The Salisbury Farce Continues

What with the final push of the Syrian Army – with the Russian and Iranian help – against the US/British-backed terrorists in Idlib, the resurrection of the Salisbury farce was almost a given. So when news of an arrest warrant of the “highly-likely” fake Russian residents appeared in the British news just as the offensive in Syria started, I was not at all surprised by the perfect timing.

I was going to write a short satirical piece about the tragic-comical farce that unfolds in Britain, where the British government is highly-likely expecting their population to be dumber than a banana fly, to believe the nonsense spewed by MSM such as BBC.

However, RT beat me to the punch with the article Salisbury plot thickens, questions without answers multiply where the author lays out all the main plot points that would have made Agatha Christie cringe at the ineptness of the plot writers.

And speaking of “punch”… The plot that the British government concocted around Salisbury would have qualified for the “Punch and Judith” show slapstick comedy style.

Judge for yourself. Here is a short highlight summary of the events that the British government wants us to believe, no questions asked:

  1. The two “Russian nationals” fly to Britain using fake Russian passports. This is almost on par with the narrative of the terrorists’ passports always turning up that the crime scene to immediately identify them. Why would not those “Russian nationals” use a fake, say, Ukrainian passports, since the Western MSM would like us to believe that Russia is at war with the Ukro-nazi… whoops – democratic Ukrainian regime? Or why can’t that be Ukrainians travelling under fake Russian passports to incriminate Russia?
  2. So these two “Russian nationals” took a bottle of a military grade highly toxic highly volatile substance on a plane and all went well. No traces of Novichok there.
  3. At the hotel they had to spray a bit of this substance, which does not seem to affect Russians, yet is said to be so deadly that a single droplet of it would be enough to kill half of the population of Salisbury.
  4. The they go to Salisbury and sprey this highly lethal stuff on the door handle. They themselves walk away unharmed – remember this stuff does not work on Russians
  5. Skripals touches the door, but.. the stuff still does not work on Russians – so he goes to a restaurant and has a nice meal, walking about for 4 hours
  6. Then they fall ill on a bench. A passing policemen inspecting them, falls immediately ill. Remember, this is potent stuff, though not for Russian.
  7. This is further proven by Skripals making a recovery from the most deadly poison known to man (according to the British media)
  8. Skripals’ pets die. But not from poison, but form starvation, having been locked down in the poisoned house for many days. The sole surviving cat as eliminated as a witness.
  9. The two “Russian nationals” casually throw the bottle leaving the incriminating evidence behind.
  10. A hapless woman picks the bottle up, uses it and dies. Poor soul. So far she is the only victim of this military-grade nerve agent.
  11. And all this time Porton down – a military chemical lab, that is known to have actually produced Novichok, is calmly observing this lethal farce from just 10km away.