Rebranding the NAZIs of Azov – a Wolf(sangel) in new Sheep’s clothes

So, The Times is writing that the “Azov” Nazis are changing their Nazi symbology to something more… neutral. Never mind what is in their actual heads – the hatred, the chants of “Ukraine above all”, and all the rest of the Nazi packaging. According to the NATO mouthpiece The Time, it’s only about the symbols, not the actions. And The Times admits that “Azov2” is using the neo-Nazi symbology, but according to them, that is not the problem – the British establishment loves Nazis – it’s that the “Russian propaganda” is “exploiting” this fact that is the problem in their eyes!

In any case, the Blue-Yellow flag of Ukraine (The Ukro-Reich) is more and more equalled to the Red-White-Black flag of the Third Reich, so in all honesty, such rebranding does not help. If a country named “Ukraine” remains” after all is said and done, then it will have to do a deep soul-searching, healing and, yes, a change in its state symbology. Just like what Germany – at least its Eastern part – did after WWII.

This is the popular reaction to this change of clothing, ridiculing this Boggart. Apparently, if one follows the same logic, if only Hitler changed this symbols in time, everything would have been all right

But what can one expect from the Anglo-Saxon/American establishment, who did not see the problem with the Nazis even before WWII…

In the picture below once can see the Wolfsangel symbol – the future marking of the ukro-Nazi “Azov” battalion:

More pictures follow after the translation of the Telegram post below. Note that the USA already did that in the Middle East with the “moderate headchoppers”, sorry, “rebels”.

First Deputy Minister of Information of the DPR Daniil Bezsonov @neoficialniybezsonov

“Azov” has rebranded. Yes, as strange as it may sound.

To begin with, a little digression for those who are not aware. The main base of “Azov” is Mariupol, and most of the personnel were stationed there. But this is not the whole structure. “Azov” is inextricably linked with the “National Corps”, “National Squads” and other neo-Nazi formations that are under the open and tacit control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. The Nazis moved at one time from the “Azov” to the “National Corps” and vice versa. The latter is essentially a criminal radical structure, stylized as a political party and a public organization. It is led by people from “Azov”: Biletsky, Zhorin and others. On the basis of this asset of the Nazis in Ukraine decided to revive the “Azov”. But there are nuances.

We have already heard the name SSR “Azov” on the web. Now the structure has been officially presented in Kharkiv. About 60 members of the new gang, headed by Anatoly Sidorenko, one of the leaders of the so-called “Shidny Corps”, were represented at the event. The latter at one time was formed from the ultras of the Kharkiv Metalist football club. It is believed that the units of the Azov SSR, will be created in every major Ukrainian city on the basis of the asset of the Azov movements (“National Corps” and so on). But the most interesting thing is something else. Azov has a new emblem. And this emblem no longer has the so—called wolf’s hook – wolfsangel. This symbol was used by SS divisions. That is why the Ukrainian Nazis at one time chose it for the symbolism of “Azov”. And now, instead of a wolf’s hook on the chevrons of the Azov SSR, there is a stylized coat of arms of Ukraine consisting of swords. The Nazis themselves in the promo video of the new formation emphasize that they are not Nazis, but nationalists. And this theme is the leitmotif of the whole video.

What is the reason for such a reversal in rhetoric? Yes, it lies in the fact that it is very inconvenient for the world media to constantly justify and glorify obvious Nazis, who even have a swastika on their chevrons, and they themselves are painted with thematic tattoos from head to toe. So they decided to “cultivate” the so-called new “Azov”, to give it a more restrained appearance. But it’s not about emblems and chevrons at all. What matters is who this unit will consist of and who it will be managed by. And it will still consist of pocket Nazis of the Ukrainian elite, natives of Nazi formations, former ultras, militants with combat experience, who, as well as the previous ones, will be forgiven for all lawlessness both at the front and in the rear. They, just as before, will poison the consciousness of Ukrainian teenagers who will get to them in children’s themed camps like “Azovets”. The already formed ideology based on Nazi ideas will not go anywhere. The only difference is that now it will not be advertised. This way it will be easier for Western propaganda to work in the Ukrainian direction. Therefore, continuing denazification, these subtleties also need to be taken into account.

UPDATE: In the current Ukraine, they created posters based on the NAZI Goebbels propaganda, not even bothering to change the fonts or the layout – only changing the text from German to Ukrainian and updating some symbols. But the West continues to insist that there’s no Nazism in Ukraine!

And more pictures of the future NATO affiliates from the 1930s.

Celebration of Adolf Hitler’s birthday in Los Angeles, 20th of april 1935 in Deutches Haus Autitorium

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  1. Regarding fascism in America, as in the 1930s, it seems to be forcefully rising here once again:

    “Texas Republican Party passes resolution declaring Biden government illegitimate”

    … Along with the threats of violence, the convention saw the adoption of policies signifying the further transformation of the Republican Party into a fascistic party. What follows is a list of some of the measures adopted by the Texas Republicans in their party platform:

    – Repeal of the 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which provides for direct election of U.S. senators, instead of their selection by state legislatures;

    – Full repeal of the Voting Rights Act of 1965;

    – A 2023 referendum on whether Texas should secede;

    – Repeal of all federal minimum wage laws and all local and municipal laws regarding mandatory sick/family leave;

    – A plank stating that “homosexuality is an abnormal lifestyle choice.” Another plank declaring that the party opposes “all efforts to validate transgender identity.” Texas “Log Cabin Republicans,” who advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, were denied entry to the convention;

    – Repeal of the 14th Amendment because of its clause guaranteeing citizenship to every person born in the US. The resolution recommends that citizenship be reserved to those who have “at least one biological parent who is a US citizen;”

    – Reaffirmation of the “Wuhan Lab Leak” conspiracy theory, with calls for an investigation into the “origins” of COVID-19 in China. Entire sections of the party platform are dedicated to rejecting any public health measures to combat COVID-19, including the demand for no contact tracing; and

    – Education based on “foundational standards,” such as “US and world history, including the failures of communism and socialism,” and the precept that “life begins at fertilization.” …

    [Incidentally, could you point me to the source of those German-American Bund photos. I’d like very much to add them to my history files, hopefully with accompanying captions. Thanks!]

  2. Thanks for the contribution.
    As for those photos, I collected them over time from assorted comments and articles on some of the Cont blogs, dedicated to the history of WWII. It would be prudent to do a reverse image search on them to check their sources now.

  3. Stanislav: Thanks; I’m on it now. Some amazing, truly bizarre stuff out there!

  4. If you find anything interesting, please share! I can only guess how much more can be dug out, but the free time is rather limited to try to encompass everything that is going on now and went on before this. All we can hope for, are fragments here and there that eventually come into an almost complete puzzle, and even that is not certain.

  5. I found the last picture in better quality, so it’s origin is visible. The text in Russian is a translation of the German text in the picture, which I translated to English for good measure.

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