War criminal Biden’s place is in the Hague

I have on previous occasions translated articles by Alexander Rogers. Here I want to present a translation of an article, which echoes the sentiment of the progressive humanity: when Biden called Putin for “war criminal”, it was yet again the favourite projection tactics of the US establishment – accuse others of your own wrong-doings.

If anyone should be tried in The Hague, it’s old Joe!
Alexander Rogers
March 19, 11:11 74 8928

The other day Joe Biden said that Putin is a “war criminal.” However, half an hour before that, he also said that he did not consider Putin a war criminal. And who knows, maybe after another half an hour he changed his mind again. Or even forgot what he was asked about.

Grandpa is old, he already confuses who his wife is, and periodically considers himself vice president, and Kamala Harris as president. He should eat porridge and take pills on time, but he is forced to make difficult decisions and answer journalists’ questions. Why bother the old man? I absolutely cannot understand.

And in general, of course, this is the same person who declared twenty years ago: “It was I who insisted on bombing Belgrade, it was I who insisted on destroying all bridges in Serbia, it was I who insisted on stealing oil belonging to Yugoslavia.”

After that, he was vice president under Obama, who organized the invasion of Libya, which destroyed this country that was flourishing before “freedom and democracy” was brought there.

Under him, American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan bombed hospitals, weddings and funeral processions, destroyed Red Cross field hospitals twice, American drones regularly carried out and continue to carry out strikes on civilians (in fact, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange are being persecuted for publishing such information) and so on.

So Biden is a man who knows everything about war crimes. For he both committed and covered-up them. And if anyone should be tried at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, it’s old Joe-On-Punch-Cards.

Also, just yesterday, on one of the American news (or better yet, call it directly “propaganda”) sites, there were two headlines next to each other. It’s a pity I didn’t screen it for clarity. On one: “The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been going on for three weeks,” on the second: “Kiev declares that the Russian army has already lost more troops than the United States in twenty years in Iraq.”

Let’s leave aside the extreme doubtfulness of the last statement and focus on something else. It turns out that the United States fought a war in Iraq (never heard of it). Twenty years! And they continue to do it right now as I write these lines.

Can I have a minute for awkward questions? No? I’ll ask anyway.

What had the US forgotten in Iraq? Why did they invade? Allegedly because of the presence of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) there? But they didn’t find them there, no matter how hard they tried. General Powell, waving a test tube with washing powder at the UN, lied, which was later acknowledged by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. But in Ukraine, WMD are proven to exist. 26 American biological laboratories contain strains of particularly dangerous viruses, so to say “in full assortment”. That is, the Russian operation is already more justified than the American invasion of Iraq. How awkward. Probably, “this is different.” Very much so.

Moreover, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of facts of mass murder of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. And every time the US pretends that nothing has happened. If there is a public outcry – they say “oh, it’s an accident” or “technical error” or “collateral damage” (by the way, the term “collateral damage” was also invented by the Anglo-Saxons, no one else thought of such cynicism). In extreme cases, a formal investigation is carried out, according to the results of which a disciplinary penalty is imposed (to deprive someone of breakfast or three days in the guardhouse). And although there are many facts of the murder of civilians, and robberies, and rapes, they have practically no cases of criminal prosecution of their own war criminals.

When the American army kills another batch of civilians in another country, their press either does not notice it at all, or writes something like: “An accident happens.” When Russia carves out the Ukronazis with extreme precision, trying not to touch the civilian population, the same media diligently invent horrors that did not exist in reality.

We’re moving on. Periodically, Israel launches missile strikes on the territory of Iran, where its nuclear facilities are located, and arranges terrorist attacks, killing Iranian scientists. At the same time, Iran claims that it needs the nuclear program exclusively for peaceful purposes and has always been ready to allow IAEA inspectors to its nuclear facilities. And the Ukrainian regime, at the level of ambassadors, deputies and ministers, has repeatedly said that it needs nuclear weapons. There were calls to detonate dirty bombs not only in Russia, but also, for example, in Budapest. Turchinov, being the head of the NSDC, said directly that the Alder missile program was designed to fire on Russian cities. That is, the Russian operation is more justified than the actions of Israel. What to do about that!

Plus, there are still American troops in Syria, where the UN did not send them and Assad did not invite them. Moreover, the US Congress did not even vote for sending them to Syria, which is provided for by the US Constitution. On what basis are they there? Finally, ask the American Special Representative to the UN at the next meeting! Although I know. Trump blabbed. He is a straightforward and unsophisticated person, so he publicly declared during an election rally: “Oil!”. Or in whole: “Oil! I’ve captured their oil! I’m pumping their oil!”. Actually, the map of the American occupation zone in Syria completely coincides with the map of the oil fields of this country. In fact, Trump admitted that American troops illegally seized part of the territory of another country and plundered natural resources from there.

So who is the war criminal after that, can I go into more detail? Where are the UN sanctions and resolutions against the United States?