Zelensky’s Bloody ‘Library’ – NTV Documentary, 03.04.2022 (English subtitles)

On the 3rd of April 2022 NTV aired a special documentary in the series “New Russian Sensations”. The title of the documentary is “Zelensky’s Bloody ‘Library'” and tells about the atrocities committed by the neo-Nazi “Azov” militants and SBU in the secret prison called “The Library” under the Mariupol airport. The majority of the documentary is dedicated to the witness accounts of the former inmates and to the testimony of an under-cover former SBU officer. A number of the testimonials of the locals residents of Mariupol and the flashback to the events of the 9th of May 2014 are also included.

After watching the documentary, I decided to record and translate it to English. This was a hard process, given the emotionally draining content. Still I took every care to make the translation as accurate as possible. The subtitles of the documentary film can be downloaded separately, and the complete transcript is presented below the video frame of the film, hosted on Odysee and Rumble, and can be viewed in either of the embedded players below.

On the 15th of April the censored SputnikNews had a short note about “The Library” as part of Donbass. Genocide. 2014-2022 — articles from SputnikNews:

Torture of Donbass Civilians in Secret Mariupol Prison

The republics of Donetsk and Lugansk (DPR, LPR) announced their independence from Ukraine following a coup in Kiev in February 2014. In response, Ukraine launched a military operation against the fledgling states, which escalated into a genocidal war against the Donbass population.

A secret prison, dubbed ‘The Library’, in which Ukrainian forces and nationalists like the Dnipro Battalion tortured Donbass militia fighters and civilians, used to operate at the Mariupol airport in 2014-2015. The prison had a special torture room in a separate building, where people suspected of sympathising with the separatist republics were subject to inhumane treatment.

Special Operation Z
Any civilians in the basement?
Anyone alive, come out!
It’s the Russian army.
The diplomatic front is one of the key fronts.
And everyone there is working with maximum efficiency to help our army.
Was everyone killed, yes?
Why didn’t you take prisoners?
There was no such order from the high ranks.
To wish Zelensky…
Be cursed!
The Bloody “Library” of Zelensky
Glory to all our heroes.
Glory to Ukraine.
The new production of “Quarter 95”.
The star of a village Hollywood imparts:
that it again got a phone call from Biden.
There was a talk with the President of the USA, Biden.
The Internet community is already telling Zelensky to change his image, but his old vinyl record got stuck:
Give me more weapons.
Tanks, planes, artillery systems.
He want to throw all this arsenal on the heads of those, who for 8 years
was patiently experiencing all the wonders of “this is Europe”.
Tell them that I’m alive. Kiss you. Thanks, Dima.
The surviving residents of Mariupol are cursing the terrorists from the nationalist battalion “Azov”.
What defenders?! They are murdered!
They’re fascists! Fascists!
They’re punishers, you see!
Fascists did not do what these bastards are doing!
– They’ve been destroying us! – For eight years we dug in and lived…
Who was shooting?
Azovites. They came and threw grenades… Set fire…
What’s his name…
Hospis (Hospital?)
The militants of the Ukrainian formations turn other people’s apartments into their firing points.
They were hiding in the courtyards, their APCs, tanks,
And they said they’d burn the city down completely,
but that they’d not surrender it.
No corridors, nothing.
the DPR Police Force with the assistance of the Armed Forces of Russia
continue the liberation of Mariupol from the Ukrainian militants.
Not far away from the Mariupol airport, the “polite people”
are dealing out in troves the one-way tickets to Bandera to his followers.
For Donbass! Fire!
In short sprints, following the guide, we reach the destroyed terminal.
Various artists performed on that spot in the summer of 2014,
including the quartet “Quarter 95”.
Glory to Ukraine.
August 2014
The comedian is still in the role of Zelensky,
but he’s already singing and dancing before the executioners of the nationalist battalion “Azov”.
Not just for money’s sake, but also because he is one of them.
You are beauties. Applause to you.
You are the most brave people of our country.
If there is bravery left in our country, then it is you.
The political tourney of the future Führer of Ukraine started symbolically at the Mariupol airport,
just a couple of steps away from a secret prison, which is called a “bloody library”.
There, in the meat freezer, the punishers tortured anyone whom they suspected of sympathy for DPR.
While the bodies of those tortured to death were being hid in the pits of the runway.
A low bow to you that you’re really defending us from all kinds of scum-bags. Thank you very much.
We’ll repeat to those, who didn’t quite catch that.
…you’re really defending us from all kinds of scum-bags. Thank you very much.
And here are those, whom Zelensky calls “scum-bags”.
Mariupol, the 9th of May 2014.
The anti-fascists, with their bare hands, are trying to stop the invasion of the Ukrainian punishers.
The peaceful residents of Mariupol, the typical passer-bys, spontaneously stand in the way of the Banderites.
[A woman screaming:] You, throw down your weapons!
Fight with [us] women, like real men!
Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!
Donbass! Donbass!
[Crowd chanting:] Fascists! Fascists!
It was precisely on the Victory Day of 2014 that Banderites stormed into the city.
He was killed!
The city’s Police station is surrounded by heavy armaments.
Wish you died from electroshock, bastard!
The is the National guard. Mercenaries. Scum-bags.
They are veritable bandits.
The band of cut-throats arrived from Kiev…
Executing people…
On Turchinov’s orders, it happened one week after the mass murder in Odessa.
It was decided to publish in public the Mariupol policemen who refused to molest the population.
[Woman scream:] Fascists! Don’t touch the wounded!
A year later, in June 2015, the “elite” of the Ukrainian Wehrmacht, the Nazi battalion “Azov”,
will walk in a victorious march through the streets of Mariupol.
This is how the Nazism – which, according the the West does not exist in Ukraine – looks like.
The flags show “Wolfsangel” – the symbol of the SS division “Das Reich”.
Instead of “sieg heil”, they use the greeting of the Banderites from the SS division “Galichina”.
Glory to Ukraine! Heroes be glorified!
Glory to the nation!
Ukraine above all!
Over the 8 years the “Azov” militants turned Mariupol into a citadel,
which now holds many terrible secrets.
“Ukraine above all..” What Ukraine?
The destroyed us as a nation!
The traces of the bloody atrocities of the Kiev regime lead
to the West from Mariupol, to that very same airport,
where Zelensky was joking and dancing on the bones.
Look… That furthest door,
is a passage corridor, which leads through the whole of the terminal.
There are technical rooms there. It leads right into the terminal building.
We say the password at the block post of the people’s militia of DPR:
“How to get to ‘The Library’?”
Are you looking for “The Library”?
I worked there… 8 years ago… At “The Library”.
– But it’s the prison! – Yet I worked there.
Everyone’s looking for it, and can’t find.
The voice in the background belongs to the man, who first told about the secret prison in the building of the Mariupol airport.
For us – I’m an intelligence officer, for them – I’m a spy.
Vasili Prozorov is the former lieutenant colonel of SBU, who
worked for our Intelligence in secret.
He for the first time made public the truth about the Ukrainian Gestapo in our program.
I saw there floor, flooded in blood, and walls scratched by people’s fingers, nails.
Since then 3 years passed. A liberation has been started.
While the main witness of the monstrous tortures now got a chance
to show us the Ukrainian assembly line of death right on the spot.
I worked under cover.
Whom you found (?)
I had to, alas.
Some times I’ve even… been grinding my teeth.
Under the mask of the officer of the central office of SBU, Vasili Prozorov
came here on business trips during the ATO.
So it’s one large torture room?
No, no. They lived in the terminal.
There they had their real dislocation.
I’ll show you where the torture room was.
Where he is now.
It was the most ef—ing thing in my whole work.
So as not to give himself away, he had to be present during the interrogation of the hostages.
Here the SBU group had living quarters.
This room held the military prosecution office.
And I lived in this room.
Lying in the dust on the table are the working papers, abandoned during the retreat.
A statement of accountability and assignment of the munitions.
Schedule of service.
In the half-darkness of the destroyed terminal, the former lieutenant colonel of SBU
is confidently leading us to the torture chambers.
Here, look.
Here’s one.
And here’s the second.
It’s just before they were all…
covered by in steel sheets.
People were held in these rooms.
Among themselves the punishers were calling this gruesome place by a codeword:
“The Library”
The last Ring of Hell, where hundreds of people vanished without trace.
Maria Koleda, former prisoner of “The Library”
They’d, for example, hang you by the hands.
And your shoulder get dislocated from the joints.
And they beat you up at the same time.
Through the “Azov” Banderites’ efforts, the so-called “Library”
became the most terrible concentration camp of the neo-Nazi Ukraine.
Choking, drowning, torture by electricity…
I know [they used] chainsaw, welding torches…
In the Mariupol “Library” the hostages were called for “books”,
and they were tearing them into bits, simply for the sake of amusement.
Kirill Filichkin, former prisoner of “The Library”
They jumped on the handcuffs, beat us over the head, in the ribs.
Jumped on my back.
Poked with the knife point into my side.
My whole side was studded with puncture wounds.
When I asked them, what do you want to achieve by it,
[They replied,] “We are simply bored.”
Like the Germans during the Great Patriotic War,
the prisoners here were buried alive.
Mihail Shibin, former prisoner of “The Library”
I’ve spent almost 24 hours in a pit with bead bodies.
They threw me there. Then they [staged] an execution by firing.
I was stretched on the strappado, tortured by a welding torch.
The miracle survivors of this secret SBU prison are
will be giving today evidence against their executioners.
Nikolai Boiko, former prisoner of “The Library”
Some managed to get out of this hell, while some didn’t.
It was scary to watch.
I had to be present during those tortures, those interrogations,
because if a person breaks and gives away some important information, I had to know that.
The leadership of SBU, not yet knowing that lieutenant-colonel Prozorov is an agent of FSB,
sent him to “The Library” to oversee the “forbidden Russian literature”.
I came to Mariupol as the head of the operative group of SBU.
The tasks of the operative group included counteraction and uncovering of the separatists, and combating them
and, roughly speaking, the Russian agent network in Mariupol and its surroundings.
The Ukrainian counter-intelligence first introduced him to the bloody work
of the super-secret “Library” only when he arrived on the spot.
They were fully aware that “The Library” was completely illegal.
It was an utterly, categorically illegal idea.
The head of the prison personally held the tally of the hostages.
The staff of the SBU and the butchers from “Azov” signed the protocols using exclusively their call signs.
It was written in the name of the head of Sector “M”.
Those were the generals from the National Guard.
During my time, it was General-Major Aleshenko,
and afterwards it was the Lieutenant-General Rudkovskij.
He personally burned it, in other words, not a single report was preserved.
And I wouldn’t have been able to keep any report, because this general was also
writing down in his notebook on what date what person arrived to him, and that’s all.
As soon as the person left “The Library”, the report was destroyed
and no traces were left.
The traces have, however, remained. Here they are: on the hands.
Here were the butts.
The fingers were broken by the gun butts, when they put
one finger on one butt, and broke it with the other butt from above.
Here is a scar from the handcuffs on the wrist.
– Don’t take off the handcuffs. – No
In these shots, Kirill Filichkin is with a bag over his head.
The interrogation is conducted by the most vicious sissy of the Supreme Rada, Oleg Ljashko.
Was it you who poisoned five of our soldiers?
– No – Who then?
I and two other guys were thrown into a bus.
We were tamped into it – it was some Chinese bus,
a small and narrow one – they used feet to tamp us between the rows.
And then they simply walked over us.
They were beating him until he lost conciousness.
When he came to, he thought it was a waking nightmare.
They pour water over me,
Four of them raise me up, and there, Oleg Ljashko is standing in front of me.
The deputy of the Supreme Rada.
In a black uniform, with an armband, and all that…
He was giving orders to the rest.
This is for The Hague, let them write it down verbatim:
A well-known deputy of the Supreme Rada personally participated in the tortures.
Oleg Ljashko started shouting at me…
Hold on to this fat guy with you teeth, hands to the ribs,
As if I am an organiser of an assault on a military unit.
That I captured military personnel.
Having given the pep talk, Ljashko gave the tormented hostage over to
the deputy commander of “Azov”, Igor Masejchuk.
He said, “did you have Russians?” I said, “no”.
He insisted, “You had Russians, you were paid”. I said, “no”.
They started beating me.
He tried to beat out of me and make me say some information that he wanted to hear.
When they did not manage to extract the information using their feet,
the future deputy of the Supreme Rada Masejchuk took to the knife.
Masejchuk personally was piercing through my right leg with a knife.
He’d plunge the blade in and start to twist it. Then he’d cut the leg.
My fingers were smashed with the gun butt.
They’d put the fingers on one butt and hit them from above with another butt, breaking the fingers.
The also cut over the tendons.
Masejchuk cut over my tendons so that I wouldn’t be pulling a trigger, even though I never even had a gun.
And then was the famous’ scene in the minivan.
It exists on video on the Internet, by the way.
It’s called “Igor Ljashko interrogates the Minister of defence of the DPR”
“The Minister of Defence of DPR” was in reality a random passer-by from the street.
His only crime was that he intervened on behalf of an elderly man wearing the St. George Ribbon.
I am telling them, “What are you doing? Look, he’s elderly!”
He was barely standing. I lunged at one of the Azovites, but
he hit me with the butt of his assault rifle. I started resisting.
Five more of them ran up to me, and the six of them beat me senseless with their assault rifles.
With their feet, with the rifles.
Handcuffed my hands behind my back and lead me to the bus.
The ones like Kirill Filichkin were called for “household” ones in “The Library”.
There were a lot of people, who were grabbed for wearing the St. George Ribbon.
There existed another significant reason to end up in the secret prison of SBU.
Those were people, who for some reason evoked dislike in the people of the voluntary battalions.
The reason for dislike? It could be anything.
Olga Seletskaja was, for example, grabbed on suspicion of connection with the anti-fascist underground.
He took me under elbow, and I understood it was useless to resist.
The only thing I remembered was that he had the chevron of “Azov” battalion on his sleeve.
A bag over his head and into the car.
A white bag, like the one they used to sell sugar in.
The smell was disgusting, some utterly repulsive insects were crawling inside it.
Like from bodies, as if they were holding a body in it before. Terrible, repulsive.
The immediately handcuffed me.
Neither an arrest warrant, nor a call to a lawyer.
The armed men in balaclavas simply abducted the woman in the middle of the city and drove her out to a field.
When the car stopped,
the guards exited the car.
I was told to make a few steps forward.
The only thing that I remember, is the spiky grass, a click of the catch,
and an assault rifle round of shots over my head.
They were seemingly expecting some reaction.
The expected reaction did not materialise,\;and then the abducted woman
was driven in the direction of Mariupol airport.
Everything sunk within me. I realised that this was it.
That I won’t be coming alive out of there.
Once they made a simulation [of an execution], then later the torture and humiliation will be much worse.
No one in town knew exactly what the Mariupol “Library” is,
but they heard that people don’t come back from there.
We’ve heard about these secret prisons of SBU of the “Azov” battalion.
Our activists had already been vanishing.
The resistance fighters were disappearing.
The mutilated, broken bodies, bits of meat, there was nothing intact left in their bodies.
They had been returning dead bodies back.
Vasili Prozorov tells in details how the Ukrainian subsidiary of Gestapo was organised.
There was not prison in the regular, common, meaning of the word.
There were to freezer chambers of the restaurant.
Those were common freezer chambers.
They simply had heavy lockable doors and they were draped with steel plates inside.
That’s all. People were held in those cameras.
And next to them, in the service compartments, like a boiler room,
there people were interrogated.
Olga was thrown into precisely that boiler room.
As I was refusing to answer those questions, you begin suffocating from that bag,
There’s no inflow of air, you start losing consciousness.
There came no answer, then…
Two of them, I remember that well…
Two if them dragged me half-concious to a metal barrel.
They started drowning me.
And then I lost conciousness and did not remember anything after.
Prozorov is ready to stand as a witness at the court of law,
that the torture by water was taught to the Nazis by the foreign instructors.
A person suffer the fear of drowning; water is constantly getting into his mouth and nose,
he can’t breath, and any attempt to breath makes him swallow water.
This fear of drowning… a person is read to agree to anything to get rid of it.
It’s frightening.
A low bow to you that you’re really defending us from all kinds of scum-bags. Thank you very much.
Needles under the nails, and knives…
stabbed into the outer side of the hand, and simply beating me up.
The vice-rector of the Donetsk State University ended up in the punishers’ hands for
for organising gatherings in Volchevsk and Lugansk.
The former journalist, Oksana Sobordina,
she’s from Ilchevsk, she wrote
an open letter to the commanders of the nationalist battalions that I left for that territory,
and asking to arrest me at various block posts.
And just like this, following a lead from a snitch, the Professor ended up in the torture chamber of the Mariupol airport.
It was the basement of the Mariupol airport.
It was already dark when I was brought there.
Maybe 19:00 or 19:30.
When they lowered me into that basement… by the way, I got, in a way, lucky…
They tried to chain everyone with handcuffs to the staircase railing,
There were so many hostages chained to the railings, that there was simply no place left for Professor Boiko.
At first you naturally get the feeling…
It’s a basement, the lid is closed above you,
There was nothing at all…
I never though that I had claustrophobia, and maybe I don’t have it,
but, honestly, spending almost 24 hours in complete darkness is…
…is a depressive thing,
because you don’t understand where your arm or foot is, what you will bump into.
The clammy darkness and the freezing concrete floor, chilling through to the bone.
They had such rules. They’d sometimes turn on the light, but only when
they opened the hatch, turned on the light and called someone up,
or when they lowered the food and escorted to the toilet once a day.
They escorted people to the toilet once a day, but not everyone and not always.
The torture by, let’s call it, toilet is in my view the most perverted method.
On the second day the Professor was taken to the interrogation.
They lifted me up, led into a room where a bunch of some men with Ukrainian patches were sitting.
Leading that interrogation was the deputy of the Supreme Rada, Yury Berjoza.
Of course I didn’t know him, never even seen him on TV.
There is one named Yury Bereza.
Go to Moscow.
Take in VKontakte,
Take those St.George ribbons and plug them into your butt-holes.
Behind him was someone called Parasjuk.
And when they started saying that I am eating little Ukrainians alive, that I am beating them, that I am hanging them,
but because in reality not even a thought like that crossed my mind –
for me peaceful people are the People –
As soon as I tried saying, “Look guys, that’s not true”, strikes immediately came raining on me from behind.
In the basement, together with Nikolai Boiko sat his namesake, Aleksej.
Once he was taken away for interrogation and never came back.
If he died there or in some other way, alas, I don’t have information about it.
Nor about his burial?
No, neither about his burial – I just found him in the list of the dead resistance fighter
It’s written there: Aleksej Boiko, Mariupol. That’s all.
After the victory, they will start looking for the mass burials in the vicinity of the airport.
But right now Prozorov advises to take a closer look at another location nearby.
I’m sure there are mass burials, but they
might be at the “Azov” bases.
At the remote, secluded bases, where only “Azov” and no one else was stationed.
We could try looking there.
We are driving to Urzuf over a bumpy road.
Into the very lair of the “Azov” Banderites.
We are now at the former summer house of Ljudmila Yanukovich.
It is the wife of the president Victor Yanukovich.
Village Urzuf of the Donetsk region, not far from the Sea of Azov.
Somewhere here are the mass graves of the victims of the neo-Nazis,
which the Kiev regime planned to hide for good.
— “Coming next” pre-commercial insert —
Coming next: reportage from the Banderite’s lair.
Why is their main base located at the summer house of Yanukovich’s wife?
How they were mocking women and elderly.
For what were they even tormenting children in Mariupol?
And why were they crimes covered by and endorsed by Zelensky’s regime?
In a couple of minutes, people who have looked into the eyes of Death,
will bear the documentary witness to the genocide, especially for the upcoming tribunal.
For long 8 years the punishers were hunting for people in Mariupol.
While now we are following the trail of the animal pack,
known by the common name of “Azov”.
There is no radio signal.
The 46 kilometres from Mariupol to Urzuf we are driving to the heavy metal of our artillery.
The way to the former base of the militants lies through the block post of the “polite people”.
And here is the main lair of the neo-Nazi band of “Azov”.
The Brown Plague was spreading out over Mariupol and its surroundings through these gates.
And we are at “Azov”‘s base. This is the former summer house of Ljudmila Yanukovich
that “Azov” battalion occupied in the summer of 2014.
The family nest of Yanukovich was turned into a wasp’s nest by the punishers,
where they raised up their own kind.
Firearms exercises, exhausting training…
The armaments…
The uniforms…
Everything was according to the NATO standards.
The Ukrainian propaganda was insisting that this is the army of the future.
While now we see its rotten core.
Room #12. The sticker reading “Russia is the enemy”
Here lived “Pljazh”, “Potap”, “Legat”, “Kik”, “Kirsan”, and “Sika” (call signs).
In the barracks of the inglorious bastards there is an emblem of “SS Galichina” on the door.
On the wall is a photo of the Nazis in a pub.
Another Banderite propaganda leaflet…
And as the cherry on the cake is the textbook “Sex and Fascism”.
A telling name for a book.
The “true Arians” abandoned everything during their retreat.
Boxes of ammunition…
Some tourniquet and needles…
Official documents…
The journal of the battle training of the second operational platoon of the second company, etc…
While running away, the “Azovites” couldn’t even make proper use of their diplomas,
carrying the SS symbols, for their war crimes in Shirokino.
The atrocities committed by the sadists from “Azov” are retold, with repulsion
even by the captured soldiers of the UAF.
“Azov” battalion locked somebody up in a crate.
As I understood, one of the workers.
They must’ve thought he was a spy.
They set his feet on fire, and he was, let’s say, “dancing” there.
The most simple was putting a gas mask on somebody’s head.
When they put a gas mask over the head and pinch the tube so that there’s nothing to breath with,
or place a lit cigarette into the other end of the tube,
so that a person can only breathe through that cigarette.
The SBU lieutenant-colonel working under cover had to personally be present during those tortures,
which haunt him in his nightmares till this day.
Three pencils are placed between the fingers here,
and then they “hake” the hand, so that fingers break.
There were various kinds of stretchers, when a person
is forcefully made to do the splits,
or placed on a strappado.
The Afghanistan veteran, Mikhail Shubin, ended up on the strappado after he noticed in his yard
a maimed and disfigured teenager.
Mikhail Shubin, former prisoner of “The Library”
It was a girl, aged about 14-15.
Behind the shop number 99, it’s along the Bogdan Hmelnitsky boulevard.
She was completely torn and utterly raped.
Her crotch was filled with polyurethane foam.
In Afghan even the dushmans (spooks) didn’t do that to their enemies.
I’ve been in battles myself, know what a war is, what death is, but…
to kill a child and to mutilate a child,
it’s above what I can comprehend.
It made me snap
with regard to that “Azov” and those nationalists who came here.
The retired officer of the marine corps declared a partisan on the Nazis.
There was work in Mariupol.
A serious work.
Should they have proven that
I took part in that, I would probably not be sitting now in front of the camera.
Our group performed a storming of UVD on the 9th of May.
And some other operations to liquidate those,
miscreants who came to our land.
With an angry determination in his heart, day after day, he did his duty.
I gave my oath to the Soviet Union and I did not betray the Soviet Union.
I was protecting the common residents of my town where I lived.
After another successful operation against the Nazis, he was ratted out by a neighbour.
After a certain operation which we conducted in the Zaporozhje region, in Kamysh-Zarja…
I was away for a long time.
He asked my wife questions, where did I leave to, etc.
The wife said it was a business trip.
The snitch from the opposite apartment relayed the whole conversation to SBU.
And they came for Mihail in the morning.
A minivan drives up and armed people jump up from the left side, while from the right, passenger side,
there is the sound of broken glass, a hit on my head and I don’t remember anything after.
I came to already in the minivan.
They are driving me some place, with a bag over my head.
Hitting with their feet.
This barrage of punches was a light warm-up before what was awaiting him in the secret person of the Mariupol airport.
I was their soccer ball.
A test subject. They tried some substantiates
I’m’ not talking about medicines, I mean
how electricity influences a person’s body,
the influence of the spell of a decomposing body,
the influence of dead bodies next to me, on a person’s psyche.
He once saw all this in the terrible chronicles of the Great Patriotic War.
First with Poroshenko’s, and then with Zelensky’s blessing, the Nazis initiated the genocide.
Mikhail saw it with his own eyes.
A friend lives not far from the airport,
and we saw how bodies were thrown into a pit,
under the runway, and then poured lime over them.
A car with a lime solution would drive up and pour it over.
And then they’d fill everything up with dirt and cover with concrete.
In one such pit I spent… a night.
Each of his words will become a nail in the coffin of the Kiev regime,
once all those criminals will end up in the dock.
A low bow to you that you’re really defending us from all kinds of scum-bags. Thank you very much.
I spent almost a whole day in a pit with corpses. They threw me there.
Then they staged a execution by firing.
I was stretched on the strappado, tortured by a welding torch.
In the morning he was dragged out of the mass grave,
and the tortures continued.
He plunged an awl into my foot and started twisting it.
The resilience of Officer Shubin maddened the sadists.
How to defeat a nation that does not surrender even on a strappado!
Where did all the weapons go, which were delivered to Mariupol and then disappeared?
They were very interested in where the weapons had gone.
The punishers did not get to know where the weapons disappeared to.
In the basement splattered in blood, in the so-called “Library”, Mikhail was praying only for one thing:
To not give out those still fighting.
I wasn’t a hero, that I must say. I was screaming…
Everything happened. Pain happened.
I told them, in particular, about those people whom they’d not be able to reach
for one simple reason – they were no longer alive.
And that’s why they’d not be able to reach…
We were always taught thus: tell half-truths,
because if you start lying, they’d quickly figure it out.
They did not figure out Shubin.
In complete darkness, on a freezing floor, he was mutely dying next to the other hostages.
There were dead and heavily beaten detainees lying there.
Some barely moving on the cold tiles with the running refrigerator.
He still remembers an old man with the broken spine.
A grandpa was lying before the door, with his spine broken.
He was about 60-65, maybe 70 years old, I don’t know. An old man.
Just an old man.
He ended up there because his son decided to make him a present in his old age,
and bought him Toyota Landcruiser.
And some of the militants liked that car.
This old man started protesting, so they yanked him out of the car and broke his spine.
He also remembers a young boy whose fingers and future were broken in the secret prison of SBU.
A boy of 14 or 15 years was sitting there. I didn’t as his age, but he was just a child.
He was beaten into a pulp.
His fingers broken.
The teenager was maimed because of a computer shooter game.
In the on-line game he played on the side of the Soviet Army.
They played a role-playing game set in WWII,
it was an on-line game, everyone there having own call signs,
spies, and all that…
Those from SBU tracked that, I don’t know how, but the fact remains that the child was arrested.
Maria Koleda, former prisoner of “The Library”
I went to Ukraine to observe the events,
I was curious about what was happening.
I wanted to write an article for “Student Pravda”.’
The journalist Maria Koleda ended up in the hands of “Azov” approximately for the same reasons the boy with the broken fingers.
That is – for no reason.
In my criminal case there was a remarkable phrase:
“Senior lieutenant of GRU, arrived to conduct the sabotage and spying activities.”
In the criminal file!
At first it was… amusing
I perceived it like some joke, mistake.
Because… What “GRU”? What “senior lieutenant”?
The clip about the Russian “spy woman” were shown on [the Ukrainian] TV as a new “great victory”.
This is Maria Koleda. She’s 22 years old. She’s an activist of the organisation “Russian Youth”.
Back then they needed to spin a story that Russian is sending saboteur.
That it doesn’t let Ukraine live as it wants to.
And that Russia is an aggressor.
And they were spinning it with the help of the various European TV channels.
They only lacked Maria’s own admission to guilt.
At first they worked with her using the classic scheme of “a good cop and a bad cop”.
By the means of persuasion, threats, various offers of future work and life in Kiev.
When they did not manage to break her moral, they decided to beak her physically.
They place a bag over the head and hold it tight.
So you can’t breath.
And then they stretched the 22-year-old young woman on a strappado.
They hand you up by the wrists so that you shoulders become disjointed.
And they beat you up at the same time.
This was repeating day after day.
She went to the interrogation from the cell on her own,
while back into the cell the wardens were throwing an unconscious bloodied body.
They’ carry you back, and then they girls would start helping to drag me onto a berth,
washing, bringing me more or less back to normal…
Somewhere there are bruises, somewhere there’s blood, so what, it’s washed off with a cloth and that’s all.
In the Mariupol “Library” they quickly framed her for a whole collection of serious criminal offences.
They added spying, conspiracy against the territorial integrity, organisation of mass riots,
There were 8 articles, in facts.
The most incredible was the article about the state treason.
A treason to whom?
I am not a citizen of Ukraine.
And, I’ve never worked with any military state departments of Ukraine,
so, naturally, the “state treason” article cannot be applied to me in any form.
Yet, it was there in my case.
She managed to be freed by a miracle – through an exchange.
It was funny to observe how all the members of OCSE and there other were walking,
Looking all important and serious.
They asked: “So, you weren’t tortured there?”
“- Yes, I was.” “- Really? Oh, well. And you?”
Like, “let’s forget about it”.
The OCSE workers were all like one suffering from sclerosis and amnesia.
While the former prisoner of “Azov” returned from the dungeons as almost a cripple.
After I released I had to undergo two surgeries.
There were certain problems with the internal organs.
I still have problems with the shoulders.
Got two extra concussions. That happens.
How many hostages did pass in total through the terrible prison going by the code name of “The Mariupol Library”?
How many were killed, and where are the mass graves?
The former lieutenant-colonel of SBU, Vasili Prozorov, has been conducting his own investigations of already 3 years.
Think for your self: what reason is there to bring someone there, torture them, and then drive them out?
It’ll attract… Some may even overhear something.
What for, if there is a large number of abandoned sanatoriums, where someone can be dug en buried.
Right now the crime trail of the Kiev regime is leading us to the newly-liberated Volnovaha.
Those who survived there, have things to show and a lot to tell personally to Zelensky.
I would like to wish Zelensky…
I voted for him back then,
and he killed my wife.
May you be cursed.
And let the God punish you.
— “Coming next” pre-commercial insert —
Coming next: A reportage from Volnovaha, liberated from the Banderites.
And the heart-rending testimonials of the elderly who once believed Zelensky.
How is the President of Ukraine is saving his militants at the cost of the lives of the peaceful residents.
And what are the officers of Pentagon, CIA, British Intelligence, and the General Staff of France doing
together with the Nazis of “Azov” in the Mariupol cauldron?
Let’s ask Zelensky right after a short break.
Volnovaha. The recently-liberated town meets us with a deafening silence.
The former lieutenant-colonel of SBU, who secretly worked for our intelligence,
is now collecting more and more new evidence of the genocide of the Russian Ukraine.
Here they are present at every step.
It flew into my apartment. The division walls fell – they are made from plaster. And…
Trapped by the debris? And next?
Next, when the fire died out…
He holds the key from the apartment that no longer exists.
And in his heart is the memory of his beloved wife, who was killed by the Banderites.
What we managed to gather, the scull and some bones…
Buried her there…
And that was it.
After the Euro-Maidan this man was forced for 8 years to adapt to the live under the occupation,
right until the defenders of “ze Europe” did not decide to establish their positions in his yard.
I tell them, boys, there are houses here, and the boiler house there,
there’s gas under high pressure there, why did you come here?
“We were ordered to stay here. To defend you.”
I told them, right, you stay behind my back and are defending me, right?
If you were in front of me, I’d believe you. Like this, I don’t believe you.
I asked them, can you drive over there past the gardens and “bang” from there.
“No, we’ll stay here.”
The Nazis in the Ukrainian uniforms were chasing the peaceful residents out of their apartments.
Some were thrown out with the words “we’ll live here”.
– You mean, from the apartments? – Yes.
They threw everything out, just be off with you.
– So that’s the kind of… – Defenders?
Yes, “defenders”.
A low bow to you that you’re really defending us from all kinds of scum-bags.
These… “defenders” dug in and were standing here as was ordered by Zelensky:
until the last Ukrainian.
In our house… a woman burned alive.
And in house #33 a man died from an explosion.
And in #29 a woman died.
Hearing the Russian speech, lonely figures start emerging from the houses.
It seems only the elderly are remaining in Volnovaha.
We were in the apartment. She couldn’t walk well, so was lying on a sofa, then bang.
Everything started falling down. I hid in the corridor.
Then a second bang. I cry, “Irina, are you alive?” “Yes, mum, I’m alive,” she replied.
The Banderites were firing at the residential complex with direct strikes.
The neighbour Nadia died in the shelling.
The woman burned alive.
We collected the remains, and…
…that’s all.
We just knew that it was her.
When the militants’ position was covered by the artillery of DPR,
the punishers evicted the peaceful residents from the bomb shelter and onto the street.
People were in the basement of the hostel – there’s a bomb shelter there.
They came and chased them out, and hid there themselves.
She has only a short time until the retirement age, but all the documents are left in Kiev.
It’s not clear what to do now.
1.5 months left until retirement, but the “work book” is in Kiev, and without it I can’t submit documents for pension payments.
I don’t know what to do.
I have a whole life of uninterrupted work experience.
Vasili Prozorov hands out the food which he took with him on the journey.
A humanitarian aid…
What humanitarian aid this is… just take it.
There’s nothing here.
We just took some supplies from the military guys, whatever they could spare.
– Thank you. -You are welcome.
– I know this is a big problem. – Yes, water.
Could you give some beans? You gave me only water.
– I think you might need tea. – Yes, there’s no tea.
The captured Ukrainian servicemen are calling to lay down the arms.
I am advising you, please, hand over your weapons and you will stay alive.
Zelensky wants that the privates stand to the death.
While he gave orders to extract the “Azov”‘s top brass from the Mariupol cauldron at any cost.
– What was you call sign? – Belmak.
The officer of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Intelligence Service gives the first statements after
the mission for saving of “Azov”‘s ringleaders from Mariupol failed.
My helicopter was shot down. I didn’t even see the others.
According to him, a group of 4 helicopters left from Dnepropetrovsk to Mariupol with a special mission.
Who briefed on the mission in Dnepropetrovsk?
There was someone… some head of the National Guard aviation.
The 4 Mi-8 helicopters where likely from him.
The chopper as shot down from a trophy Stinger.
Only 2 on board survived.
Who is the commander of you division? His call sign?
– “Kshik”. – “Kshik?”
– “Vshik”. – What’s his name?
Don’t know his name – only call signs were used.
There is a suspicion that these captives are holding much back.
According to some sources, in the Mariupol cauldron, alongside the “Azov” ringleaders,
there are top brass from the Pentagon, CIA, British Intelligence, and the Chief of Staff of France.
If Zelensky doesn’t save them, there’ll be a tremendous scandal.
The former prisoner of the bloody “Library” counts down
days and hours until the complete liquidation of the Mariupol group of the Nazis.
Whoever is sitting there, they all must answer
for the 8 years of genocide, for the 14000 killed,
for the hundreds tortured and vanished without a trace in the secret prisons.
For what?
Just a simple question: for what?
Because they think “incorrectly”?
Because they ended up on this territory?
Because they were born on this land? Because they are living here?
Just for this?
Or because they didn’t look at them in the right way?
Anything to pass to the Ukrainian authorities?
I’d like to wish Zelensky: be cursed.