Zelensky Is Hiding This – NTV Documentary, 20.03.2022 (English Subtitles)

On the 20th of March 2022 NTV aired a special documentary in the series “New Russian Sensations”. The title of the documentary is “Zelensky Is hiding This” and it covers a number of topics that go unreported by the Western media: shelling of Donetsk by Tochka-U cluster bombs; Azov civilian hostages in Mariupol; SBU torture camps, as described by one of the former inmates, Professor of Kharkov Slavic University, Aleksei Samoilov; the financial gains of the Kiev regime clique.

After watching the documentary, I decided to record and translate it to English. This was a hard process, given the emotionally draining content. Still I took every care to make the translation as accurate as possible. The subtitles of the documentary film can be downloaded separately, and the complete transcript is presented below the video frame of the film, hosted on Odysee and Rumble, and can be viewed in either of the embedded players below.

Where is Zelensky hiding
You’ll get the harshest sanctions response.
What crimes is he covering up?
Azov, bitches… Aren’t you f-ing people?
Azov… Shooting…
– What did Azov do? – Shooting at convoys of civilians…
Them coming to Volodarsk and shooting at buses.
Glory to Ukraine.
Glory to our boys.
Thank you.
Whom is he afraid of?
For Donbass!! Fire!
For Donbass!
This terrible footage is made a few minutes after yet another terrorist act by Zelensky’s band.
21 people dead, more than 30 are wounded.
The 19th rocket brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces – St. Barbara.
made a barbarian strike at the very centre of Donetsk.
The city is cut by shrapnel and is seeping with blood of peaceful inhabitants.
Bastards! God, Ukraine, how I hate you!
We are adequate people.
I’m the president of an adequate country.
The adequate führer Zelensky reached the point on the 14th of March,
and ordered a strike with the rocket “Tochka-U” (Point-U) against women and children.
The warhead was loaded with cluster ammunitions to increase the strike radius
They say it’s a cluster bomb.
– I heard by the sound… – there were two, two sounds.
The DPR air defence managed to intercept the incoming rocket.
Should it have reached its target, there would have been far more victims.
We came to withdraw money with my grandma,
and then the missile came flying.
My leg got hit a bit.
Kirill grew up and became grown-up on the front line.
The boy does not play war, he live it for 8 of his 10 years.
I though of getting my head inside…
Then grandma and I came home,
called the ambulance, they took me here and fixed everything.
The documentary drama of Kirill’s childhood went at first simply unnoticed by the world disinformation media.
Glory to the people of Europe.
Glory to Ukraine.
And then, as usual, declared that the “Donetsk separatists” are shooting at themselves.
Were you afraid.
I screamed, that happened.
But it wasn’t frightening. I simply screamed.
Yet another war crime of the bloody clown.
The prohibited cluster bombs were used not against military targets, but at defenceless passer-bys.
Curse you, Ukraine.
The mass murder was planned in advance.
The day before many of the Donetsk residents got a video message from the provocateurs.
We are waiting for you on Monday the 14th of March at 12:00,
near the regional administration building.
Simply to explain to our government that our men are not cannon fodder.
For them “cannon fodder” are the 10-year-old Kirill and his grandmother, who got hit by the rocket.
The children, who lie on the “Alley of Angels” in Donetsk.
14000 killed during the 8 years of genocide in Donbass.
This a request to gather at the Donetsk administration
The time of gathering: 12:00
The rocket strike was conducted at midday to increase the number of victims.
This terrorist act only amplified the retribution rage of the Donbass militia at the front-line.
For Donbass!! Fire!
The SPG-9 grenade launcher, “boot” in the military slang,
strikes at the positions of Zelensky’s terrorist battalion formations.
Machine gunner covers the groups withdrawal.
Donetsk militia, with fighting, are heading home.
-Well, guys, for Donbass?! – For Donbass. Of course.
Ours are beating “ukrops”
Come on, boys, we’re tired of tolerating this abuse.
The special military operation is underway for 25 days.
Our army strikes the pain points of the enemy with pin-point strikes.
Strike choppers KA-52 are heading out for the next task.
Target acquired. Fire. Good-bye armaments. The Nazi’s armoured vehicles are destroyed.
Take that, fascists!
Well-done, boys! Nice!
The Ukrainian version of “Volkssturm” very much resembles that of Hitler.
Chills are running up the spine from the words of the captured Ukrainian soldier.
If the leadership of the UAF finds out that someone decides to make a runner,
they bind him with chains to a pole or to a cannon,
and leave him with a gun so that he can shoot.
To make a lesson for others out of him.
It’s impossible to believe that THIS is happening in the 21st century.
But it’s a fact.
“Bound with one chain” of war crimes,
the mercenaries finish off their own wounded when retreating.
Here we see a body of a soldier.
These wounds are shots fired at the head – he was terminated.
The masks are off. “It’s Europe” has finally turned into a terrorist state.
Peaceful… f—-
This is the position of the 81st brigade of Zelensky in the city of Izjum.
Fascists banners. Nazi posters on the walls.
Ukraine is descending into the time of Petljura.
Those opposing it get tied to “shaming poles”.
“Zelensky cocktail” is a combustible mixture of neo-Nazism, and the terrorist methods of the forbidden ISIS.
Here is a terrorist pick-up in Iraq.
And this is “Banderamobile” in the centre of Kiev.
Driving it is the next-to-last president of Ukraine.
Over the course of 8 years first Poroshenko, and then Zelensky managed to turn Ukraine into a “Banderamobile” that rolls down a slope.
The masters (“Pan”) are driving, while simpletons (“holop”, both Polish terms) are sent to die for Biden by the leaders of Maidan.
And who is fighting here? You simply sold your Ukraine.
Foreign mercenaries come to defend Zelensky’s regime.
This is a queue of the Canadian soldiers of fortune at Warsaw airport.
Canadian Ukrainian battalions at the airport.
The international band of murderers on demand was called for a “foreign legion”.
Glory to Ukraine (parroting Bandera-Nazi call)
Glory to heroes (parroting Bandera-Nazi call)
Glory to the nation (parroting)
Death to the enemies (parroting)
It seems Zelensky’s expiration date is approaching,
and he, clinging to power, is holding whole cities as hostages.
A Hummer drove past me many times, past our house.
Set up a mine launcher, fired some shots, and drove away.
A shooting spot in the residential area on the outskirts of Volnovaha was used by the punishers to fire at the town centre.
It stood like this. We lived on the outskirts. Pointing to the very centre.
– Within the town limits? – Yes.
Before the man’s eyes a convoy of refugees with white clothes on their cars was shot at point blank by the Nazis.
They shot that that convoy
No matter that hey were driving with white clothes,
they gunned them down – one from a machine gun and one from the armoured transport.
The way the armed forces of the Kiev regime are fighting, tells us
that they are fighting in the Bandera style – through hostages, through human shields,
through the concentration of all of their forces in the towns,
turning the towns into human shields.
The former Prime Minster of Ukraine Nikolai Azarov is certain that
Zelensky is fighting with his people in exactly the same way as bequeathed by the Nazi criminal Bandera.
Bandera himself said, convincing others in his letters that
if 3/4 of the impure Ukrainians would die,
then 1/4 of pure Ukrainians would remain.
A pure, true Ukrainian is someone who is not “Moskal”.
For him the Ukrainian people were garbage,
while the Russians were not even human to him,
all “Moskals” were to be exterminated.
Well… Odessa… (speaking in Russian!!)
The end has come to “Colorados”
(speaking in Russian, using derogatory term of Russians, referring the St.George Victory Ribbon colours!!)
The 2nd of May, 2014, Odessa.
The Nazis set fire to the Trade Union Building, with people inside it.
48 people burned alive, among them was the father of this woman:
Mikhail Vjacheslavov.
I am Vjacheslava Elena and I condemn the Russian aggression.
Hands tied behind her back and against the wall.
Under the pains of torture or death, the daughter of the brutally slaughtered defender of Odessa,
asks for forgiveness from the regime, for the murdered father, for herself, and for the whole Russian World.
Odessa is a Uk… Ukrainian city.
Forgive me for the social media.
Glory to Ukraine.
So as not to be put against the wall like this, people are running away from Ukraine however they can.
Zelensky is shooting with the rounds of video addresses.
Turning gloomier by the minute, he tells that NATO is NOThing,
that Ukraine was used and discarded.
(Speaking Ukrainian)
We understand that Ukraine is not a NATO member. We understand this. We are adequate people.
The most adequate president of Ukraine is already seemingly not in full command of his own words and actions.
(Speaking fluent Russian)
What do I have to say? To whom should I give something.
Do you understand, this is also the information bomb of which everyone is talking.
What to give away?! God!
Half-closed swollen eyes, a roaming smile…
It seems to be the case, when the nose wags it master.
After all, the whole Ukraine knows about the former comedian’s addiction to the forbidden substances.
(Speaking fluent Russian)
Everything in life depends on desires.
That is the main motivator.
The evil clown in the role of a president go out to bow every day.
One has to wonder, does he still believe his own words?
(Speaking Ukrainian)
Ukraine does not surrender, UAF does not surrender, people do not surrender.
Flashing with a short video on the screen, the actor retreats into shadows.
Where is Zelensky hiding? He himself is assuring that in Kiev.
To be more precise, in a bunker below Kiev.
– Can you see your family? – No. No.
I can’t
When was the last time you saw them?
Before this war.
Postponing his own end in the bunker, he from time to time tells the citizens of Ukraine… about the weather.
The snow has come.
That’s what this spring is like.
Well. Like the war so is the spring.

Those who know what “special effects” are, easily exposed Zelensky.
The talking head is real, while the picture behind it is not.
It is call “chroma key”.
The specialists from “Quarter 95” filmed Zelensky separately in a studio against green background,
and then injected a video, filmed in the centre of Kiev on Bankovaja,
where the government block and the Ukrainian president’s office are located.
Simply put, Zelensky can be anywhere right now,
for example, in Washington, paying Biden a visit,
or drinking the German Beer with Gerhard Scholtz,
or eating croissants with Mrs. Macron.
There is a version, that the Americans, already on the 8th of March,
moved Zelensky in secret to the NATO airbase in Romania.
but the Ukrainian people must think that Master Supreme Commander is at his place, defending Kiev.
I’m in Kiev, my team is with me.
His own punishers do not believe him.
Among the national battalions rumours abound that the Supreme Clown has made a runner long ago.
To stop the murmuring in the ranks,
the PR technologists from “Quarter 95”
quickly slap together a heroic image of Zelensky.
Thank you, boys.
In the frame is Zelensky visiting a Kiev hospital.
And now let’s take this performance apart.
Take a note of the woman in the military uniform to the right of Zelensky.
This is Inna Derusova.
On the 26th of February she died, and Ze president even
made her “Hero of Ukraine”, posthumously.
To sergeant Derusova.. Inna… Nikolaevna… Posthumously.
Ans two weeks later, on the 13th of March, she is visiting the wounded together with Zelensky.
Turns out, yet another fake.
This visit was filmed no later than the 25th of February.
It is not known in what dens Zelensky is hiding,
but it is well known of whom he’s afraid.
Ramzan Kadyrov arrived to Ukraine in the beginning of the week.
You’ll see no mercy.
Kadyrov sends his address from Gastomel.
It is the former Ukrainian airbase under Kiev.
Soldiers of Rosgvardia (Russian Guardsmen) report on the operative situation.
We are continuing to work in the radius of 5-10 kilometres from the base camp,
increasing the radius for each day.
Aleksey Arestovich, Zelensky’s advisor, nervously reacted to this video.
If Kadyrov is really under Kiev, then UAF will destroy him.
Ramzan Ahmatovich replied transparently through the Internet.
Why “if”? Didn’t you see the footage, or should I knock on your door?
On the 6th of March Ramzan Kadyrov personally addressed Zelensky.
Take contact with me, and I guarantee that I will find a common ground for you and Vladimir Putin.
We’ll organise a meeting, and you will transfer leadership to the legitimate president – Yanukovich.
Yanukovich himself did not make a public appearance, he addressed Zelensky through a letter.
You personally must stop the bloodshed at any cost and reach a peace agreement.
It is expected from you in Ukraine, Donbass, Russia.
These days many remembered another address:
the last words of Slobodan Milishevich, spoken 16 years ago.
Russians! I am now addressing all the Russians,
people of Ukraine and Belorussia are also considered Russians on the Balkans.
Look at us and remember – the same will be done to you.
The West – a rabid chain dog – will go for your throat.
On the 24th of March 1999,
the rabid dog began tearing Yugoslavia apart.
3000 winged rockets turned the country into ruins.
Over 2000 killed civilians. 7000 wounded.
And I was suggesting we bomb Belgrade.
I was suggesting that we send American pilots to bomb all the bridges over the Danube.
The American “peace dove” pecked Yugoslavia to death.
The next in line in their black list was Russia.
Since then we are constantly living in the cross-hairs.
It’s not simply “Russophobia”, a hatred towards Russians is developed now here in the West.
(Note: “Russophobia” is simply a euphemism to “Racism”, with the same linguistic root.)
Hatred. Absolutely at all levels.
The Western population is being specifically pumped up,
Implying we are second-rate people,
People-monsters, sub-humans
The former Prime Minister of Ukraine is certain: the common Nazism began long before Maidan of 2014.
Everything that was happening now was being prepared not even during the last 8 years.
And it was prepared unquestionably by the collective West, if we can put it like this,
but manly by the Americans and the British.
Ukraine above all… It’s Ukraine… Glory to the heroes…
“Ukraine above all.” (in Ukrainian)
That is Ukraine above everything else.
Does it remind you of anything?
This reminds of the Hitlerite slogan
where the Nazis were shouting “Germany above all”.
Yet another characteristic slogan of the Armed Forces of Ukraine:
“Glory to Ukraine. Heroes be glorified.”
Glory to all heroes.
Glory to Ukraine.
This is a Nazi slogan, which appeared
with the forming of the SS division “Galichina”,
This was their Nazi greeting to each other.
And it now got transferred into a completely official greeting.
Glory to Ukraine.
Heroes be glorified.
Having become the Gauleiter of Ukraine, Poroshenko did try to invent “Mein Kampf”,
He was building the “anti-Russia” project using the old instructions.
And all those Merkels came to Ukraine and responded with this Nazi greeting.
– Glory to Ukraine. – Heroes be glorified.
Their goal was precisely this Nazification of Ukraine.
It was financed by our oligarchs because they…
they didn’t want to smear themselves by transferring the money directly to the Nazis, but they said…
Nikolai Azarov was always surprised,
why the Ukrainian Nazis were financed by those who should have been the first to keep away from them.
Our oligarchs were financing…
Take for example, Kolomoisky, a Jew… he invented the term “Jewbandera”
He was financing those Banderites.
The Banderites got the status of the National Battalions.
Official camps training militants appeared across the whole county.
To prepare Ukraine as a springboard for aggression against Russia,
they started working methodically on it right after the coup d’etat.
The Ukrainian army was rebuilt to the NATO standard.
All the offices went through the retraining course.
The total brainwashing, retraining, rearmament, secret channels for intelligence exchange.
They gradually started to attach the system of military command to usage of the intelligence information from NATO.
We discovered a notebook at the enemy headquarters,
which has the registration number from NATO.
It speaks of a special secrecy of the given device.
It means that the militants of the national battalions have clearance to access special level of secret intel
from the North-Atlantic block.
The computer holds a detail terrain plan, NATO’s satellite images of our positions,
and programs with instruction to montage and steering of the attack drones.
The mechanism of setting up Russia and Ukraine against each is, in the eyes of the NATO strategists…
And it was they who planned it, it wasn’t done independently by Kiev regime.
It hasn’t done anything independently.
…was to start through the insurgence of the troops of the Kiev regime into Donbass.
The Pentagon was conducting development of something terrible at the biolabs in Ukraine.
In parallel they conducted work on rockets with nuclear charges.
The 120.000 strong Ukrainian division on the border with Donbass was firing at the cities
and was waiting for the order to start the attack.
The trophy documents bear witness that this order was to arrive at the beginning of March.
Russia acted pre-emptively.
The Special Operation for liberation of Ukraine commenced.
Did you think to conduct a… detoxification of Ukraine?
— “Coming next” pre-commercial insert —
From which location does Zelensky broadcast for the West and what is really happening in Ukraine today?
Right after a commercial break.
testimonial of a person who looked death in the eyes.
How was his birthplace Kharkov turned into a fascist capital?
Why is he recommending to pay close attention to what Avakov is saying and doing now?
And why does the former hostage of SBU advises Zelensky for be afraid of him?
Watch this in a couple of minutes.
Few know it, but this week marks exactly 8 years since Ukraine started the war against its own people.
It didn’t start in April, and not in Donetsk.
But in March, in Kharkov.
Damn… Molotov Cocktails!
On the 14th of March 2014, on the Remar Street, the hit-men of the forbidden in Russia group “Azov”
spilled the first blood – the Nazis shot at anti-Maidan.
By that time Ukraine had already become a Nazi state.
The Nazi, neo-Nazi, ideology had been adopted as the leading ideology of the state itself.
The pro-rector of Kharkov Slavic University, Aleksei Samoilov,
watched in horror how his students were metamorphosing in 2014.
A talk with the second-grader, Andrei Shevchenko, he remembered for the rest of his life.
When a question was raised, what to do to make Ukraine into a blooming state, this…
Shevchenko says, one simply needs to kill all Russians.
I tell him, you do realise that you’d first have to kill me, because I am Russian,
then you will need to kill the majority of the students sitting here
So what, he said, for the prosperity of Ukraine this must be done.
Those were the frightening words from a teenager ready to kill.
And even more frightening was the fact, that is was said in Russian Kharkov.
There was never any Ukrainianism there.
To speak the hohol (aka, Ukrainian) language was an oxymoron.
On the other hand, Kharkov is the birthplace and the centre of formation of
the Ukrainian fascism and Nazism of the Hitler kind.
It was there that an organisation was founded, formed and developed.
The organisation, which first carried the name “Patriots of Ukraine” under the leadership of Andei Biletskij. which
was following the ideology of the Arian Nazism, that of Hitler, and not Bandera type.
We are the organisation “Patriots of Ukraine”
Our brothers are from the other Right-wing organisations.
We learned of what situation of what trouble you have in the park,
and came to help you.
Year 2006, the future chieftain of “Azov”, extremist Biletskij starts his political career in Kharkov’s park.
For us the whole Ukraine is our Ukraine.
– Because that’s the party. – Help us drive them away.
We’ll chase them away for sure.
Before the 2014 Maidan they were just some Right-wing radical punks.
Everything changed when the Kharkov oligarch Arsen Avakov became the Interior minister.
Once they came under his influence and patronage,
when they got financial and political support, they became completely untouchable.
Ukraine above all!
Professor Samoilov saw with pain how “our boys” were mustering under the Nazi banners.
In the Maidan’ed Ukraine it became fashionable, profitable and totally safe to be a punisher
Biletskij was right saying that if in the West people are born with ultra-nationalism,
then in the East, in Kharkov our nationalism is a little different, it is acquired.
After 2014 the Nazis became supported at the state level.
Compulsory education in Ukrainian language.
An open pressure on pro-Russian political or near-political public organisations and structures.
The prohibition of the Communist Party and a total suppression of the undesirables.
Having grabbed the power, Poroshenko exactly repeated the orders of Hitler made in 1933.
They themselves became the most rabid, unthinking nationalists – Nazis.
It was them who first and foremost organised, Avakov at the front,
those repressions, creation of the Sonderkommando together with the SBU.
Sonderkommandos where called the same as in Nazi Germany – “Freikorps”.
By the way, “Freikorps” was something fascists created on their territory in the last years of Germany
These “Freikorps” appeared in Kharkov. Think of it! In Kharkov!
All those right-wing corpses, all the national battalions, all that scum, it all started gathering.
For 8 years “Freikorps” was terrorising defenceless Kharkov.
Now they are bringing death everywhere.
“Freikorps” from the Ukrainian Armed Forces is fighting.
In reality death squads were formed.
Then they spread to other cities.
The task of these squads was mass intimidations, murders, humiliation, torture.
Ukraine, which once already defeated the “brown plague”,
once again became occupied by the Nazis during Euro-Maidan.
The first secret prisons of SBU were created in Kharkov,
when a person was simply grabbed – no prosecutor, no open criminal case, no one bothered about formalities.
He’d be grabbed, and depending on the mood of those sadists…
Avakov, one of the main executioners of Ukraine, took them under his wing.
What Professor Samoilov is saying now, he neither concealed in 2014, right after the coup d’etat in Kiev.
The roads to Donetsk were gradually mined and closed down with block-posts.
And we realised that the civil war, which we were discussing in theory in November-December of 2013,
during our closed-door conferences,
it was regrettably started, and it was started by Kiev against the peaceful population.
Professor Samoilov joined the ranks of the resistance.
Together with the other unarmed anti-Maidan activists they raised the Russian flag over the administration building in Kharkov.
We were not prepared to demolish it all:
Not to break windows, to beat the police and the guards, to enter the building…
and what’s more, we did not have any arms.
No one is going anywhere.
There are policemen there, let them sort it out.
The new government would not forgive the anti-fascists the tri-colour flag over Kharkov.
After a bloody massacre of the dissidents, as wave of searches and arrests would sweep the city.
Kharkov was suppressed. Repressions started. Started the work of SBU’ Sonderkommandos.
In the night of the 30th of June 2014 they came for Professor Samoilov.
They needed to “pack” me, which they did.
They started beating me. First in the yard, then in the car, then in the inner yard.
It wasn’t an arrest, but a public intimidation act, in plain view.
When they hit you 2-3 times in both left and right temple, you simply lose conciousness.
Once you regain consciousness they continue mashing you.
And several times like that.
They were doing it intentionally and openly. They needed to intimidate.
The Professor recognised one of those who beat him in the face.
I recognised the student by his eyes despite him being in the hood with only the eye visible.
Maybe we’ll meet again if he’s not already killed.
The blunt strikes made the Professor shed tears of blood and he lost conciousness.
I recall a picture, when I came to, they were throwing me from the ground and into a car.
He was brought to an SBU prison where they continued to beat the Russian World out of his head with their feet.
The throw onto asphalt and continue —…
You lose consciousness, come to, lose consciousness, come to again.
It lasted for a long time because…
it was some night….
Then somewhere in a cabinet —…
Remembering that terrible night, Professor cannot hold back emotions and switches to the unprintable terminology.
But these emotions can be understood.
I’m again in a unknown state…
You don’t see or hear anything. The eyes are swollen, half of the teeth have been spit out, hand half of them – swallowed.
Ears are in blood.
I feel that morning came.
They wanted to record me on film, with some words.
They demanded from Samoilov a confession that his is a subverter and an agent of Kremlin.
I refused to say that.
Well… They told me that I made my situation worse. and threw me back into a cell
Note that back then he was officially not a captive of terrorists, but in the hands of the Ukrainian justice.
They brought me several time to the interrogation room and — me there,
but operatives themselves, this time.
Those conducting the interrogation.
It was first of all…
colonel Ilja Puhnatyj, one of the Kharkov’s executions from the SBU side.
Colonel Puhnatyj was the head inquisitor and the lapdog executioner of Avakov.
There’s the main executioner: Avakov,
and then there the SBU’s executioner, who directly managed those Sonderkommandos,
akin to those of Gestapo, which grabbed, caught people, went by address lists.
The prison was full.
But the most terrible thing, says the former prisoner, that officially this prison did not exist.
It does not exist.
It is simply not mentioned in the open statutes
the Ukrainian Security Services simply do not have such structures.
They don’t even have the preliminary confinement cells.
And if the prison does not exist, then there are no hostages either.
I was kept next to the shower room, where they were really torturing and —ing
And I understood that when you sit in the prison, and next to you a man is screaming his guts out…
Professor Samoilov still hears in his nightmares those terrible screams from the shower room of the Ukrainian Gestapo.
You yourself when through is and you understand…
the difference when you only scream not to be beaten and when you scream because you are being —,
because they are breaking something inside him or tearing something from him.
The shower drain was always filled with blood.
The pipe is think and they handcuff you to it.
So you can’t stand or sit or lie – you are hanging, and it’s hard to hand by the hands.
Both of my own wrists are broken by those handcuffs.
After yet another interrogation they broke Professor Samoilov’s leg.
My leg was broken when that colonel… Dima…
I remember his surname…
Colonel Dima was always striking with delight exactly the same spot where the fracture was.
He saw that I was limping after they… the first time when they were beating… it was totally black, like the trousers here.
Who knows, but when he punched me,
and they started with the rounds of kicking at my broken leg, I understood that it may get torn off completely.
Having buried himself in the death chamber of SBU, Aleksej Nikolaevich was praying for the safety of his wife and son.
I did not know if my wife went away or not.
Where she is, the my son is.
And when someone is screaming, you only have one thought – are those the creams of your [relatives].
It may sound wrong, but you feel relieved – not yours.
At that time, the wife was searching for Aleksej Nikolaevich, and couldn’t find him.
From the secret SBU prison Professor Samoilov was sent to other regular prisons.
When I arrived to Poltava prison, they told that I would only get accepted after the medical examination.
Those from SBU were insisting that the medical examination would be skipped.
I heard them talking.
At the medical station they replied: “He’ll kick the bucket here and I’ll have to answer for it, no, thanks.”
In Poltava Samoilov was charged.
§110 and §111
§110 is “Conspiracy against the constitutional order and territory integrity by the means of joining…
the illegal military formations of the Donetsk Republic.”
The wife first saw Aleksej Nikolaevich only in the dock.
It was an impossible sight. He could barely move.
He… excuse me…
Over the six months in SBU’s captivity Professor Samoilov reached emaciation.
He lost 20kg and became handicapped.
His left eye does not see from the confirmed concussion. His upper jaw is broken.
He’s completely deaf on the left ear.
From neck and down… it is one large swelling.
The Kiev regime, condemned the Professor with the worldwide reputation, but did not kill him.
They started to prepare Samoilov for an exchange.
Western press was invited into the cell.
I recognised the man immediately. It is a Swiss, German-speaking “journalist” Martin.
One of the women, acting as a translator, is 100% from SBU – you could see it by her.
The Swiss “journalist” in plain clothes was a long-term opponent of Samoilov,
who lied at every corner that there is no Nazism in Ukraine.
He was frothing at the mouth, saying that none of it exists here.
His main argument was that if they are not killing Jews here, then there is no Nazism either.
I was telling him, Nazism is not centred around genocide Jews.
Looking at the almost tortured to death Professor in the prison, the virtuous foreigner did not change his mind.
You can pee into his eye, he’ll still say that it’s honey flowing. (A saying about blindness to facts)
So I have no reason to have a different opinion about the Europeans.
Glory to the people of Europe.
Glory to Ukraine.
In the October of 2016 the head of Kharkov SBU organised in the preliminary prison
an open-door day for the world press.
This building, we’ll go though it all, look behind every door,
where there are allegedly illegally held people.
Come inside, please.
And no one is behind the door.
What a surprise. Who would’ve thought.
There are no hostages in the cells, which means
Professor Samoilov and thousands of similar prisoners are Kremlin propaganda.
They are terribly afraid of this war which we are conducting against the Ukrainian Nazism.
Because this is a war with their idea, their Nazi idea,
that all people are divided into superior humans and the rest – Untermenscher.
And we, from the side of the “subhumans”, “untermensch” are waging a war against them.
The former deputy of Avakov, the creator of the execution lists in the Internet, called “Mirotvorets”,
Gerashenko, says directly – everyone not agreeing with them will get a bullet.
If someone tries to say that they are for the Russians, he’ll simply be shot,
like we shot the Mayor of town Kremennaja, Vladimir Struka, who was known for his separatists views.
Vladimir Struk was abducted and killed by the SBU for not allowing the Nazis to turn his little town into ruins.
On the 5th of March, in the middle of Kiev, right in front of the building of Pechjora court
Denis Kireev was executed by a shot in his head.
He was part of the negotiation group.
Vladimir Zhivago, Mayor of Starobelsk is murdered.
And the Mayor of Krivoj Rog, Konstantin Pavlov.
The Kiev regime is dragging with it the whole country into the grave.
We don’t want at all to live in this fascist Ukraine. We don’t want to!
No! they are criminals; they are murderers!
They are Nazis, carrying Swastika.
Zelensky, as a politician and a president of Ukraine, deflated long ago.
Literally, deflated.
And, as we all see, he’s pumping himself up with narcotics.
It means he, in the near future, will be somehow removed from power,
Most probably he’ll die: either from an overdoses or he’ll get deposed politically,
and most probably Avakov will become the dictator of Ukraine.
— “Coming next” pre-commercial insert —
Zelensky, Avakov, Poroshenko, Yatsenjuk, Turhinov, and other kingpins of the criminal regime.
Where are they hiding their families while holding the remaining Ukrainians hostage?
How many billions of dollars did each of them make while Donbass was bombed for 8 years?
And the main question: where is Zelensky really hiding:
In a bunker under Lvov, in Poland, or at a NATO base in Romania
All details right after a short break.
From the first day of the Special Oration ours are positioned near Kiev.
They are fortifying the positions, deflecting counter-attacks.
At the same time, under heavy guard a valuable cargo was delivered to the capital of Kievan Rus –
the last Gauleiter of Ukraine, Zelensky.
Sniffling, in the Hollywood role of a tired hero, he was customarily complaining about Russians.
They are shooting at all territories.
At all territories, at Western Ukraine, at (???) region.
Having arrived to divide among themselves the bits of the Ukrainian pie,
the prime ministers of Poland, Czechia and Slovenia, were listening to Zelensky in silence.
After 3 years in power Zelensky still hasn’t understood the main thing:
for the whole Russian Ukraine, the “polite people” are not occupiers, but own people.
In about the same way as this granny, did Professor Samoilov react to the news of liberation of the occupied cities of Donbass.
Something that we’ve been waiting for for 8 years has started.
For what we endured.
For what we died.
It started.
Thank God.
Take that!
Take that, fascists!
Well-done, boys! Nice!
Beautiful, brothers!
The Armed Stated of America promised Ukraine an unprecedented aid for 1 billion dollars.
The bigger your help is, the fewer there are Ukrainian victims.
The next-to-last president of Ukraine is accustomed to counting people’s lives in hard currency.
And here they are promising dollars.
There is something to profit from.
Very simple arithmetic.
Before the start of the Special Operation, Poroshenko managed to evacuate from the country two bus loads of his savings.
In cash.
A billion dollars in black cash.
And two more billions await the blue thief in the offshore accounts.
And his children in London.
Explain, where did you, a blue-winged dove, take this money from?
People have the right to know.
And one has to battle not with the rich but with the criminals.
Those who are buying apartment, cars, villas, air planes
while in the public service.
The butcher of Kharkov, Odessa and Kramatorsk, Avakov
also managed to transfer abroad all his relatives and 2 billions for the retirement.
Maybe I sometimes also take offence when people say that I am a bit on the plump side.
But it’s a fact, it needs to be accepted and measures need to be taken so as to be handsome and young.
The head of Zelensky’s Office, Yermak, managed to cobble together 1 billion of the green notes.
And to send his family to Britain.
Now it is you who is the grey cardinal of politics
of whom everyone is afraid, who stands behind the President’s back?
Of what you’ve just said, the truth is only in that I stand behind the president’s back.
On the shores of Thames surfaced the former Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Lucenko.
In his pocket there are “only” 800 million dollars.
On the puny side, but enough for the old age.
I have thought long and hard, how to look in the eyes of people for whom meat is a luxury commodity.
How to look in the eyes of the soldiers, who lie in a cold trench,
while knowing that their family does not have enough for a worthy gift to their children.
The former Prime Minister of Ukraine, Yatsenjuk,
who was once building a great wall on the border with Russia,
pocketed 2 billions and made a runner.
He lives in the USA, building luxury hotels in Miami. Probably for the refugees.
I am mortally afraid of corruption schemes, money because that puts my name on the line.
And you know what happened – what I was fearing the most, that I got framed for.
Brothers Klichko also turned out to be more cunning than they seem.
They are living for two countries: Germany and the USA, coming to Ukraine for an occasional stint.
We need money because we understand that we do not need money.
Don’t take away our money.
Turhinov – 1 billion in the offshore accounts and relatives on the foreign holiday shores.
We must return into the family of the European countries.
And finally Zelensky: property in Crimea, Italy and London.
Parents, children, wife and wife’s relatives are abroad.
1.2 billion in the offshore accounts.
But taking into account all the new tranches, this is naturally not the limit.
Glory to Ukraine.
Mikola, give me that, I’ll write [a message] to those damned separatist pigs.
Faster, faster! (Almost sounds like “schnelle, schnelle”)
Glory to Ukraine. Load.
Faster, Mikola, faster.
Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!
Zelensky, you utter bastard!
Good for nothing creatures!
How do I want to punish you!
Behind the explosions of the artillery fire, a scandal in Zelensky’s family went unnoticed.
It turns out that already in 2009 a bribery criminal case was initiated against the aunt of “The Servant of the People”.
But then it was suppressed, by Kolomoisky.
In the private sector, I saw, they are burying right where they live.
Have Ukrainian soldiers given you any aid, any green corridors?
Not at all, no corridors!
We’ve been sitting in basements!
Azov, bitches… Aren’t you f-ing people?
Shooting… f—rds.
What did Azov do?
Shooting at convoys of civilians…
Them coming to Volodarsk and shooting at buses.
The tops of the Ukrainian regime have long ago prepared for themselves “alternative airports” in Europe.
While those citizens of Ukraine, who managed to escape the clutches of the Nazis in Mariupol,
are seeking protection with our armed forces.
We’ve been sitting in a basement since the 26th.
There were 300 people in the basement.
That was just in one house.
Why didn’t you leave earlier?
No one let us out of there.
They didn’t give corridor.
Ukraine didn’t let people leave the town.
We were completely blocked.
Having gotten out of the Ukrainian Gestapo, Professor Samoilov is trying
to conduct the denazification in the Internet.
Why are they shooting at us?
I asked them a question. Yes, it sounds terrible, but you’ve been shooting at Donetsk for 8 years.
Yet none of them feels remorse.
And that’s women, themselves mothers.
“Our defenders will save us” (In Ukrainian)
That’s the core of the issue.
We need victory.
If, to that end, we will have to butcher all your families,
I will be one of the first. Glory to the nation.
The call to murder Russian children sounds on the airwaves of the State channel, Ukraina24.
I will have a chance to exterminate Russians, I will do it.
The regime has completely taken off its masks.
The punishers are conducting sweeps, grabbing anyone suspected of helping ours,
hoping for the formula: “war will write off everything”.
You’ll get the harshest sanctions response.
If there is a Law, we will deal out retribution according to the full strictness of the Law.
But if there is no Law, we have our own laws, traditions, customs.
The blood revenge.
We will not leave you be.
Therefore I demand from the leadership, headed by Zelensky, and from the Armed Forces, SBU:
be humans and let civilians go.

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