even more surprising is that he is a foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

In a fragment of an interview to the St.Petersburg publication “Fontanka”, translated by the channel TranslatedRussianNews we learn that…

Over the past two years, he – Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences – has already had to overcome some difficulties in communicating with foreign colleagues, but this is the first time Artem Oganov has received such a categorical demand.

In a conversation with Fontanka, the scientist spoke about an episode that occurred in Switzerland in August 2022. It was a conference of theoreticians and materials scientists, where Oganov was supposed to give a big lecture. When he was given a badge, he did not immediately notice that only his name was printed on it. Neither the country nor the name of the university, although these parameters were present among foreign colleagues. Then Oganov himself wrote on his badge “Skoltech, Russia” – “in large letters, so that it could be seen from a kilometer away.”

“But something else is surprising: almost all Russian participants, without prior agreement, did the same. What did they do to us for this? They didn’t even say anything. Well, people wrote the name of Russia in pen because they have a sense of self-esteem. I think this can only inspire respect,” Artem Oganov is sure.

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