The courageous granny who stood up to the mocking Ukrainian soldiers

In the pencil drawing on the right, the shadow of the old woman standing her ground is the iconic “Motherland Calling” poster of The Great Patriotic War. Here is that drawing in a greater resolution:

UPDATE: the minute granny has become a powerful living legend. Here is another, artistic, rendition of her image:

UPDATE 2: In Reutov, near Moscow, huge graffiti was created with a Ukrainian grandmother, who was mocked by the radicals of Ukraine because of the flag of the USSR. The author is reportedly a local artist. Earlier, images with the old woman appeared in the Murmansk and Belgorod regions. View the video of the painting process.

UPDATE 3: A video with comments from the foreign viewers embedded towards the end, to the “Sacred War”, the anthem of the fight against Nazism during the Great Patriotic War. It was great that the concern for her safety was raised at the UN level.

The video below made the headlines. It is quite heart-wrenching to watch as the Ukrainian soldiers are making a mockery of the elderly Ukrainian pair. I am writing a transcript below the video, and if it gets removed from YouTube, I’ll re-upload it to Odysee.

Apparently the old lady initially mistook the Ukrainian Army soldiers for the Russian army soldiers, greeted them, then went into the house. Meanwhile these excuses for soldiers started filming and are telling her elderly husband to say something on camera…

UAF soldier: Can you say “Praise to Putin, glory to Russian armed forces”? It’s not for myself [that I need you to say this].
Old man: No
UAF soldier: Why?
Old man: I won’t be saying anything.
UAF soldier: Why not? Your wife has just said that. Where’d she got to? Oh. The granny is welcoming, see, with the red flag they are welcoming the Russian forces. Good. Now, unfold that… rag. I mean, banner, unfold it. Come closer. There.
[The woman comes closer with difficulty.]
UAF soldier: Have you been waiting for us?
Old woman [still thinking those are the Russian soldiers]: Yes, of course, we’ve been waiting. And we’ve been praying for you and for Putin, and for all people.
UAF soldier: Naturally. [aside, to his fellow:] film this.
UAF soldier: Here, I’ll give you something as a thank you. This is what you’ve been waiting. Let me give you food.
Old woman [still thinking those are the Russian soldiers]: You need them more.
UAF soldier: No, that’s for you, for the Russian world. Here, take it.
Old woman [still thinking those are the Russian soldiers and reluctantly taking some cans]: No need, you need them more.
[UAF soldier takes the Red Banner from the hands of the old woman and instead gives her a bag]: Take the whole bag. Glory to Ukraine.
Old man [in the background]: You had to go out, I told you.
Old woman [realising that these are not the Russian soldiers]: And you are?
The UAF soldier start trampling with his feed on the Red Banner, while saying something illegible.
The old woman stands a few seconds in shock, but then makes a stand and returns the food to those traitorous soldiers.
Both UAF soldiers: Do take that.
Old woman: Don’t want to. Don’t want anything [from you].
Old woman: This is the flag that my parents were fighting for, and you are [illegible]
Old man is apparently is also saying something contrarian in the background, possibly saying that the Ukrainian soldiers are occupants, to which the UAF soldier replies: No it was them coming to my home. And I am speaking Russian.
[end of recording]

The last phrase is the biggest tragedy, a sign of a fratricidal war, where Russians (currently called for “Ukrainians” and brainwashed to the Nazi ideology) are fighting with the Russians (from Greater Russia, who try to bring the wayward Russian land to its senses) to the general cheer and arms deliveries from USNATO.

A very strong and resonating post by Alexander Rogers on Cont:

The Living Fairytale

It was a fairy tale come to life, an epic. With a red flag, the Motherland Earth came out to them.

The defectives didn’t even understand who was in front of them. And how can they, the un-Russians, understand this? They betrayed their kin, became “Ukrainians”, became occupiers. They renounced their birthright, renounced faith, renounced history. Mankurts.

Who are the Orcs? These are the elves who were distorted by the Darkness. The darkness of Nazism. They like to call us orcs and mankurts, but in reality Orcs and mankurts are precisely them.

Distorted. Tattooed with swastikas and seig-heil’ing, but at the same time yelling about “rushists”. Killing, robbing and raping, but screaming about other people’s fictional crimes. Dreaming of the genocide of Russians, but lying about Russian bloodlust. Children of lies.

The Motherland Earth did not accept their gifts.

Cursed be they. And they will perish ingloriously.

And one of the people commenting:

Me, a middle-aged man who took part [in battles] in my time, and in general saw almost everything – I was simply tearing up…
This little defenseless grandmother is a Person (that ‘s right – with a capital letter)… And Grandpa, too …
and these UAF’s are complete faggots…
I hope God will judge them…

I have no other words … I still get cramps when I see the image of this Person — our age-old Conscience …

And when I see in the video, how this little old woman, overcoming pain, hobbling with difficulty on legs crippled by ailments, walks, TIGHTLY CLUTCHING the Victory Banner in her dry hands, our Banner, under which our grandfathers died in battles with the Nazi reptiles – tears roll down my throat…

I can ‘t say anything more …