WARNING: USA is likely to stage a nuclear or bio-chemical false flag to blame on Russia

The evil witch who oversaw the Nazi coup in Ukraine in 2014 has again made herself heard. Victoria Nuland came today with the following statement:

US warns Russia of ‘astronomical’ nuclear price

In an interview for the Ukrainian outlet European Pravda, Nuland was asked to assess the possibility of Russia using tactical nuclear weapons. She responded that she could not rule out such a “catastrophic scenario” as Putin “has already ordered” what, she alleged, were “brutal war crimes,” and the world must be prepared for the worst. At the same time, Nuland stressed, the consequences of such steps would be catastrophic for Russia and for Putin personally.

She refused to provide any details about the potential response from the West, saying instead that use of nuclear weapons would take the situation to a “fundamentally new level” where the price will be “simply astronomical.”

Unlike the US, neither Russia, nor its predecessor, the Soviet Union, have ever used atomic armaments against another state. Moscow’s military doctrine states that they can only be used when the very existence of the country is threatened, or if another power opts for a first strike.

The US is likely frustrated by Russian accurate, surgical strikes against the military targets in Ukraine, aimed at keeping the civilian and infrastructural damage to the absolute minimum. Having failed with their false flag in Bucha and Kramatorsk, the USA is likely to raise the stakes and go either chemical or nuclear. In Syria the USA staged – through the White Helmets terrorists – a now-proven chemical false flag against the Syrian government forces when they were on the winning path. So can USA create a nuclear false flag in Ukraine now, when Russia is winning against the ukro-Nazi regime. Net it be remembered that USA have already used nukes against the civilians targets in Japan and that they used the depleted uranium nuclear munitions against the Yugoslavian and Iraqi targets – civilian and military alike. Serbia has 4 times as high cancer mortality rate now as prior to the America use of nuclear weapons there!

Zelenski actually threatened Russia with a dirty nuke prior to the start of the Special Military Operation – a threat, which was one of the several triggers, which forced Russia to react. And it’s not the first time that Zelenski was speaking that what was on the mind of his overseas handlers.

Russian military and diplomatic offices have already issued warnings of a high probability of a false flag with the use of either biological, chemical or nuclear weapons. Here are fragments of two articles from SputnikNews, one of the many sources censored in the West for speaking the truth.

A link to the briefing of the Russian Ministry of Defence and the accompanying infographics detailing the previous American false flags can be found at the following Voenkorr post on Cont.

US Has Moved on to WMD Provocations After Economic Pressure Against Russia Failed, Zakharova Says

Earlier Saturday, the chief of Russia’s Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Protection Troops revealed US plans to stage provocations to baselessly accuse Moscow of using chemical, biological or even tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine to discredit its ongoing military operation in the country.

The Russian military’s revelations about suspected US plans to accuse Russian forces of using WMDs in Ukraine are a sign that Washington has moved on to a Plan B after the failure of its attempts to sanction Russia into submission, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has said.

“The reason is clear: the shocking details of the illegal cooperation between the United States and the current Ukrainian authorities in the field of creating bacteriological weapons have been revealed to the world. And the understanding of the inevitability of the detection of their criminal activities was so obvious that Washington began to prepare in advance,” Zakharova wrote in a post on her Telegram page on Saturday.

Pointing to undersecretary of state Victoria Nuland’s confirmation in Senate testimony in March on the presence of “biological research facilities” in Ukraine, and fears that these facilities would fall into Russian hands, the foreign ministry spokeswoman suggested that Washington has decided to spin the agenda and prepare for a “terrible” provocation, whose victims may include
Russian servicemen and Ukrainian civilians alike.

American public opinion on the matter began to be prepared ahead of time, Zakharova suggested, pointing to a 25 March article entitled ‘Preparing for the Unthinkable in Ukraine’ in Foreign Affairs magazine about the likelihood of “Russian biological or chemical attacks” in Ukraine.

Russian MoD: US Planning Provocations to Accuse Russian Forces of Using WMDs in Ukraine

Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, the head of Russia’s Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Protection Troops, revealed the planned Western provocations at a briefing on Saturday.

The US is planning provocations to accuse Russian forces carrying out the special operation to demilitarise and de-Nazify Ukraine of using WMDs, the Russian Ministry of Defence said.

The MoD has information that Russia will be accused of utilising chemical, biological, or tactical nuclear weapons, in line with at least three scenarios already developed as a response to Moscow’s success in conducting its special military operation, said Lt Gen Igor Kirillov, the chief of the Russian MoD’s Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Protection Forces.

In an attempt to discredit Russia’s ongoing military operation, which exclusively targets military infrastructure, the Kiev regime, at Washington’s instigation, is planning to set in motion scenarios that would lead to the “death of tens of thousands of Ukrainian citizens and cause an environmental and humanitarian catastrophe”, he said.
Kirillov recalled that to date, the United States is “the only state in world history that has used all three types of weapons of mass destruction”.

The Western provocation is likely to target chemical and biological facilities in Kharkov and Kiev, and possibly the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant. Moreover, the US State Department has already determined the procedure for the subsequent investigation and appointed officials responsible for its conduct, said Lt Gen Igor Kirillov.

“A provocation is not ruled out at nuclear power facilities, primarily at the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant, which is under the control of Russian forces… Thus, on 21 April a convoy of 10 vehicles with dangerous cargo heading towards the nuclear power plant was stopped and turned back to the city of Zaporozhye at a national guard checkpoint, he added.

The high probability of the US planning to stage a provocation using chemical weapons in Ukraine is confirmed by the supply of poisonous substances and antidotes to Ukraine, said Igor Kirillov, as he pointed out that “in 2022 alone, at the request of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, more than 220,000 ampoules with atropine were delivered from the United States”.

According to the general, this fact testifies to the intentional preparation of provocations involving chemical nerve agents.

“With regard to chemical incidents, the attributive mechanism of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) will be activated, which allows fabricating the necessary evidence and appointing the perpetrators at one’s own discretion”, emphasised Kirillov.

Another one of the scenarios concocted by the West could be the use of weapons of mass destruction in the cities of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, the general stated.

“Open use of WMDs on the battlefield in case of failure to succeed with conventional weapons… is likely being considered for Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, which have been turned into fortification zones”, Kirillov said, while adding that such a scenario is the least likely.

According to the MoD, another Western provocation presupposes the “covert use of WMDs in small volumes” to suppress troops’ ability to carry out specific operational tasks. This plan was ostensibly considered for implementation by the Pentagon at the Azovstal steel enterprise.

Kirillov also denounced as “absurd” CIA Director William Burns’ statement about Russia possibly using tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine. It would simply be impossible to conceal the use of such weapons, bearing in mind the modern level of technical equipment of the international system for nuclear test monitoring, underscored the general.

“If the CIA director doesn’t understand this, then he is either unprofessional or he is being misled”, Kirillov added.
In order to falsely accuse Russia, Kiev is also seriously considering carrying out missile strikes on the storage of radioactive waste at the site of the former chemical plant in the village of Kamenskoye, Dnepropetrovsk region, said the MoD.

“The Ministry of Defence has a document confirming the critical state of storage facilities and misappropriation of funds allocated by the European Union for the maintenance of the facility”, Kirillov stated.