How Malorossia Was Turned into the Patch-quilt of Discord that is “Ukraine”

Lands that are presently collectively known under the name of “Ukraine” had a turbulent history, especially in the last 300 or so years. In this post I want to take a look at a few maps, and present some short historical information, pertaining the term “Ukraine” and how it came to be. I will finish this post with some quite obvious genetic discoveries.

Let us first start with the following 4 maps, and explanation to them, coming strait out of Lada Ray’s excellent Earth Shift Report 2. Ukraine: Truth, Lies & Future Hope. It is a highly recommended, well-researched for-donation report of a size of a small book, for everyone who want to learn what is going on in Ukraine behind the scenes, its history and what lies ahead.


This map shows how the size of Ukraine changed through history. NOTE! What is shown here in yellow as ‘Ukraine in 1654’ was in fact the territory of the Zaporozhie Cossacks (Zaporozhskie Kazaki). There was no country or territory called Ukraine before Lenin and Bolsheviks created the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic as part of the USSR.


This map shows one of the ideas of how the division of Ukraine should happen by oblast, if it was done in 2014, before civil war began. It shows one big DNR consisting of Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhie, Kherson and Kharkov. For some reason it omits Dnepropetrovsk, which should be within this affinity, but that probably didn’t happen since at the time Kolomoysky was at the helm in Dnepropetrovsk . The center, incl Kiev, remains under Ukraine flag, western Ukraine’s 5 oblasts are obviously under nazi flag. Zakarpatie (Transcarpathia) with Rusins (ruthenians) has its own republic with a flag resembling Russian. Red/white/gold Odessa flag with anchor on it unites Odessa and Nikolaev oblasts (I’d add Kherson and certainly Pridnestrovie, plus possibly Gagauzia – part of Moldova). This kind of voluntary peaceful divorce could have happened if we were dealing with mature people and if Ukraine was a sovereign state, not under foreign occupation.


This map shows a different version of Ukraine’s division. In gray is basically western Ukraine – on this map it’s entitled ‘Ukraine (Poland)’; Small Malorossia in the center in pink with Kiev as capital; large Novorossia in the south-east in blue, which here includes Denpropetrovsk and also Kirovograd, plus Odessa and Nikolaev. But Kharkov and Sumi are designated separately as Slobozhanshchina, which is historically correct. Kharkov, Sumi and Chernigov – Severshchina (on this map in light green in the north) were always Russian territories, Chernigov being one of the ancient Russian cities. These, together with Novorossia were given to Ukraine by Lenin in 1922 over their population’s objections.


This map is self explanatory – a version of the ‘Future Map of Ukraine,’ giving some territory to foreign states, such as Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. All of Novorossia is under Russian flag, extending to Pridnestrovie and, presently Moldova’s, Gagauzia.

Incidentally, almost two years ago, I published the article Two Ukraines – with a Statistical and Historical View at Novorossia, which blends well with the maps, shown above.

But what is “Ukraine”? Lada’s Earth Shift Report 2 delves into it, and so does a larger documentary, which I am currently translating.

Here I will present two fragments of the translated script, along with two still images, illustrating the points made there.

What is “Ukraine”, “Ukrainian”?

The revolt, headed by Bogdan Hmelnitsky started in 1648. After 6 years of war, in 1654, Pereyaslav Rada was signed. This is a document about reunification with the Moskovy State of a part of Western Rus, including Kiev and the territories of Zaporozhje county. It was signed by Czar Aleksei Mikhailovich Romanov.

My the way, the phrase “reunification of Ukraine with Russia” appeared first in the Soviet history texts in 1920s.
The historians knew perfectly well that in 1654 there was simply no such country as “Ukraine”. Those territories were called Malorossia. While the words “Ukraine” – Ukraina (slight difference in stress here, both words are the same) was used in Poland and Russia about borderlands. For Poles it is the lands of the middle Dnepr – the central regions of the modern Ukraine.

Anna Razhny:
In Polish it is called “pugraniche”. It’s the border in the cultural, national, political, even historical meaning. Ukraina meant for Rech Pospolitaja a far away border, a territory, where different ethnos could live. In this context Ukraina no longer exists in the present time.

For Moscow, on the other hand, at one time Ukraina meant Tula, Kashira, Serpuhov – that was the Oka-river Ukraina – the border with the territories, from where nomads came.

The word “Ukrainian” in the Russian language of that time, is a profession – a border guard (or someone, who lives on the border). While a resident of Kiev or Poltava was called a Malorossian.


Still frame above is a fragment of a dictionary entry. Judging by the revision of the Russian alphabet used, specifically by the letter “Ѧ”, this is a text from before the 1710 language reform of Peter I. The example usages are from Ivan the Formidable’s texts of 1503. Here is a translation taking the pronunciation into account:

Ukrain’nik (Украиньникъ) – Noun, a resident of a border territory.
Ukrain’nyi (Украиньныи) – Adjective, as in “Ukain’nyi baron” – governor of a border territory.
Ukrainjanin (УкраинѦнинъ) – Noun, a resident of a border territory.

How and when did the term “Ukraine” as a national designation appear?

Ultimately Poland ceased to exist in 1795, when the large states performed the third division of the Polish lands.
Galicia, Zakarpatie (Transcarpathia) and Bukovina, populated by Russians, or as it was said then – Rusins (Ruthenians), came under Austrai-Hungary, while almost all of the Kievan Rus territories were taken by the Russian Empire.

That is how a large portion of the Polish population ended up in the Russian Empire.

The Poles are, of course, dreaming about resurrection of their beloved Poland – Rech Pospolitaja, and what is more, in the wider borders as they were before the partitioning.

All their ire and hatred is directed at Russia. The idea is like this: sow separatism on those lands, tear them away from Russia, announce that the people there are not Russian, but close to Poles.

In 1795 the Polish writer and historian Jan Potocki published historically-geographical fragments about Scythia, Sarmatia and Slavs. In that work, for the first time, Russians of Malorossia were called “Ukrainians”, a separate people, descendants of the Scythian tribe of Sarmatians.

Potocki’s idea was very simple in its design: If Malorossian “Ukrainians” have nothing in common with Russians; if Malorossian “Ukrainians” is a separate people with its separate culture and history, then it follows that also Russia has no historical rights on the lands West for Dnieper, including Kiev. Then it follows that there is not gathering of Russian lands. It follows then that Russia annexed and occupied Malorossia/Ukraine.

Potocki’s propaganda was first and foremost directed at the Western reader, who traditionally had a very vague idea what is Malorossia, Raussia, Kiev, and where all this is found.

Pavel Kuzenkov:
We see very clearly how neighbours were calling these “Ukrainians”. Up until 20th century they were called Rus. Poles, Czechs, Hungarians, Romanians, all who surrounded this territory, never were in doubt that what starts from Transcarpathia is “Rus”.

But it was the Polish publicists, who by the beginning of the 19th century turn a topographic term “Ukraina” into a name of a country. In 1801 the Polish bibliophile and publicist Tadeusz Czadzki published his work “About the name of Ukraine and the birth of Cossacks”. It was a new phase in forming of Ukranianism as an ideology. Tadeusz Czadzki further distinguished that Ukrainian Malorossians are not Russians, rather they are different people.
Czadzki started the history of Ukrainians from the horde of the “Ancient Ukros”, who according to him moved in the 7th century from somewhere in Urals, across Volga to the Drepr river. The fact that neither the Polish nor the Russian chronicles ever mentioned any “Ukros”, didn’t in the least bother Czadzki.

These theories may have remained as brain games of the intellectuals, if not for one “but”. Czar Alexander I, a liberal pro-Westerner, favoured the Polish nobility, considered it to be more educated and well-mannered, than Russian. During Alexander’s reign, Poles played an important role at the court, in the Academy. The Imperial Foreign Ministry was headed by an ardent russophobe Adam Czartoryski, and with his support the Poles got full control of the education system in Malorossia.

Czartoryski’s close ally was a priest and historian Valerian Kalinka, who wrote about Malorossia thusly: “This land is lost for Poland, but we must do it so, that it becomes lost for Russia too.”


The still frame above is a definition of “Ukraina”. Judging by the alphabet, and specifically the usage of the Latin letter “i” this text comes after the 1738 language reform of Peter I, when usage of double-dotted “ї” before vocals was abolished (single-dotted and double-dotted “i” and “ї” is what distinguished present day “Ukrainian” from Russian). Mentioning of A. Jablonovskij’s name in the text points to the end of the 19th century.

The beginning of the text translates as follows:

“Ukraina – thus were called the South-Western Russian lands of Rech Pospolitaja. This name was never official, it was used only in private conversations and became common in folk poetry. It is difficult to define the boundaries of the lands, known as “ukrainnyi”, more so that this name was not permanent and at different times covered varying stretches of land…

Recently, some of the Western-bread ultra-nationalists took up Tadeusz Czadzki’s segregation banner to a new low and started saying that Ukrainians and Russians are different people genetically, stating that Russians are not even Slavs… This propaganda was shot down in 2014 by a respectable study. I first learnt about it from the editorial column of Argumenty i Fakty. Here is a translated text of that note:

It was initially clear for any reasonable person that Ukrainians and Russians are brothers.

The recent massive and authoritative scientifically research proved: Russians, Ukrainians and Belorussians do not differ from each other genetically.

Let’s say it at once: the scientists studied the DNA of the Ukrainians on the basis of the genetic material of the inhabitants of the western regions of the country, namely, the city of Lvov, with which we markedly differ in language and culture. But, as it turns out, not the origin. Thereby the allegations of the Ukrainian nationalists, who say that Russians, having moved from the territory of modern Ukraine, have so much mixed up with the Mongoloid race, and that they stopped being Slavs, is completely debunked.

However, as it was initially clear for any sensible person: Ukrainians and Russians are brothers. And let the borders, ideology, economic disputes divide us now – this is largely a consequence of the geopolitical game of Western politicians, who have managed to embroil us with each other. One just wants to exclaim along with the character of Kipling: “We are of the same blood!” But now, alas, we are unlikely to be heard hear – until someone (both inside Ukraine and abroad) harvest their own political dividends from our “brotherly spats”.

Digging further, I found the publication from 27.07.2014 in, which presents the research by Anatoly Klyosov. My translation of that article below:

A leading scientist of the scientific direction of “DNA genealogy”, Doctor of Chemistry, professor of Moscow State University and Harvard University, Anatoly Klyosov in an exclusive interview KM.RU denied allegations of genetic differences between the Russians and Ukrainians.

Russians, Ukrainians and Belorussians represent a set of the same genera

Nationalist school of Western Ukraine promotes the idea that the Russian and Ukrainian peoples are not closely related. This point of view is “based” on the fact that although once upon a time, Russians moved from what is now Ukraine, later they allegedly severely mingled with representatives of the Mongoloid race and are no longer Slavs.

There is virtually no truth in this statement. Russians, Ukrainians and Beloarussians represent a set of the same genera, it is one and the same people from the genetic point of view. They have almost the same origin. Ethnic Russians have three main lines: R1a, I and N. 48% of Russians and 45% of Ukrainians are in haplogroup R1a. 22% of Russians and 24% of Ukrainians are in haplogroup I. Depending on sampling, these parameters may vary up to 4%.

A more noticeable difference between our peoples is observed in haplogroup N, which is common in Northern Europe. It includes, in particular, a portion of Latvians, Lithuanians and Estonians, part of the Russian population of the Baltic states and the Russian north-east. 14% of Russians, 10% of Belarusians, and 1% to 4% of Ukrainians are in haplogroup N. Such a significant difference is due to the fact that Ukraine is located more south of the Baltic states, than Russia and Belarus. If we take the Belarusians, 52% belong to R1a, 22-24% belong to I, and as I said, 10% belong to N.

I want to stress that when I say “Ukrainians”, I am referring to the inhabitants of the western regions. Furthermore, we specifically took the data from Lvov. Of course, we have somewhat different cultures, and different language, but not the origin.

Assertions about the differences of our people is a part of the information war

There is such a thing as a “haplotype tree”. It is formed by different means. The first option is for the population genetics specialists to go to the field, go to the cities and villages with a test tube. Researchers collect saliva or blood from the representatives of certain ethnic category and determine DNA by it. From the point of view of the academic science such data is considered to be more accurate. The second option is when people send their samples to commercial organizations. Science generally shuns such data, but in the end the results obtained by scientists and commercial companies, is approximately the same, and often times simply identical.

So, we modelled this haplotypes tree , including to data on Russians, Ukrainians and Belorussians. To do this, we did a DNA analysis based on 111 parameters (DNA Y-chromosome markers), whereas normal “academic” analysis only takes into account 17 parameters or less – often 7-8 parameters. We tracked such details, that the researchers do not usually go into. We superimposed the haplogroups of our peoples, and found that there is a match everywhere. Again, the difference is observed only in haplogroup N. It is connected solely with the geographical reasons.

Thus, the question of the common origin of the Russian, Belorussians and Ukrainians is closed, although I am familiar with the “works” that deny this fact. They caused in me a great scientific and social resentment. These “scientists” spew nonsense and distort objective data. I regard such activities as a part of the information war.

For details of the research by Anatoly Klyosov see in the material in KM.RU “Professor Anatoly Klyosov ‘In DNA of Russians and Ukrainians there is no difference!'” (in Russian).

14 thoughts on “How Malorossia Was Turned into the Patch-quilt of Discord that is “Ukraine”

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  2. Maybe you’re “a prophet”, or just a person with a good imagination, I don’t know for sure. Only thing I can say that, to my mind, you’re a lier. Who allowed you to write such thinks? It’s not even your Motherland. You can write everything you wish about Russia, but not about Ukraine.

  3. Hi, Kathy, coming from a would-be Ukrainian IP address:,, which nevertheless resolves to, sub-registered at in the USA, yet using a Russian mail service Email:
    Where did I lie?
    Russia IS my Motherland, and being Russian I deeply care for what happens to it, including the wayward and currently disoriented part of it, known for the last 100 years as Ukraine. A term meaning just a geographic location – on the border, and coined first by Poles. This deep caring for the WHOLE of Rus land is what gives me the right the truth and to help people see what is being done to them. By the way, the exact same what was done to the people of Malorossia was also done to what became known as Craoatians. The age old technique of “divide and conquer”. The Divide part happened to Ukraine for the past 100 years (ironically with ample help from the Communists). The Conquer part is happening now.

  4. And what about the flag with DNR, Nazi Regime and everything else? Humble! No other region wanted to be a part of another countries. We are united, and you divided Ukraine in terrible way.
    P.S. just have a look, when Kyivska Rus was mantioned for the first time, and when Moskovia was. It’s a big question who was the first state created on these territories.

  5. I don’t do “humble”. I do “real”.
    How shall I call the “Azov” thugs brandishing the Nazi symbolism and killing people of Donbass? The DNR flag happens to be derived from the Novorossian flag, and is harking to the roots, which Ukrainians chose to forget.
    As for roots. Whay would it matter when Moskovia and Kievan Rus were mentioned first? Capital move, as do centres of power. Before Kiev, the centre of power was in Galicia, and before that even more westwards, possibly with the capital in Berlin (or shall we say, Ber-log-in). The geographic names of many places in pRussia are attesting to it, as do the fragments of the old Rus – the mordern Slavic countries, many of them westernised, torn from their roots. Ukraine is the latest in this chain. Oh, and Moscow was at one time superseded by St.Petersburg – so yes, capitals move. The question is – does such events spark a self-destructive inferiority complex?
    You say “No other region wanted to be a part of another countries.” But that is not so. You have examples, like Georgia, seeking Russian protection against Ottomans, you have northern part of Denmark, which voted for ascension into Germany in the beginning of the 20th century. You now have Novorossia, which wants back. Eastern Germany reuniting with Western Germany. By your logic that should have never happened.
    But there are also cases when a region was torn from a country against the will of its inhabitants – Communists tearing away Novorossia from Russia to strengthen Ukraine, which they were building. Crimea getting torn away against both the political will of the local governance and the will of the people living there. Kosovo getting torn away from Serbia.
    Ukraine is a chimera of the 20th century, started by Poles, fostered by Austro-Hungarians, and reared to maturity by the Communists. I am not dividing Ukraine – it is doing so by itself in light of its internal conflicts and artificialness. The Eastern part of Ukraine is gravitating towards its roots, that the people there have not forgotten. You should pay more attention to what is happening in the West, though. the biggest grabs with subsequent assimilations will be coming from Poland, Romania and Hungary.

  6. I’m from Ukraine, I’m an architect. Publication is nonsense. Ukraine has been and will be. Now we have a combat-capable army, and people who want to live in an independent country.

  7. we must make all peace. nations are not important, more important is humanity.
    i’m personally would wish that Russia evolves into a more colourful and diverse country – i know it happens already very fast (; – we are all brothers, every nation. i’m personally shocked that some inhabitants of Ukraine believe nationalists with their comments obout Russians. this thing with mongloid is such an insult to all asians…because they use it to upgrade Ukraine and to hurt inhabitants of Russia. with such words Ukraine will getting no love from many many central asian states amd europeans. the irony of it all is that many people of Ukraine have asiatic roots through cossacks, through tatars, turkic origins…like many russians, especially in south russia and siberia. you can even see how many Ukranians are darker than north russians (; so in fact they insult big part of ukranians. also when they try to insult russians, they divide Ukraine because in Ukraine there are living a lot’s of people who consider themselves as Russians or / and feel culturally connected to Russia and not to idealogy of Galicia.
    they spit on them, just stop with that please. it makes me sad how they talk about Russians, about my mother who is ethnic russian and is such a nice just hurts me. Ukraine can’t use Russian spirit and it’s cultural roots and in the same time act hateful towards Russians and their history… it’s like to poison your own beeing and culture.
    the ancestors of Ukraine would not believe what happened in Ukraine. some of western europes world
    looked through history negative at slavic people, at people from the east and on people of Rus. now parts of old Rus makes the same to become more western, to feel more civilizated. nationalists of Ukraine uses the exact same ideology ( as an geographical more western people they want to look down on their eastern neightbours) they are who divide Ukraine with their propaganda since many years. but i personally think that all humans on the world will understand more and more that we all can choose a good future when we all stop to hate but understand other views. that doesen’t mean that we can’t have our own views and our own visions, but it’s important to understand that visions will not be joyful realities through hateful behave, it will be good through love. i have to say that i really love people of Ukraine. Ukraine represents something spiritual and earthy, warm for me. that’s why it’s hard for many Russians to say goodbye to Ukraine, it’s the exact opposite of what some Ukranians think (; Russia grew up and now transforms itself into a state of future…it wants and it must transform. Russia will transform itself in a country where the existence itself, nature are above materalism…where the soul shines. it doesen’t mean it’s bad to earn money. but the soul is everything ^^ the orthodox russian church will transform itself from a religios beeing in joyful existenceful beeing.
    but it seemed hard to say goodbye to Ukraine because there are also roots of Russia and it was an historical important era of Rus. but sometimes it’s better to say goodbye and to choose to grew up as an person, as a nation, as a religion etc. people of Russia should understand this with regard to Ukraine, the people of Ukraine must choose their future. but Ukraine also must understand all her regions with their nuances and views and history, they also have right to choose their future. Russia and Ukraine must respect the will of people. they best thing now is that folks of Russia and Ukraine concentrate on themselves and build real democracies where oligarchs and mafia rules nothing. the business men and politics must cooperate with the folk and be one of them. it’s already happening in Russija and it will be a very social country, that’s what i observe <3
    wish all the Best to Ukraine, Belarus and Russia <3

  8. I feel sorry for you and your belief that you can build a country, based on force, independent of its roots, at the expense of destruction of all the traces of said root.

  9. I wholeheartedly agree. This nonsense of divide and conquer of the Slav people must stop.

  10. Perhaps you are right and the name f Ukraine was Polish one. But the concept behind the word is independent from any to have a nation on those territory’s that are ethnically different then the Muscovite empire. We shall never bee subject to Moscow again, what brother treats his kin the way the northern rus (russians) have tarted their southern brothers? Our brotherhood died the day the moscovite empire conquered our land to be ruled by the tzar. You want to talk about names, fine you had no right calming the name of the Kivin rus (Kive) that name was shared by the Belorussian, the people that call them selves Ukrainians (but what ever word makes you comfortable) and the moscovites by which i mean the people living in the north west of the nation that calls its self russia. So yes we are descendants of the rus people as are you but we are no longer the same. Heck out f the tree the language you speak is least like the one spoken by the rus with Belarusian being the closest according to historians. So we are rusins but we are not russians, we have never been, call us Ukrainians or what ever you want but our ethnic group know as Ukrainians has been fighting for independence for century’s the ideal is irreverent to the name. The “russian” separatists are a product of russiafication, I suggest you look this term up maybe then you’ll realize why no one in eastern Europe that dose not self identify as russian likes you in their country, making territorial claims on soil you once occupied and subjugated by force dose not constitute a “historical” right, dose Great Britan have claims over indea of Ireland? no and “russia” has no claimes over Ukrainian territory you already sit on some territory that has historically been ethnically “Ukrainian” (call it what you want) such as kuban. I mean really what your suggesting is almost as bad as Germany making claims over Israeli lands. I know you probably some how ignore all the evidence and deny the Holodomor, but stallin (worst then hitler, and we really hate hitler in ukraine) murdered millions of us, tried to eradicate or ethnicity in one of the largest genocides in human history was conducted by stalin to “solve the Ukrainian problem” how is that brotherhood. After Ukrainians (the ethnic group of the kozaks) declared Independence from russia the communists invade us, how is that not subjugation by force forcing an ethnic group that has lived and been dominant on a cretin territory and act of brotherhood if thats the case then the Germans and the French must be best bros. How can you a russian (or pro russian) claim the west uses propaganda? that is the greatest act of hypocrisy that is possible by a human being. I know you grew up watching nothing but state sponsored media but still. Have you ever been to Ukraine or meet one. By the way the west are not nazis a bit extreme in some cases and yes every country has nazis Ukraine is not an exception to the rule but that also means it doesn’t have a bunch of nazis, the UPA that so many claime were nazis were fromed in 1942 to fight for Ukrainian Independence by forin occupiers, which if you know your history were the nazis (the UPA was founded to fight nazis) then when the communists came back they fought them too. Ukrainians hate nazis.
    Any chance of unification died long ago we are and have been for almost a 1000 years two different peoples and our bloody plus the ideas of nations makes you goles impossible is you want to once again join us in one nation it would have to be done by force and over mine and millions of Ukrainians dead bodies. I wish there was a great Slavic state too our ancestors all climed out of the pripyat marshes but they went their separate ways long ago. Its like asking person who just got raped to have sex, weve fought against you the Polish and the Turks
    but the Polish and the Turks haven’t fucked with us in ages its old history, but the actions of stalin and putin are hated and despised by all Ukrainians and we are sorry both are nations were so messed up by communism, but are relations are not going to improve if you come and tell me that my grand parents storys the history both with evidence that i learned, as well as century’s worth of culture based on rebellion and insurgency (with 70% of our folk songs mention fighting the polish , Turks , and Muscovites and dying for the fatherland) you just come across as another brain washed russian who has no grasp or respect for my history. Its like if a British person said that Ireland is the same as England and should be part of it, and a french guy came up with the concept of Ireland. Id be more inclined to believe the earth is flat or the moon is fake or some other bs then that essentially my people and i dont exist or are a construct of the west.
    Ukraine has been fighting for independence for 500 years and now you tell me i just imagined hundreds of years of history, tradition, language and identity development and more. If your going to talk about it do some research that does not reflect your view its not hard to do. Ukrainians define them selves as those wiling t die for freedom. Ukraine wasn’t “stitched together” it was pried and ripped piece from the hands of its oppressors and given the recognition of one of the most oppressed ethnic groups in history, you still sit on that land that are rightfully ours by ethnicity that resides on those lands, and the Kremlin infringed on our sovereignty (the Kremlin is your enemy too). We are not a patch quilt we are a blanket in which russia has made holes and wiped its ass and we ill never take that again.You call your selves “Russians” to give yourself legitimacy but you are not the rus you are the moscovites and you broke away from the rus id memory serves, we owe you no allegiance, I do not hate “russia”, or “russians” you are our brothers by blood but in spirit if you cant admit our legitimacy and recognize the crimes the USSR inflicted on us brother hood id impossible.

    Glory to Ukraine

  11. That was a long and angry post, where you make many factual and historical mistakes, starting with the fact that 370 years ago Bogdan Hmelnitskij had for several years to ask Russian tsar to take Malorossia/Zaporozhje under its wing (only to betray the tsar to the Swedes later on) when he had a dispute with his Polish overlords. A proposition that Russia was not keen to accept – so much for “conquering”.
    And how, pray, did Moscovites/Belorussians treated you? Fed you, built you and industry (that you now destroyed)? Do take a look at the Italian and French maps from the mid to end 1600, where Russia Bianca and Moscovia is one and the same thing – stretching from Moscovia Sea (present Barents Sea) in the North to the Kaspian and Black Seas in the South.
    As for the names – Kievan Rus, Moscovia, Novgorod republic – they are just that – names, denoting where the centres of power were at any given time. In 100 years the capital of Rus may be in Sochi, and that would not make Rus any less Russian.
    What saddens me the most, is that you became a handy and destructive Canadian-based tool at pitting the Slavic people against each other. Judging by the slogan with which you ended you lengthy passage, you must be a descendant of those, whom American special services whisked away from the justice at Nürenberg and to Canada, so as to foster a tool, which with to fight and destroy the Slavic – Rus – world. If only the original meaning in your slogan – “with love to the Borderland” – was retained, and not perverted by the ukro-nazis, in much the same way, like the German nazis perverted the Slavic symbol of the wheel of time, the Kolovrat, known now as the swastika.
    I understand that, sadly, all that I write here will not reach you conciousness, but will hopefully help others to orient themselves.

  12. Why must Ukraine be partitioned? It would be against the will of the Ukrainians as Cunuc mentioned they do not want to bend the knee to Moscow ever again.

    That junta in Donbas does NOT have the support of the people there.

    Why the hatred towards a neighbour?

  13. “I wholeheartedly agree. This nonsense of divide and conquer of the Slav people must stop.” So you say but then you might wanna tell Kremlin to stop constanty trying to enslave and/or genocide its slavic “brethren”?!

  14. Donbass, Novorossia, is longing back to its roots that it has not forgotten nor forsaken. It is Ukraine, Galicia, that is a break-away part of the Rus lands. There is no hatred toward Ukraine from Russia. Pity, yes, sadness for a lost and dying relative, but no hatred. Russia will never take anybody under its wing unless asked to, and in the case of Ukraine, not even then – the economical ad spiritual destruction in Ukraine has gone too far for Russia to be able to repair it without sacrificing too much. So your statement “wanna tell Kremlin to stop constanty trying to enslave and/or genocide its slavic “brethren”?!” is completely wrong. The enslavement and genocide came from those doling out cookies at the Maidan…

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