US-NATO Mission accomplished: Country destroyed, people killed

Reprinting Russia Inside translated article The Extent of NATO’s Destruction in Yugoslavia from March 2015. There is not really much one can add to it…

16 years ago, without a UN Security Resolution, NATO started an illegal attack on Yugoslavia. Today commemorative ceremonies will take place all over the country. Tanjug presents the figures that show the massive destruction of the country and loss of life.

Mission accomplished: Country destroyed, people killed

On the 24th of March in 1999, without a Security Council Resolution, NATO started the military attack on Yugoslavia [Serbia and Montenegro].

Yugoslavia, allegedly responsible for the ‘humanitarian catastrophy’ in Kosovo and Metohija, was attacked after the so-called Rambouillet negotiations about the future status of Kosovo failed. The Rambouillet agreement foresaw the deployment of NATO forces on the territory of Yugoslavia. The Yugoslav party didn’t want NATO forces on its territory and suggested UN troops should be deployed instead, to oversee the implementation of the Rambouillet agreement, which was also confirmed by the Yugoslavian parliament.

Unsatisfied, NATO unleashed a massive military onslaught on the small country and its people, which led to massive destruction and loss of lives. General Wesley Clark, who led the campaign, admitted in his book ‘Modern Warfare’ that the planning and preparations for the war were already underway in summer 1998 and finalized in August 1998. Which actually implies that Rambouillet never really had a chance of succeeding.

Today “Tanjug” listed some figures that were released by the Serbian Government, that show the devastating results and the destruction of the country by the NATO led attack:

  • Over 2.500 people killed, of which more than 1.500 civilians
  • 12.500 people wounded
  • One third of electricity and energy capacity of the country destroyed
  • Total cost of destruction over 100bn dollars

There isn’t a city in Serbia that wasn’t targeted by NATO. The extent of structural damage was:

  • 25.000 houses and flats
  • 470km of roads
  • 595km of railway tracks
  • 14 airports
  • 39 hospitals and medical centers
  • 69 schools
  • 19 kinder gardens
  • 176 cultural objects
  • 82 bridges

NATO’s massive military attack on the small country involved:

  • 1.150 Airplanes
  • 2.300 attacks [sorties] by airplanes
  • 1.300 Cruise Middles launched
  • 37.000 [prohibited] cluster bombs
  • Some 22.000 tons of bombs and other ammunition
  • Ammunition with depleted uranium (“Up to 300 men, women and children who lived close to the site of the (NATO) bombings in 1995 have died of cancers and leukemia over the last five years”. Robert Fisk, 2001)

After diplomatic efforts, the bombing and the aggression stopped with the signing of the Military Technical Agreement of Kumanovo [Macedonia] on the 9th of June, which foresaw the withdrawal of the Yugoslav Army from Kosovo within three days.

On that day that the UN Security Council adopted the resolution, 1244 and some 37 000 soldiers as part of the KFOR [NATO led Kosovo peace keeping force] were sent to Kosovo, with a mandate to secure peace and stability and enable the return of refugees, until a broad autonomy status has been negotiated for Kosovo.

With the support of US, NATO and the majority of EU States Kosovo declared its independence in 2008…!

The same countries that vociferously oppose the self-determination of Crimea or other parts of Ukraine…!

One comment from below that article shows well the “preparation” work done in the preceding years by the US-NATO (writing style unaltered):

barbarians can not change. they first introduced draconian sanctions, officially by un resolution 757, from end of may 1992 (please correct, if i’m wrong) to serbia and montenegro. the reason was artillery attack (allegedly done by bosnian serbs) on people waiting in queue for bread in vase miskina street (today ferhadija street) in sarajevo (bosnia & herzegovina). btw, there is an amateur video taken from the 1st floor of building across, showing many tv reporters with cameras ready waiting behind the corner for “thing” to happen. that was the beginning of false flag operations against serbs and serbia (some light shed here: “Who was responsible for the market place massacres in Sarajevo ?” but, unofficially, those sanctions started in 1986 and firms from serbia could have contacts with western economy only by proxy firms from slovenia and croatia which in return took the lion’s share of the profit. so, after six and a half years of sanctions, with devastated economy and weakened military, western allies started bombardment campaign deliberately attacking civilian targets. and despite almost dead serbia they did not have any courage to come with ground forces and used altitudes which could not be reached by aged air defence systems. barbarians are brave only in situations when attacking with ratio 4000:1. after that campaign serbian economy was slowly but surely drowned to an end, soil, water and air is contaminated and people are sick and dying from consequences of depleted uranium usage.