10 Years Since the 2014 Unconstitutional Coup d’Etat in Ukraine

Ten years is both a moment in history and a lifetime. We remember what happened in Kiev ten years ago, even though the West and the Nazi regime there desperately try to forget, erase and rewrite this history. On our Telegram channel “Beorn And The Shieldmaiden” we marked the 10th anniversary of the violent, USA-sponsored coup d’etat in Ukraine. We invite everyone to subscribe to our Telegram channel for the daily revival of history.

2013-14 Euromaidan timeline and facts from the Russian MFA

Today marks 10 years since the events of the so-called Euromaidan that led to the unconstitutional coup d’etat in Ukraine.

Since 2014, under the supervision and with the direct guidance by the advisors from NATO & Western powers, Ukraine was transformed into an anti-Russian country at an accelerating pace.

The de-Russification and Ukrainization of the nations’ cultural code was forced upon living in Ukraine, they were brainwashed, in effect re-educated in the spirit of hatred and hostility towards Russia and Russians, the memory of the common past awas all but erased, replaced by neo-Nazi sentiments.

Even the relatively recent 2014 events have been rewritten and retold by those in power in Kiev and their puppet masters in the West, facts were tossed away, truth twisted or omitted, the entire sequence of events turned upside down.

‼️ Find further details in the reference material, prepared under the auspices of the Foundation for Democracy Studies and the International Public Tribunal for Ukraine.

A historical flashback from the blog owner

On this date, exactly 10 years ago a cross-country 30km skiing event for women took place during the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

At first, the day started like any other day during the Winter Olympics season. Yours truly is not particularly interested in wintersports, but, being in Norway, it is next to impossible to avoid that.

And so, as on the previous days, my colleagues commandeered one of the big screens in the office, so that a direct TV sending could be seen and heard on it – instead of the boring production statistics and monitoring data normally conveyed there.

I half-heartedly listened to the sports commentator’s exuberant appraisal of each of the participant’s prowess and their progress along the track, while busing myself with the actual work that had to be done that day.

Until one particular phrase caught my attention. It was along these lines:

«…and look at her go, while her country is in flames and on the brink of destruction…»

What?! Who?

I saw he was talking about Ukrainian Valentina Shevchenko! And then: What destruction?

I was aware that there was some sit-in on the Independence Square in Kiev – something about the EU association and discontent with corruption.

But Maidans were almost a national sport for the Ukrainians, just think of the Yushenko farce a few years before.

I did not take it seriously, thinking they would eventually get tired of sitting there once they would run out of booze – and here was a sports commentator giving that sinister line.

Later that evening, the 22nd of February 2022, was the moment when I in earnest began to keep an eye on the developing coup. The rest is history.


As for the Olympics, in hindsight, hosting the games was a very strong limiting factor for how deeply involved Russia could immediately get in Ukraine. And this is precisely why the USA conducted the armed coup two days before the Olympics ended – fully confident that Russia would not dare do anything.

As a matter of fact, the USA pulled off something similar on the 8th of August 2008, sicking Georgia onto the Russian peacekeepers just as the opening of the Summer Olympics ceremony was underway in Beijing, China, with all the world’s media attention focused on it. The USA calculated on Russia not daring to respond as to not spoil the relations with China by diverting the media attention away from the prestigious Games – however, the USA miscalculated, and Russia performed a quick peacekeeping mission, without jeopadising the relationship with China.

In 2014, the USA was so much more prepared to “f*ck the EU”, and Russia, with Cookie Nuland & Co itching all over to initiate the fight ’till the last Ukrainian…

Operation Ukraine: America’s Fingerprints. Who supports Ukrainian Nationalism?

On the 10th anniversary of the coup d’état in Kiev, we recall the West’s role in fuelling the conflict in Ukraine, its support for Ukrainian nationalists and their terrorist activities.

Synopsis from the MFA: Immediately after the end of World War II and the defeat of the Nazis, American intelligence agencies established contacts with former Hitler collaborators to work together against the Soviet Union and later Russia. The operation to form an armed underground movement in Western Ukraine was dubbed “Aerodynamic”.

The CIA assembled war criminals and Bandera movement activists from filtration camps, and created an agent network. Their task was to sabotage nuclear plants and dams on Ukrainian territory in an effort to separate it from the Soviet Union. According to CIA co-founder Frank Wisner, they terrorised civilians and were responsible for at least 35,000 casualties

In the early 1950s, Red Army units mostly wiped out the nationalist insurgency, however the CIA employed a new strategy. Since then Ukrainian nationalists have been engaged in an ideological anti-Russian war. The operation “Prolog” gradually stoked nationalist sentiment in Ukraine and bred loyalty to Nazi ideas.

What is the outcome of half-century-long American influence❓

A commemorative post by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On the origins of Ukrainian nationalism, the crimes of the OUN-UPA, and the support of the West

February 22 marks the 10th anniversary of the unconstitutional coup d’etat in Ukraine — an event, which led to an armed civil conflict, essentially a war waged by the Kiev regime against its own people, and a deepest crisis of international and European security since World War II.

10 years have passed since the tragic and horrible events of February 2014. The residing “authorities” in Kiev, aka the Kiev regime, and their Western sponsors are, as per their usual m.o., are attempting to distort the truth, conceal true facts, and turn the timeline of those events, their substance upside down.

❗️ But the truth is stubborn; it tends to get revealed sooner or later.

The most horrific events unfolded on 20 February: the still unidentified snipers began shooting on the Institutskaya Street in the centre of Kiev at both law enforcement and protesters. Euromaidan supporters and Western politicians, seized “the opportunity”, blamed the legitimate authorities of Ukraine. No evidence of Yanukovich’s involvement was provided, and there is none to this day. Unlike, the Maidan activists & the opposition who benefited the most and was seen smuggling weapons into the area <...>

On 21 February, in an attempt to avoid further bloodshed, Yanukovych signed an Agreement on the Settlement of the Political Crisis in Ukraine with the opposition (from the opposition’s side — Vitali Klitschko (UDAR party), Arseniy Yatsenyuk (“Fatherland”), and Oleg Tyagnybok (“Freedom”)), which was supported and guaranteed by the foreign ministers of Germany, France, and Poland. This document envisaged the creation of a government of national trust, constitutional reform, and the organization of early presidential elections. None of the Agreement’s provisions were implemented.

The next day, on February 22, the Supreme Council passed a resolution on Viktor Yanukovych’s “self-removal” from performing the duties of the President of Ukraine, thereby usurping power (although he remained a legitimate president, remained in Ukraine and had made no statements regarding resignation). It was then announced that the “government of the victors (winner)” would be formed. The West turned a blind eye to all violations and hurried to declare a “change of power” in Ukraine, openly encouraging the putschists to pursue their anti-Russian policy. What ensued was basically a hunt for the remaining law enforcement officers and officials loyal to their oath and the country. <...> The very next day, the very first decision of the new “government” through the Verkhovnaya Rada was to revoke the law on the status of the Russian language, which according to data was back then the mother tongue of the majority (!) of the Ukrainian citizens.


The “mediation” meddling of the West led to a sharp polarisation of Ukrainian society, which created the preconditions for an armed civil conflict. The first legislative steps of the “Maidan victors” — the abovementioned cancellation of the language law — were received with alarm in South-Eastern Ukraine, where spontaneous formation of popular militia forces began. Kiev immediately accused all the inhabitants of the region of “state treason” and “terrorism”, threw the army and neo-Nazi punitive battalions to violently suppress the protests.


‼️ “Euromaidan” created a deep rift in Ukrainian society, lead to persecution, fight against dissent, spread of nationalism and neo-Nazism, legal lawlessness and nihilism, fighting the Russian language and own history, complete degradation of the socio-economic situation in the country.

The terror and horror brought by the Ukrainian neo-Nazis and nationalists in 2014 must be brought to an end. Denazification and demilitarisation will be achieved.

Read more about these tragic events of 2014 in the Russian MFA’s article.

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