USA conducting biological warfare experiments on the population in Georgia

I am presenting below a snap-translation of an article from the “Argumenty i Fakty” (“Aguments and Facts”) newspaper of 11.09.2018.
The atricle’s title is “Secret ulcer. Do the US conduct experiments on people in Georgia?”

It is worth noting that alarming reports about the creation of the biological weapons labs were also coming from the US-occupied Ukraine, as well as in Kazakhstan and Armenia (source 1, source 2). This is especially worrying coupled with USA openly seeking Russian DNA samples for some sort of “research” (source 1, source 2 eng), presumably to breed the weapons capable of targeting specifically Russians.

The former Georgian security officer published documents, according to which the Pentagon creates bacteriological weapons on the border with Russia.

The Pentagon could conduct secret experiments on people in Georgia. This was stated on September 11 by the former Minister of State Security of Georgia, Igor Giorgadze at a press conference in Moscow.

He said that he has at his disposal several hundred documents relating to the work of the American centre Lugar, located on the outskirts of Tbilisi. “The initial study covers only a fraction of the documents, while here we are speaking of hundreds, thousands of sheets handed over to me from Georgia by my friends, which show that in the laboratory biologists of the US military medical group and the private contractors in Georgia could actually conduct secret experiments on the residents. A number of such experiments ended in death for my compatriots, ” Giorgadze said.

The former Minister of State Security drew attention to the list of 30 people who were treated in the laboratory and died of Hepatitis C in December 2015: just then Georgia conducted a campaign to combat this disease. “24 people out of 30 according to the documents are listed as dead on the same day,” Giorgadze said. Copies of this document are at the disposal of the Editorial Board “In April 2016, another 30 people died, in August of the same year — 13 people. In the column “cause of death” there is a record: “Unknown”. According to the documents, no investigations about the causes of their death were carried out in the laboratory,” Giorgadze said.

The names of the deceased in the documents are not specified, in the lab reports they are listed not by their names, but by numbers. Only the date of birth, sex and date of death are indicated. “If desired, their names can be established,” Giorgadze said. The ex-Minister warned journalists against jumping to conclusions. “However, I do not wish to hide the documents with such serious data. My goal now is to involve specialists in the study of the documents that could clarify their content,” Giorgadze said.

“I appeal to the leadership of the United States, to the President of the United States, with a request to investigate. The people of Georgia will be grateful to you if you relieve the country of this experimental activity, — the politician told. – Symbolic payments and apologies will not be able to compensate for these lives.”

Evil lab?

Evil lab?

Lugar laboratory in Georgia has long been in the field of view of human rights defenders. It was built in March 2011 in the village of Alekseyevka (translator note: notice its Russian name!) on the outskirts of Tbilisi (it is 17 km from the US Air Force base Vaziani). The opening of the laboratory was attended by Deputy Defense Minister Andrew Webber (held the post in 2009-2014).

In 2016, about 90 people worked there, 20 of them were foreigners. According to the documents, only US citizens have access to the biological laboratory with the third degree of biosecurity. Each such officer has diplomatic immunity granted to him under the intergovernmental agreement with Georgia on defence cooperation for 2002.

According to the website of the Federal Register of the USA, in the Lugar Centre studies, among other things, anthrax, plague, swine flu, other viral diseases. Research is conducted by private American companies – CH2M Hill, Battelle and Metabiota, which have multi-million dollar contracts with the Pentagon. The first two firms are known for testing highly toxic chemicals and pathogenic bioactive substances for a number of U.S. government agencies.

In 2014, the Lugar Centre was equipped with a special plant for breeding insects. From the documents submitted by Giorgadze, it follows that around the same time, the laboratory has purchased a drone to create a smokescreen, which can be used to spray biological weapons, and drones for transportation and distribution of the insects on the ground. No one is told, why such equipment is needed in a conventional medical laboratory.

Similar charges have been repeatedly denied at the Lugar Centre. “Everyone who had at least the slightest contact with our laboratory knows that it is impossible to work on the creation of chemical weapons,” said the Manager of the laboratory Eka Adeishvili in June 2016. She said that every year the centre is checked by representatives of the World Health Organization. However, Russia does not believe these assurances. In particular, the fact that the the American laboratories for the development of bacteriological weapons operate on the territory of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), has been stated by the Secretary of the Security Council of Russia Nikolai Patrushev.

The targets are Russia and China?

According to Giorgadze, the Georgian government has been conducting difficult negotiations in the recent years to transfer all the activities of the laboratory under the Georgian control. The ex-Minister believes that if this happens, any illegal research will be frozen.

Responding to the AiF reporter’s question about the source documents, Giorgadze said that he trusts people, who transmit them from Georgia. “However, as a person whose life has long been associated with the work of the security services, I cannot completely exclude the possibility that the documents are fake. Besides, I’m not an expert in biology or bacteriology. My goal is to draw as much attention to these documents as possible, as well as to attract international experts to work on them. The archive, which is in my hands, is very large. It has hundreds of documents. It will take time to study all of them and make a verdict,” — said the ex-Minister.

Answering the question of who is the intended target of the bacteriological weapons that can be created at the Lugar Centre, the politician said that specific countries are specified in the US National Security Strategy. “It clearly states that America’s dominance in the world is threatened by Russia and China. They are called the main geopolitical opponents of the United States, — he said. – However, I want to remind you that is does not matter for the anthrax what nationality a person is. Bacteriological weapons are equally threatening to everyone, be it Russia, Georgia or the United States.” The politician promised to gradually publish all the documents he has.