NATO’s terrorist attack on Russia’s Belgorod. President of Czechia Petr Pavel murders 4-month-old baby Valentina

On the 15th of February 2024, NATO, through their Ukrainian proxies, conducted a terrorist attack on the city of Belgorod. We have covered the attack on our Telegram channel “Beorn And The Shieldmaiden”, but the memory of it shall also be preserved on the pages of this blog.

If someone thinks that the title of this article is over the top or is not factual, I would beg to differ! The terrorist attack was carried out by an MLRS complex, delivered by Czechia, in full knowledge that the Ukro-nazis will be using them to fire at civilian targets, just like they’ve been doing for a decade. During that decade, NATO was pumping Ukraine with weapons and hatred, while the OCSE was providing targeting coordinates within Donetsk city.

And now the Czech president – through hired killers – murdered the 4-month-old baby girl in the Russian city of Belgorod.

This caricature from 2014 illustrates the naivety Russians had towards the role of the EU, but not the US. The USA says: “I just acquired an awful bitch almost for free”, and the EU responds: “Just don’t forget to give it the vaccines against the Brown Plague and rabis.” But in fact, both the USA and the EU, needed a rabid, Brown Plague-contaminated biting bitch to sick onto Russia!

Ukro-Nazis strike again at Belgorod

At approximately 12:30, 14 missiles of the Czechoslovak-made, Ukrainian-operated MLRS rocket complex RM-70 Vampire (NATO designation – M1972) were shot down over Belgorod, yet some managed to come through.

Seven citizens, including a 4-month-old baby girl Valentina, were killed as a result of the Ukro-Nazi rocket attack at Belgorod, where a shopping center and the territory of school #42 were hit. 18 people, including 5 children, are wounded. Seven private houses were damaged and five apartment blocks lost windows.

Maria Zaharova writes:

Yet another act of terrorism by the Kiev regime, which resulted in the death of civilians in Belgorod, including one child, as well as many injured, will be submitted by Russia to relevant international organisations, including the UN Security Council.

The Nazi Terror Must Be Stopped!!!

Today’s terrorist attack on Belgorod by the NATO-puppeteered rogue state of Ukraine is one of the latest acts of terrorism – the first shot, though, was fired 10 years ago:

On July 27, 2014, the “Gorlovka Madonna” – the young Kristina Zhuk and her 10-month-old daughter – were killed by Ukrainian armed formations who shelled the Gorlovka streets from Grad MRLS. Four children were killed on that day, which became known as “Donetsk Bloody Sunday.”

This is what Merkel, Poroshenko, Holland, Obama were nurturing by pretending to support Minsk-agreements, while pumping Kiev up with weapons.

Today’s killings are exactly what NATO countries are accomplices to by continuing to supply the weapons to the Ukro-Nazis – precisely the same pattern as the master killer USA exercises when pumping weapons to the genocidal Zionazis, so dehumanised and cannibalised that they systematically “harvest” organs from killed Palestinians.

In the following passage, translated by our subscriber, Andrei Medvedev writes about this cannibalistic nature of the fascist beast.

This abomination is also a Ukrainian speciality and something which we highlighted in connection with NAFO.

However, it should be added, that the fascist beast is cornered, and here, we are not talking about Ukraine, but about the masters.


The more Ukraine suffers defeat on the battlefield, the higher the frequency of Ukrainian terrorist attacks – and not only because they will take revenge for the failed counter-offensive, for disappointing the Western masters, for revealing the fantasy of Ukraine’s greatness as a mere delusion: No, this is the revenge of the offended supremacist; the rage of the impotent despot!

And Banderite terror will intensify. Not only because the new commander-in-chief, Syrsky, a mankurt and butcher, will try to curry favour. Not only because Western intelligence services have trained and readied the staff of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) and the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) for a terrorist hybrid war.

No, the terrorist attacks will intensify because a significant part of the Ukrainian population wants them to.

The level of intense hatred against everything ‘foreign’ (this includes the West) in the susceptible parts of the Ukrainian population seems now comparable to the state of mind of the perpetrators of the 1943 massacres in the territories of Volyn and Halycha.

The citizens of Ukraine have for so long been subjected to advanced techniques of installing hatred against Russians and Muscovites that now, they have been completely consumed by a sickening self-victimising bloodcult – and, they have come to enjoy being cannibals.

But, a cannibal crave flesh and blood; the beast needs feeding! The terrorist attacks are the terrifying response by the Ukrainian authorities to the cannibalitic demand of the public – and here, all human likeness cease; just watch the content of Ukrainian Telegram channels and the commentaries in them.

Make no mistake though, every single ghoul will get their share of aspen in time!
They know it… and they are scared.


Kingdom of heaven to the innocently murdered Russian people. They will be avenged!

R.I.P 🕊