Harkov as an example of what ukainisation does to the Russians

Those who read my previous posts and translations, know that I give preference to the review of the historical events and only address the events on the “battlefield” when they intertwine with the larger historical perspective. It’s been observed by many (and I’ve seen it on at least one example myself), that Russian people, who were born and raised in some central Russian region, upon moving to Ukraine and settling there become ardent Ukrainians with all what that entails, like denial of their Russian heritage. And conversely, when a person from Ukraine moves to Russia, after a few years they become perfectly normal, reasonable people. It’s become so obvious that people joke that something must be added to the drinking water in Ukraine for people to loose their minds there.

This is also a reason why “Ukrainian” is more and more viewed by people in Russia not as a nationality but as a belonging to a sect. Becauase people who live in the Southern Russia, Rus Minor, Novorossia are just that – Russians, who tragically became reprogrammed to turn them into anti-Russians.

And thus there is a growing tendency of speaking of “Ukraine” in the same sense as one now speaks of “The Third Reich” – both are seemingly designations of the countries, yet at the same time they now both carry the exact same stigma.

This post is about the Northern-Eastern, historically, Russian town of Harkov, which has seemingly been turned into a bastion of “anti-Russian-ness”. My previous translation that touched upon this city was that of the NTV documentary, where the political prisoner of SBU, the professor of Harkov University was interviewed: Zelensky Is Hiding This – NTV Documentary, 20.03.2022 (English Subtitles).

Today I came across a much deeper analysis of the situation in Harkov, an analysis which was written following the demolition of the statue to king (knjaz) Alexandr Nevsky in Harkov. It’s an article, filled both with resolve and with sadness for brothers lost. But I think there is hope, based exactly on what I wrote about in the first paragraph – in de-ukrainiasation of the Russians for them to become Russians once again.

One historical parallel that comes to mind, is how the Southern Russians were “ukranised” in the Austro-Hungarian concentration camps of Thalerhof and Teresin during WWI. This is described as part of this documentary: Project ‘Ukraine’. Documentary by Andrei Medvedev (with English subtitles)

UPDATE 21.05.2022: It seems that ukro-Nazis are racing to erase as many monuments and memorials to the Russian heritage and roots of the former Ukraine. Today they quietly removed a memorial to Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin in Nikolaev! The Mayor posted that this is done to “prevent vandalism” and that they’ll figure out what to do with it after the war.

Here is the article published on AfterShock News about the demolition of the memorial to Alexander Nevsky, and how it reflects on Harkov:

Harkov: we abandon the remnants of illusions in advance

I saw the news that shocked me here, as a person close to history and religion: a monument to Alexander Nevsky was demolished in Harkov.

I decided that I should say something about this, because this event is a very potent sign.

For us, Russians, Harkov is perceived as a Russian city. That’s a very Russian city. Although the facts of the recent years tell us the opposite: they speak of the mutation of the spirit of this city from Russian into anti-Russian.

Just one meanest betrayal in February-March 2014 (Dobkin with Kernes) is quite telling! Harkov could really become the capital of an alternative Ukraine with a legitimate president — that’s why Yanukovych ran there after the coup in Kiev.

The Harkov Congress back then had many deputies from all over Ukraine and even from the State Duma of the Russian Federation, i.e. everything was ready for a new, Russian Ukraine to appear, incorporating several Russian regions at once — from Harkov to… yes, at least to Odessa right from the start.

After all, a legitimate president against whom a coup has been committed is a trump ace.

But it was Harkov that then betrayed this project.

Yanukovych fled to Crimea, and the Harkov authorities very cunningly then reduced everything to zero: they didn’t seem to say anything against it, but they didn’t give any progress to the decisions that the congress adopted.

Further, Harkov could not defend the Harkov People’s Republic, which activists proclaimed in the spring of 2014.

Although there was a relatively massive anti-Maidan movement there, it was not so massive (and most importantly, not so radical) as to defend its People’s Republic, like Donetsk and Lugansk did.

That is, Harkov residents were afraid, did not make the sacrifices that the real fight against the Maidan’s evil spirits demanded. They did not want to rise up in earnest, they preferred to lay themselves down under the Darkness — some voluntarily, some forcibly, but this does not change the fact.

And they later confirmed this collective choice of theirs to lay down under the Darkness more than once by the fact that they voted for Kernes and he continued to be the mayor of Harkov, enjoyed “love and popularity.” That is, they continued to love this outspoken Judas (who, as we see, was at the Congress wearing the St. George ribbon).

Further, for all eight years of the genocide in the Donbas, Harkov regularly supplied military equipment to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as well as repaired damaged military equipment.
The workers of HTZ and other defence enterprises in Harkov knew perfectly well where the tanks they were repairing came from and where these tanks would go after the repairs.

They knew and repaired — that is, they participated in the destruction of the people of Donbass.

And finally, the most vivid confirmation of the mutation of the spirit of Harkov and its final transition to the camp of Darkness are the events of the spring of this year, when Harkov not only stood up as a wall to protect itself from the Russians, but also showed horrific atrocities with Russian prisoners — atrocities that were not filmed or posted online even by Western-Ukrainians.

For a huge number of people in Russia, such a rebirth of Harkov was a special tragedy. In some ways, it is even more tragic than Odessa, which, firstly, is far enough from the border, and secondly, a large percentage of the Jewish population makes Odessa a much less “Russian” city. Therefore, the betrayal of Odessa somehow fits easier in the mind.

Well, in general, according to a whole set of factors, Harkov was perceived by the subconsciousness of Russians as the city, closest to us.

And here is a particularly sophisticated fact that shows us the monstrous degree of demonic mutation of Harkov: after the demolished monument to Marshal of Victory Zhukov, after the demolished monument to Gorky, Harkov residents demolished the monument to Alexander Nevsky:

Next — a video of this frankly utterly demonic action:

Notice how they mock the image of the Russian Prince (translator note: “Knjaz” is customarily mis-translated to English as “Prince”, when in reality that was the title of a ruler of a country, a “King”)! These are real savages, the Sharikovs of our time!

But who is Alexander Nevsky?
He is a Rurikovich, of Rurik dynasty!
The direct descendant of Vladimir the Red Sun, who baptized Russia.

And while the ukro-propagandists howl that “they are the true Russians, Ukrainians, and the current Russia is Muscovy, it’s not Russians at all, it’s the Ugro-Finnish-Tatar horde, and the Russians are us, Ukrainians.”

And here you are… they demolish the monument to the Prince, who is a significant figure in the history of the very Kievan Rus, from which they trace their “pedigree”. Schizophrenia at its finest.

Further (and this is even more significant in this case), Alexander Nevsky is a SAINT of the Orthodox Church!

Even against the background of the betrayal of the UOC-MP of their Moscow Patriarchate, Alexander Nevsky remains a saint for the UOC-MP. Moreover, he is a saint for, God forgive me, the CCU, and even for the UGCC. He is an official, revered saint in all these confessions.

And suddenly he is demolished — demonstratively, with mockery…

This is a sign of the deep demonization of Harkov, its collective subconscious.

There are, of course, many reasons for such an internal mutation, but one of them is outlined in an interesting conversation between D. Rogozin and historian V. Spitsin on Sputnik radio.
I give a link with a timecode, right to the place where Spitsin speaks on this topic:


Here’s what Spitsyn says: in 1955, Hrushchev amnestied the Bandera followers, released them from prison.
By his decree, more than 50 thousand Bandera members were amnestied! Plus, Hrushchev rehabilitated those Bandera members who went abroad with the Germans. And as a result, more than 120 thousand Bandera members returned to Ukraine in total!
But the most interesting thing in the context of our topic: it turns out that a considerable part of these returned Bandera followers settled in the east of Ukraine, including in Harkov.

So, Bandera’s “yeast” has been present in Harkov for a long time. And this year we were convinced that it has done its job and mutated the vast majority of Harkov residents into Bandera demons.

What does this tell us and why are we paying attention to this episode at all?

I, in fact, have already indicated the reason why it is necessary to pay attention to this event: Harkov is perceived as the most Russian city in Ukraine for our Russian subconsciousness
Therefore, when the serious cleansing of Harkov begins, it will be very uncomfortable and even painful for us deep down.

Moreover, as soon as this harsh cleansing of Harkov begins, we will see in the media and social networks some particularly piercing screams, hysterics, about ” what you are doing, we are Harkov residents — the same Russians as you!”

And this is what they will stress in particular — their “Russian-ness”, their special proximity to Russia.

Actually, we have observed this from the very beginning, when our people tried to take Harkov on the spur of the moment — in the hope that the Harkov people would support this “Russian onslaught” and Harkov would return to the bosom of Mother Russia with little blood.

But Harkov residents clearly and definitely made a different choice. More precisely, they have once again confirmed their choice of 2014: they are no longer Russian. They are Ukrainians.

But a “Ukrainian” is, by definition, a person without conscience, therefore, when it is profitable for a Ukrainian, when he wants to cheat, he easily switches to pure Russian and begins to say that, “he is Russian.”

And we need to be internally prepared for this.

We need to carry out this internal work in advance so that these thousands of groans and cries of Harkov residents, when work with Harkov begins, do not cling to us.

And the work with Harkov in the current conditions will be quite harsh, dramatic.

That’s what I described about Harkov and other Ukrainian big cities that “expelled the occupiers” in the article “Two months since the beginning of the new world. Everything is going according to plan”:

Since Russia no longer has the task of feeling particularly sorry for the citizens of Ukraine, then a long—term lockdown of these cities — without serious assaults – is quite likely. Even though life in these cities will no longer be that sweet — on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe.

Well, that’s it. As a result of this second stage of the Special Operation, Ukraine will be deprived of access to the sea, as well as deprived of the industrial potential of the east.
Even if Harkov and Dnepropetrovsk are simply blocked, this means that they will not participate in economic activities and replenish the Ukrainian treasury with the results of their labour.

Production will stand still, taxes will not be paid, there will be a humanitarian catastrophe in the cities (at the same time, the civilians will be free to leave the cities).

And in this scenario, the fate of “victorious Kiev”, “victorious Chernigov”, “victorious Sum”, “victorious Harkov”, who “heroically expelled the occupiers”, will be extremely unenviable.


As you know, Ukraine’s economy was primarily based on the industry of the east and transit flows of the south.

Through the selfsame Odessa there were colossal transit routes — including illegal ones, like drugs.

Without the industry of the east and the transit flows of the south, Ukraine is turning into an extremely unprofitable state (and even burdened with an unrealistic amount of debt.

Accordingly, if Russia stops for a break at the end of the second stage of its development, then this stub of Ukraine will be supported by Europe!

At the same time, “break” does not mean “completion”. This is exactly a break in active offensive operations.

And the missile strikes will continue! Positional battles will continue. The work of the DRG will continue.

And this means that there can be no question of Ukraine joining the EU or NATO — the war is going on in it, and it is unclear what will remain of it, of that Ukraine.

Accordingly, this remaining part of Ukraine will be in limbo.

Russia will, first of all, deal with the issue of large Ukrainian cities: an increasingly serious blockade and, in parallel, active negotiations with the population and the leadership of these cities on the peaceful surrender.

And secondly, Russia will be engaged in the managing of the occupied territories – and here, as we understand, there will also be a lot of problems. But at least there will be no famine on these territories. There will be no chaos with armed gangs. There will be no problems with fuel and, accordingly, movements. By the standards of the rest of Ukraine, all this will be a huge advantage.

Thus, in the autumn-winter of 2022-2023, Harkov and Harkov residents will have to go through very difficult times.

Russia will lead them to the idea of surrender slowly, persistently and inevitably — just like the militants who have settled on Azovstal.

Azovstal’s case is a good example. This is even a kind of template of how it will happen with all major units of Ukraine — military, civilian:

– first, proud bravado (we will never give up),

– then a polyphonic whining (ahhh, how we suffer, save us, international organizations, and in the case of large cities — a lot of photos with starving people and especially children),

– breaking of the spirit and surrender

And not everyone will survive until this surrender — as not all the “Azov sitters” have survived.

As we know, if the order to surrender had been given at the end of April, many of the dead and wounded would have remained alive. But the commanders dragged out: at first they dragged out until May 9 (so as not to give cause for joy in Russia), then they dragged out until Eurovision, where the Europeans guaranteed them victory (so as not to overshadow this victory with the surrender of the Azovites).

And at this time, the wounded soldiers there were dying and dying.

I repeat, everything here will be implemented according to the same scheme, with all major units of Ukraine — military and civilian.

Although, of course, there is a chance that the example of Azovstal will make the passage of all those stages faster and with fewer victims.

Harkov is not a Russian city any more, but a city captured by Darkness.
And it will need to be freed from this Darkness by burning out the Darkness with a hot iron.

From the human perspective, it will be very harsh, so we need to prepare internally for this already now, and calmly, constructively treat the wave of whining that we will see and hear from Harkov during the autumn-winter of 2022-2023.

Well, for those few Harkov residents who consider themselves “pro—Russian” at heart, now fate provides the last chance to dissociate themselves from the Darkness that has seized Harkov – to really dissociate themselves from it, and not at the level of declarations. In other words, to leave Harkov.

Now, when active military operations around Harkov are temporarily not conducted, it is quite possible to leave there, i.e. still make the sacrifices that these people refused to make in 2014 and after it.

Accordingly, those who will remain there are people who have once again confirmed their choice — the choice of Darkness, which once again demonstrated its satanic power over Harkov by defiantly demolishing the monument to St. Alexander Nevsky.

This means that Russia has every right to deal with these people without any special sentimentality.
And when they will yell, saying “we don’t need to be freed,” then we will answer them according to the meme that has been running on the Russian Internet for a month — “we are not freeing you, but from you.”

The Russian land (from Harkov to at least Zhytomyr-Hmelnichyna) will be free from Bandera evil spirits. And if some of the people currently living in Ukraine has irreversibly fused with this evil spirit, then evil spirits will be destroyed together with its carrier.

And in conclusion, it is interesting to note the following — deeply symbolic — moment: the Harkov Ukrainians demolished the monument to Rurikovich, trampled him, humiliated him, threw him into the trash.

So, if anyone did not know, then the coat of arms of the Rurikovich is the image of a falcon, diving down:

And on the basis of this very coat of arms — the coat of arms of the Rurikovichi — the coat of arms of “independent” Ukraine was created:

That is, the coat of arms of Rurikovich is the basis, the template for the coat of arms of Ukraine.

Accordingly, by destroying the monument to Saint Rurikovich, the Ukrainians themselves destroyed the deep semantic basis of their statehood — one of the symbols of which is the state coat of arms.

Ukraine crushes the monument to Rurikovich, Russia crushes Ukraine: such is the karmic balance of the universe…