NEWSFLASH: Ukraine blows up Kahovskaja Hydroelectric Plant dam – ongoing ecological and humanitarian disaster (with updates)

Ukraine shelled the dam of the Kahovskaja Hydroelectric plant on many occasions throughout the autumn of 2022. This time they managed to blow up the dam in preparation for their hyped-up and many times delayed “spring counteroffensive”. As a result of this act of ecological terrorism by Ukraine, the water level downstream has risen by 10 metres, the cooling of the Zaporozhie Nuclear Power Plant may become compromised. What Ukrainians achieved is to force the Russian army to abandon their dug-in positions, and they also washed away the mine fields. When the water level returns to normal in 3 days’ time, Ukraine will be in a much more advantageous position to attack.

Meanwhile, a humanitarian and ecological disaster is unfolding. Ukraine has severely limited the access to the drinking water for the people on the Crimean peninsular. The wildlife cannot evacuate as easily as people. Many birds are nesting now and whole generation of birds will become lost. The Black Sea – already on the verge of ecological collapse (more on that in a later article) will be polluted even more.

UPDATE: Before the terrorist act, Ukraine dumped large amounts of water from the upstream dams, thus bringing the water level in Kahovskaja dam to the maximum mark. This is seen from the diagram in the post below, and also a dump from the Drepropetrovsk is mentioned in the statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Indirect confirmation of Kiev’s guilt in the undermining of the Kahovskaya HPP. Ukrainian publicists write that yesterday the Zaporozhye hydroelectric plant began a massive discharge of water, significantly raising the level of the Kahovsky reservoir. And the picture shows the data of the French monitoring portal The-land: the level rises immediately from 14 to 17.5 meters. After that, an accurate missile strike by the APU and guaranteed destruction of the dam plus a powerful flooding of the territory downstream.

The Russian Ministry of Defence placed the definitive blame on the Kiev regime, and so fr the Russian MoD only made statements when they were 100% sure of the factual veracity of the claim.

At night, the Kiev regime committed another terrorist crime: the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power plant was blown up, which led to the flooding of significant territories, Shoigu said.

The purpose of these actions, according to him, is as follows: having failed to achieve success in the offensive, Kiev intends to transfer units from the Kherson direction to the area of offensive operations, thereby weakening positions in the Kherson direction.

Kiev has also begun the construction of defensive positions on the right bank of the Dnieper, which indicates the intention to go on the defensive here, the minister said.

And as usual, the West, in the best tradition of the Nazi Goebbels schooling, are all in unison blaming Russia for the terror act that damages Russia the most.

Western media write that Ukraine is “not to blame” for the undermining of the Kakhovskaya HPP

The handbooks came through after all, and a few hours after the incident, newspapers began to issue such headlines:

Politico: A key Ukrainian dam has been blown up, Kiev blames Russia.

The Telegraph: The Ukrainian dam was destroyed as a result of a counteroffensive.

TFI: Kiev accuses Russia of destroying the Kakhovka dam in order to slow down the offensive.

El Pais: Ukraine has accused Russia of destroying a dam in Kherson, which is why it is flooding the neighborhood.

📰 NBC News: A large dam has been destroyed in the south of Ukraine. Ukraine has blamed Russian forces for the explosion of the Kakhovka dam.

Die Tageszeitung: An important dam is badly damaged. Ukraine blames Moscow for the explosion of a large dam on the Dnieper.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: The Russians blew up the Kakhovskaya HPP.

ABC: Ukraine has accused Russia of destroying the dam and flooding.


Statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry in connection with the destruction of the Kahovskaya HPP by the Ukrainian armed forces

(Also as an official Telegram post)

We strongly condemn the destruction of the Kahovka hydroelectric power station by the armed forces of Ukraine, which led to a large-scale humanitarian and environmental catastrophe.

The explosion of the dam caused a significant rise in the water level downstream of the Dnieper. Settlements are flooded, thousands of people need to be evacuated. The evacuation has already begun. Colossal damage from this sabotage of the Kiev regime has been inflicted on the agriculture of the region and the ecosystem of the mouth of the Dnieper. As a result of the imminent shallowing of the Kahovsky reservoir, the water supply of the Crimea will be hampered, the reclamation of agricultural lands of the Herson region will be disrupted.

The incident is a terrorist act directed against a purely civilian infrastructure. It was planned in advance and purposefully by the Kiev regime for military purposes as part of the so-called “counteroffensive” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Kiev regime not only subjected the Kahovskaya HPP to massive shelling, but also deliberately brought the water level in the Kahovsky reservoir to a critical level by opening the floodgates of the Dnieper HPP.

The Investigative Committee of Russia has opened a criminal case on the fact of committing a terrorist act that caused significant property damage and other grave consequences.

The Russian side initiates consideration of this crime of the Kiev regime in the UN Security Council, the OSCE statutory and decision-making bodies and other international organizations. We call on the international community to condemn the criminal acts of the Ukrainian authorities, which are increasingly inhumane and pose a serious threat to regional and global security.

Below are several other Telegram posts about the unfolding events:

On the second day after the Ukrainian terrorist act:

Day three:

Ukraine, as always, twisting the narrative and injecting fakes:

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