9 Years Since Ukraine Shot Down MH-17. With Vasily Prozorov’s Remarks

Ever since MH-17 was shot down by Ukraine on the 17.07.2014, flying in the direction of Donbass, over a war zone, controlled from the Dnepropetrovsk control tower, with the air traffic controller disappearing into thin air after he instructed MH-17 to descend toa lower altitude; with the fighter pilot Voloshin first making an armed sortie, then getting a “Hero of Ukraine”, and then committing suicide; since Ukraine was made part of the investigation much like if a rapist is made a part of an inquiry into a rape case; after the kangaroo court of Netherlands, when all inconvenient evidence provided by Russia was simply ignored.

Ever since that time I return to the topic of the MH-17 shoot-down on the pages of this blog – all the past posts having the MH-17 tag – and knowing that Russia will not forget this case and will ultimately bring the guilty to justice. Maybe next year, on the 10th anniversary?

As Olga so poignantly wrote on the Putinger’s Chat Telegram channel chat:

Today is another date.
Which for some reason was not remembered by Ukrainian channels. I didn’t see it, maybe it was somewhere. But I have not seen any mention in the foreign press.

This picture was painted by the Dutch artist Emily Rose. Dedicated to the plane crash with the Boeing MH17. Why is memory so short, fellow Europeans?

Then the bodies didn’t even have time to cool down there – “Russians are killers”, “Putin is the killer”.
There was simply nothing known at all.
The plane just crashed…


Today, July 17 is the ninth anniversary of the terrible provocation staged by the Kiev regime with the help of Western curators. In 2014, a Boeing 777 passenger plane, flight MH17, was shot down in the sky over Donbass. 298 people died.

I recommend you to familiarize yourself with my investigations and remarks, which clearly emphasize the involvement of Ukraine and Western countries in the committed provocation:

In 2019, after my trip to Donbass, the investigation film “MH17: in Search of the Truth” was published, where I provided my version of the tragedy.

Later, an analysis of satellite images of the area of the plane crash was published, which the United States handed over to Ukraine before and after the tragedy.

I definitely recommend watching my remarks about the secret visit to Dnepropetrovsk of high-ranking American officers, experts in the field of aviation technology on the day of the tragedy. Part 1 and Part 2 has just been re-published after YouTube deleted them.

Vasily Prozorov’s Telegram posts are embedded at the end of the article.

There were many questions back then, not least if the plane was gunned down, as some observers suggested. A theory that can still turn out to be the correct one…

Detail of the shot-through cockpit of MH-17

Detail of the shot-through cockpit of MH-17