Ukraine used cluster bomb, killing civilians in Donetsk, yet the “civilised” West did not notice. Again.

According to the reports from Donetsk, the warhead of Tochka-U missile was loaded with 50 cassettes of clustered charges. After the interception, fragment of the rocket fell on the city not far away from the target, and one cluster exploded, causing death of the civilians, including women and a child. Shortly before that, a fake invitation was placed on the social media, asking women to gather in the center of the city, reportedly to get information about the state of their men fighting at the front, thus luring victims to the point of attack. If it were not intercepted, the death toll would have been in the order of hundreds of people.

“The Alley of Angels. To the memory of the killed children of Donbass.”

From Sputnik news Moscow Disheartened by US, EU Silence on Deaths of Donetsk Civilians in Ukrainian Missile Attack

20 people were killed and 36 more were injured on Monday after a Ukrainian Tochka-U tactical ballistic missile exploded in the heart of the Donetsk People’s Republic’s capital. The Russian Foreign Ministry characterised the attack as a “crime against humanity” and warned that it would “not go unpunished.”
Moscow is disappointed over Western silence in the wake of the 14 March attack on Donetsk civilians, Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov has said.

“We are very, very disappointed that European leaders, my colleague [White House press secretary Jen] Psaki, her boss, US President Joe Biden, the leaders of international organisations, the leadership of NATO, have not said anything yesterday or today about Donetsk, or those civilian residents who died from the missile launched by the Ukrainian military,” Peskov said, speaking at a briefing with reporters on Tuesday.
“I will not give any personal assessment on this matter. I just want to state this and urge everyone to pay attention to this fact,” Peskov added.
A Ukrainian Tochka-U ballistic missile equipped with cluster munitions was shot down over the centre of the city of Donetsk on Monday, killing 20 civilians and injuring 36 others.
Russian Defence Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov suggested that the shelling of the Donetsk People’s Republic using such illegal cluster munitions was evidence that Ukrainian forces were seeking to kill as many civilians as possible, and said a decision on the Tochka-U’s use would require approval from the Ukrainian military leadership in Kiev.

Cluster Bomb Use Proves Ukraine’s Intent to Kill As Many Donbass Civilians As Possible – Russian MoD

The Donetsk authorities said that the Ukrainian Tochka-U missile had been shot down near the Government House in the city centre. As a result of the attack, 20 people were killed, according to preliminary data.
The shelling of Donetsk with cluster bombs suggests that the task of the Uranian Armed Forces was to kill as many civilians as possible, Russian defence ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Monday.
The decision to use this type of missile weapons is made, at least, by the command of the Ukrainian units after approval by the leadership of the forces of Ukraine in Kiev, he added.
Earlier on Monday, Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) head Denis Pushilin said that there were children among those killed, after an Ukrainian forces attack on Donetsk using Tochka-U missiles.

PS: The Western media have the audaciousness to illustrate Rusian strike on the NATZI training camp on the border with Poland with the images of the ukro-nazi strike on Donetsk civilians:

Below is a translation of fragments of an indignant article, published on Yandex.Zen 15.03.2022, a real cry of the soul:

The Black day of Donetsk… “Tochka-U” (“Point-U”) as the point of no return

For eight years, there has not been such a thing that 21 civilians of Donbass would die at the same time, more than 30 were seriously injured. Closer to lunch on March 14, a tactical missile “Tochka-U” flew from the location of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) in the area of Krasnoarmeysk, it was shot down too late, there was a partial detonation of a cluster warhead in the very centre of the DPR capital. Where was it heading? Computer modelling says – its target was in the city centre, where there are no military facilities.

Of the figuratively combat targets, only the republican military commissariat can be named. But that the warhead of “Tochka” had … cluster munition, terrible seven-gram “cubes” as striking elements, leaves no doubt. This is about the destruction of people, not for the destruction of infrastructure or buildings. On purpose, precisely, in cold blood, with the bestial intent of mass murder. If it hadn’t been shot down, there would have been nothing left alive within a radius of half a kilometre…

There were no tears left, no rage and anger either. Another war and reality has come. When there is no doubt about what opposes you, how fierce and merciless is the enemy. At the moment when Donbass howled with grief… consultations were underway between the groups of Medinsky and the Arakhs. And Zelensky was unequivocally informed in the bunker: the command of the Ukrainian operation of the united forces in the Donbas has its own point of view on the negotiations … its own “Point-U”/”Tockka-U.

I will not describe how terrible this weapon is. You just need to know this: it is conventional, it cannot be taken out of the basement, the forest cache, made on the knee. The Geneva Conventions categorically prohibit its indiscriminate use, especially against civilians, even with a hypothetical threat to civilians.

Only the state can use missile systems of such destructive power, following a long chain of orders from the Minister of Defence. What conclusions can be drawn? Cold and clear — the Kiev junta has lost control over its murderers, who crossed the last “red line”, put themselves outside any laws. Even in wartime.

I can perfectly imagine what will happen to any serviceman of the 19th Missile Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which has regularly sent such “goodies” unto the territory of the LDPR since February 24. 15 pieces were launched! They have long outlawed themselves, the militia of the shock corps of the Republics will find everyone. Not only yesterday’s murderers of civilians, the liberation of Donbass itself will now be different…

The torn bodies of old men, women, wounded children… put an end to it. The last one. There are no different Ukrainians, as our authorities, experts and mouthpieces of public opinion, peacemakers, patriots, monarchists, Stalinists, liberals and Democrats persistently asserted from top to bottom. Ukraine is united.

There is no virtual layer of bad Bandera, neo-Nazis, greedy oligarchs, corrupt officials, Western curators. There are no phantasmagorical “Western Ukrainians” hating Russians — Galicians, deceived Ukrainians and oppressed Russians with trident passports. There is no captivity of the unfortunate, corrupted by propaganda, deceived people.

With all the attributes of statehood, whole and indivisible beyond the borders of Donbass. A neo-Nazi state without any reservations. There are many inside who disagree with this state of affairs, but they are crushed by Bandera terror, do not have political and public rights to express any form of protest. How many are there in absolute numbers? It’s unknown. Of no interest. It’s too late to count.

How to carry out “denazification”?

A huge question. Personnel — first of all. History after the Second World War states: the Allies in their own zones of occupation of Germany conducted it formally, superficially. The main stratum of Nazi cadres very soon returned to their duties: in industry, politics, public administration, the army and law enforcement agencies, culture, education.

And several hundred criminal investigations against specific war criminals… ended with only a few death sentences. Then the amnesties began… against the background of the prohibition of criminal Nazi organizations, their ideology. Nazism has been hiding, for decades it has learned to circumvent the anti-Nazi legislation by democratic procedures, which in the noughties turned out to be abolished de facto.

The Soviet “denazification” of Germany was deeper, but did not affect the same Czechoslovakia and Bulgaria (in exchange for the socialist path of development). The Nazi cadres were purged more deeply from the society of the future GDR. How? Very tough… tribunals and temporary occupation, complete submission to anti-fascist ideology.

The highest ranks of the Wehrmacht, officers, privates… could not come up with the idea of hiding behind their own population in 1945. When Hitler decided to exterminate the people who had lost the war, he issued an order to destroy the entire civilian infrastructure of the Reich… no one lifted a finger, not even SS units. The executive branch, starting with the Minister of Armaments and Industry Speer, directly sabotaged the insane order. A drop of humanity has been preserved in the black souls.

And now look deep into Ukraine, draw your own conclusions. Yesterday’s “Tochka-U” is a turning point for the entire “Nezalezhnaya” (a by-name for “Ukraine”, aka, “Independent”). Not for the authorities or specific convicted criminals. For everyone. Those who voted enthusiastically for Poroshenko and Zelensky, deputies and mayors. They eplenished the military budgets of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Bandera battalions though SMS’es, chewing “kebabs in Odessa” with indifference. Smiling at the sight of canned “separatists in own oil”, sending “burning cotton wool” to each other on social networks, hundreds of other vile manifestations of visual neo-Nazism.

Silently approving the eight-year torments and blood of Donbass…