The Cannibalistic Ukraine with full NAFO support

When I first heard the term “NAFO” last year, I did not go looking for what it was, but rather deduced from the context of its usage that it was some kind of derogative term “North Atlantic Organisation” where “F” stood for “fool” at best or one of the other eF’ings at worst, and that its meaning was to describe a person who lacked any capacity for critical thinking. A week ago I learned that NAFO was an actual thing with people parading under this abbreviation. Their actions, however, only reinforced by initial interpretation of what NAFO means.

The other inspiration for the definition of NAFO being…

Anyway, at the NAFO summit in Lithuania, convening before the NATO summit, NAFO revealed themselves in the context of Ukraine, which has had a standing mental NAFO condition. As I do not cover severe mental disorders on these pages, and have no tags for that, a combination of NATO and Ukraine should do the trick to illustrate the total “Borderline condition of the Brain”, also known as “Ukraine of the Brain” (“ukraina/ukraine”, meaning “borderland”).

Maria Zaharova, the spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry had several choice scathing remarks to make about NAFO and NATO:

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas found a couple of minutes in her busy schedule, and between two Nazi salutes to the Kiev regime, she recorded a solemn video message in support of anonymous Internet trolls from NAFO – North Atlantic Fella Organization. Kaya sang praises to the “humour, intelligence and enthusiasm” of the fighters against “Russian disinformation” and thanked them “for their service.”

Let’s take a closer look at these intellectual comedians.

The community first made itself known on Twitter in May 2022. The “fellas” loudly proclaimed their goal of supporting Ukraine and “countering Russian propaganda with the help of memes.” However, the whole struggle came, in fact, down to harassment by a pack (a tactic habitual for neo-Nazi rabis-infected “activists”) on Twitter of all insufficiently pro-Ukrainian commentators and, in general, of everyone who doubts the line of Washington and Brussels, and also, as they call it there, “shitposting”. If the comedians come across hard nuts on their path, who do not give in to a tsunami of slops, then the “fellas” bombard the administration of the social network with tons of complaints in order to block the victim’s account.

Anthony Burges, exploring the theme of ultra-violence, wrote the novel “A Clockwork Orange”, which was then made into a film production under the same title by Stanley Kubrick. Watch it – it is precisely about the inner world of such bandits.

The group was marked by truly cannibalistic antics: for example, at yesterday’s “NAFO Summit in Vilnius” (apparently, at the opening act for their senior comrades from NATO, who will gather there for their summit in a couple of days). A plush shark was brought onto the stage amid hooting and idiotic laughter, in order to once again laugh at the recent tragedy with a Russian in Hurghada. the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Gabrielius Landsbergis did not fail to deign this revolting meeting with his presence, and he, of course, also appreciated the “humour and intelligence” of the NATO protégés. At the same time, progressive Europeans are very proud that “fellas” is a gender-neutral term. In the context of this orgy, the name “cannibals” would be more appropriate.

NAFOs personify exactly what until recently the EU itself seemed to be fighting: hate speech, intolerance, trolling, spam, bullying, and all possible types of xenophobia.

Now, however, the Estonian prime minister is openly expressing gratitude towards this Internet scum, although it seems that until recently the “advanced” Western democracies were hysterical from the mythical “pro-Kremlin trolls”, who were, according to their morbid fantasies, allegedly interfering literally in all processes of state administration abroad.

This is the whole point of the innate hypocrisy of the West, which they now prefer to call for a “rules-based order”. And they modernized the rule “this is a son of a bitch, but this is our son of a bitch”. Now it sounds like this: “we ourselves will become sons of bitches, if only to spite Russia”.”

Moving on to the cannibalistic nature of Ukraine, the epitome of the “Ukraine of the Brain” condition that I talked about above is described in the following AiF article from 09.06.2023. The comments in the parenthesis are my translator notes, clarifying the terms and giving the context.

After the article there is a set of Telegram posts illustrating what the article is talking about.

The Shark and The Cannibals. The death of a Russian in Egypt became a diagnosis for Ukraine

“A steak in vyshivanka (Ukrainian embroidered shirt) was served to the wolves in the Carpathians”, “A chubby fan of Bandera went to the wolves for dinner”, “A lover of lard was devoured by the lovers of hohlyatina (ukros)” — it is impossible to imagine such headlines in the Russian media.

“I want to see more often how a shark devours Russians alive”

Despite everything that has happened in Nezalezhnaya (“independent” Ukraine) in recent years, Russians are not thrilled about the death of Ukrainians. And certainly, if a Westerner (Western-Ukrainian) had fallen into the clutches of hungry wolves, no one would have savoured such a tragedy.

But the “svidoms” (“the conscientious ones” as Ukrainians call themselves), who declare themselves as a part of the “civilized world”, have a completely different idea of what is good and what is bad.

Creepy footage from the Egyptian Hurghada, where a young Russian became a victim of a shark, has become a real hit in Ukraine. A wave of schadenfreude and “bubbly humour” covered both the media and social networks. So much so that it seems that the events at the front in Zaporozhye have receded into the background for the residents of Ukraine.

“I want to see more often how a shark devours Russians alive”, “While taking a subway, I watched a video where a shark eats a Russian, and smiled for the first time in a day” — this is the softest thing that can be found in Ukrainian social media. Believe me, it gets even worse the further one goes.

The legacy of the “ancestors”

As far as we know, the deceased guy had nothing to do with either the SMO or the army structures in general. An ordinary person, far from political passions, who has done nothing wrong to Ukrainians. But here a conditioned reflex got triggered — the death of a Russian is good, savouring a tortured body is great.

As you know, the Banderites of the 1940s, elevated by the current Kiev regime to the rank of heroes, loved not just to kill, but to torment their victims. Babies with broken heads, stabbed with bayonets, women with opened up bellies, men sawed alive into pieces — all these are common practices of the “fighters for freedom of Ukraine”. Such “intimidation tactic” was rapidly turning the humans of yesterday into animals on two legs.

Exactly the same technology of dehumanization was launched in Ukraine during the “Euro-Maidan”.

Compote “Blood of the Russian babies”

After the terrible mass murder of people in the House of Trade Unions (in Odesa in 2014), dishes with the names like “Fried Colorados” (Ukrainian would-be insulting term for the Russian-oriented Ukrainians for their use of the St.George Ribbon as a mark of opposition to the Nazism that took over Ukraine after the 2014 coup) began to appear on the menu of Ukrainian restaurants. There was no natural rejection of this abomination, so the process began to develop.

On the 28th of December 2014, a festive event called “Vatnik of the Year” (“vatnik” is a “quilted jacket” that Ukrainians think Russians use all the time for the lack of any other clothing; the term is used to derogatively talk about Russians) was held in the Kiev “Bar Hot”. The crowning achievement was eating a cake made in the form of a Russian child. In addition, the guests were treated to the following dishes: “Odessa House of Trade Unions” (black burgers with poultry meat, French fries and sauce to choose from), “Liver of the militia” (militia – the resistance fighters of Donbass), “Raped pensioner woman”, as well as “Volyn massacre” (assorted meat plate. If you don’t know what the Volyn massacre is, see this post).

At the same time, at the event in the gymnasium of the city of Nikolaev, the audience was treated to a compote “Blood of Russian infants”.

In 2020, in Vinnytsia, a member of the Petro Poroshenko party, Alexander Gramarchuk, organized the release of canned food “Separs in sour cream” (“separ” – the separatist, in effect the resistance fighters of Donbass), “Orthodox Bullfinch”, “Lugansk Separs”, etc. reading the labels, the buyers could find out that canned food “contains pieces of Russian-speaking babies” or “contains pieces of Lugansk residents”.

And in 2022, a Ukrainian blogger said that he was eating the remains of murdered Russian soldiers. And he was not reprimanded, not sent to a mental hospital.

In July 2022, Ukrainian amateur confectioners selling their products through social networks, offer everyone cakes with photos of fallen soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The pictures taken from the Internet turn into the design of a sweet dish, with “bloody smudges” created along the edges with use of the glaze.

In August 2022, a confectionery appeared in Kiev, which began to offer customers cupcakes with photos of mothers and wives of deceased Russian servicemen. “Juicy moms of the two hundredth (200 – code for killed in action) ‘orcs'” (“Orc” is another would be derogative term Ukrainians use about Russian; the Russians laughed it off and took that term as a badge of honour), said the screaming advertisement for such services.

“No one will find the way to it now”

Reading all of the above, a normal person begins to get sick. But the modern Ukrainian is accustomed to it — as an ordinary member of a tribe of cannibals from the islands of Oceania, who does not understand what is so bad about cannibalism.

In recent years, there has not been a single man-made and natural disaster in Russia involving death of people, over which the “sidoms” (“the conscientious ones” as Ukrainians call themselves) would not mock en masse. And they absolutely don’t care whose death it is — the marginals who were poisoned by “palenka” (home-brew vodka), or the children who died in a cinema.

One should not think that the sponsors of Kiev do not notice all this. But the “collective West” is quite satisfied with such savagery — a person devoid of any restraining moral obstacles is much more useful for solving their tasks.

It is absolutely logical that the destruction of Russian culture continues in Ukraine against this background. The crowd, screaming with delight when a shark eats a Russian, does not need Pushkin.

And what will happen next, was described in detail by Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol in his “Vij”: “The frightened spirits rushed, randomly, into windows and doors to fly out as quickly as they could, but it was not to be: they remained there, stuck in doors and windows. The priest who entered stopped at the sight of such a disgrace to God’s shrine and did not dare to serve a memorial service in such a place. So the church remained standing there forever, with monsters stuck in the doors and windows, overgrown with forest, roots, weeds, wild thorns; and no one will find a way to it now.”

Replace the “church” with “Ukraine”, and the future of this territory will become quite clear to you.

One of the episodes that didn’t make it into the article above, is a cafe in Lvov that had the following cannibalistic menu with speciality cocktails and dishes. The source article from September 2022 is here.

“Gorlovka Madonna” – a tomato and vodka cocktail,
“Warship Moskva”
Shots “The Alley of Angels”

“Trade Union House” – grilled chicken wings
“Rushist trophy” – marinaded eggs.

Margarita Simonjan thus commented this meny:

“Menu from a Lvov cafe. Do you see the cocktails? “Gorlovskaya Madonna”. Wings of Buffalo – “House of Trade Unions”. But the cocktail “Gorlovskaya Madonna” is in many ways what makes me do what I do.

The girl, Kristina Zhuk, was a young mother, she was in her twenties – and her ten–month-old baby in her arms when she was torn apart by a shell even before any military operation… She had nothing to do with any of it at all! She just gave birth to a child, she wasn’t involved in any politics.

She was torn apart, lying in a pool of blood, clutching her already dead ten-month-old daughter. I will never forget it, nor will any normal person. And these creatures… Do they think it’s funny, interesting, fashionable, stylish to call a cocktail with tomato juice, such as “Bloody Mary”, “Gorlovskaya Madonna”?”

“The Alley of Angels” is a memorial alley in Donetsk, dedicated to all the children murdered by the Kiev regime since 2014.

Here is what NATO is supporting:

And as a further doubling down of Ukraine and NAFO….

In this episode of “Total Ukraine of the Brain,” we present to you the latest Ukrainian cocktail named “A Russian Tourist”, obviously created after the death of a Russian citizen as the result of a shark attack in Egypt.

They really do seem to have some kind of a death cult going in Ukraine, don’t they.

In one of the establishments of Harkov, a Russophobic dessert began to be served.

It seems normal for the Nazis from among the employees of this cafe to burn a human figure, and then eat it.

These same people will then beg for help from the Russian authorities, they will change their shoes in a second.

Below are more examples of the Ukrainian cult of death, mixed with cannibalism, also in one NAFO land:

UPDATE: Here is another example of such cannibalistic Ukrainian nature from 2015, devouring a cake in a shape of a “Russian baby” in :