Berlin and the War of the Kiev-Junta

A few days ago a well-renowned German economist, industrialist and a former owner of a multinational company Vorstandschef der Thyssen AG, Dieter Spethmann, published an open letter addressing the German politicians to open their eyes on the events in Ukraine. He first tried to publish his open letter in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, but was declined. He published his letter then in Geolitico:

UPDATE May 2023:
WebArchived article in German (original link, no longer working)

Below is an automatic translation using Yandex translate:

Berlin accepts the crimes of the Kiev junta. The truth about the shooting down of MH-17 is being concealed, there is no state investigation, writes former Thyssen CEO Dieter Spethmann*.

GEOLITICO publishes a letter from the former CEO, Prof. Dr. Dr. Dieter Spethmann to the members of the German Bundestag:

“Crimes against humanity by the Kiev Junta

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

They cannot return to their jobs without feeling deeply insecure about Ukraine. The local government works, decides and shows itself explicitly with the flag of the EU on a daily basis. However, Ukraine is not a member of the EU. Since the EU does not object to this flagrant violation of international and state law, it must allow the actions of the Yatsenyuk government to apply against it – an intolerable state of affairs. I therefore wrote the FAZ.NET today, as follows:

“For months, the German media have been showing the Ukrainian flag and that of the EU behind Kiev Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, even though Ukraine is not a member of the EU. The government’s actions in Kiev are therefore carried out under the sign of the EU, and therefore with the approval of the EU, including the war against its own population in the East. Has anyone ever protested against this on behalf of the EU? Not known to me. Or on behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany? Not known to me either.

So in Brussels and Berlin it is at least tacitly accepted that the Kiev government is taking action against its own population with heavy military equipment (aircraft bombs and artillery). Mrs. von der Leyen, apparently in possession of the most extensive powers by Mrs. Merkel because of ‘war or not war’, should look at the judgment of the Nuremberg Court of 1946. It contains not only death sentences, but also standards that apply to this day.”

Just in the middle of the morning, this letter was collected by the ‘FAZ’ censor. As a politician, you should think about this as much as about the content of my letter to the editor.

Since I had expected such a possibility, I have meanwhile submitted another letter to the ‘FAZ’ as follows:

“Is government action per se lawful? Of course not. Nevertheless, this is done again and again, as with the Kiev coup Prime Minister Yatsenyuk. If one allows such people, their actions, according to experience, easily slip into the criminal. Yatsenyuk has been demonstrating this for months.

Example one: at least 150 people were killed by snipers on the ‘Maidan’. Maybe putschists had their hand in the game. Has government information been provided? No.

Example two: in Odessa, 40 or more citizens were driven into a house by Kiev supporters, and then set on fire. Has government information been provided? No.

Example three: The shooting down of flight MH 17 with around 300 dead on 17 July. Has government information been provided? Probably down to the last detail, but has remained hidden from the public to this day.

And now the convoy. It is a crime against humanity to deprive suffering Ukrainian citizens of their help.

When do German politicians and the media demand the Hague Tribunal?”

After the experiences I have made, I do not expect a publication for this letter to the reader either (note. D. Red.: in the FAZ). This gives me all the more reason to write to you directly and personally.

After all, the actions and inactions of the Yatsenyuk coup government have long contained crimes against humanity.

With binding recommendations


Dieter Spethman”

* Dieter Spethmann, born in Essen on March 27, 1926, is the former CEO of Thyssen AG. He modernized the company and discovered the transrapid technology in the former traditional Kassel company Henschel-Werke, which was taken over by Thyssen. Spethman now works as a lawyer in Düsseldorf.

One of the aspects that he draw the attention of the Germany’s politicians to, is that Yatsenjuk and the coup-government always make their announcements against the background of Ukrainian and EU flags. The fact that Europe keeps silent about the atrocities committed in East-Ukraine, and gives a silent go-ahead to commit them under the EU flag, makes EU complicit in these atrocities. The politicians of EU will do well in re-reading the verdicts of the Nürenberg process.

Then, there is this Dutch open letter to President Putin through WebArchive (original defunct link), translated into three other languages. People’s comments there are well worth reading as well. Many pleas from Russia to Europe to stop the madness and open its eyes. The PDF in English is also available through WebArchive.

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