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  1. “There was no country or territory called Ukraine before Lenin and Bolsheviks created the Ukrainian”- your words, but it is not true. Even in Ukrainian poetry writers mentioned Ukraine as country with a big culture. Those writers lived in 1800/1814. All your article shows that you are a person that were learnin history from Russians. And you know what? Try to learn history from different sourses, not only from Russian. Evry one knows that Russian history doesn`t think about Ukraine as a normal country with deep history. It even says that Ukrainian it is a Russian dialect and that is rediculase. It is a shame that so many people csn read your article and think that everything is true which is not.

  2. I lived part of that history. Present day Ukrainian is an amalgam of Polish, German, Galician dialect and Surzhik dialct (from the large Eastern parts that were annexed to Ukraine by the Bolshevicks). If you speak of Ukraine, please speak of the context and the time frame, as the concept “Ukraine” changed multiple times throughout the last 150-200 years. You should also know that there were many ukraines (okrains) in Russia, in the meaning of border lands. In Polish this particular ukraine was know in pugranichie (same meaning), when these territories were under the Polish dominion.
    As for writers, if I remember rightly, Taras Shevchenko indignantly replied to being called a Ukrainian, that he is a Maloross.

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