Man on Moon – Deconstructing NASA’s audacious deception

This year – 2019 – marks an anniversary of one of the greatest deceptions that USA has so far managed to pull off and get away with. Marking this I plan to embark on a translation of Alexandr Ivanovich Popov’ book “Americans on the Moon – a great breakthrough or an astronomical fraud?”.

Alexandr Ivanovich Popov, doctor of Physics and Mathematics, wrote an excellent book exposing NASA’s faux Moon landing step by step – from the early preparatory works, to the supposed flight, to the alleged return. What is so special about this book, is that it takes a very systematic, scientific approach to the whole issue. It also covers the angle of the Soviet Moon program, the politics of it in USSR and how it was surrendered to the USA for some questionable economic benefits. The latter is usually overlooked by the Western researches.

The book along with many research articles was published by the author in open domain for everyone to read, but its reach is currently limited only to the Russian-speaking audience. Due to he sheer volume of the material, their specialised nature and my own limited free time, the translation progress will be slow. Whenever possible I will be making a semi-automated translation, using Yandex Translate to make a translation skeleton and then correcting it and adding formatting, images and references.

Let us start with the introduction from the front page of the Man On Moon site and the table of contents.

In the 60s of the last century, according to NASA, the National American Space Agency, the Americans made dozens of manned space flights with access to near-earth orbit. Among them are nine flights to the Moon, six of which ended with the landing of astronauts. These reports incredibly raised the prestige of the United States. However, year after year, the number of sceptics who having studied NASA materials about these landings, came to the conclusion that the Americans were never on the Moon.

“They were or were not, what’s the difference after more than 40 years?”- one reader wrote to the author. And how do Americans treat their space history? Here is what is written in

“The National Air and Space Museum, with thousands of enthusiastic children and adults who come there every day, is clearly visible from the windows of the Congress building in Washington. In other words, the Congressmen guess what space flights and space mean to the Americans”. How could it be otherwise? Propaganda of past victories raises the strength of spirit and pride of a nation, unites it and creates the foundation for victories in the present and future. On all fronts of the geopolitical battles.

Is it possible to see “thousands of enthusiastic children and adults” at the entrance to our Central Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow? No! Isn’t it because every schoolboy knows that Americans went to the moon? And he will be told about it in the same museum. That is, we were the first in space, and then became the second. And who like to know that we are the second?

If we were deceived with the Moon, this is a lesson for the future. But then it means we remain first in space! And then we can understand why today’s NASA astronauts fly to the orbital International Space Station only on our ships. Do you think such conclusions will strengthen our national pride? If you agree with this, then let’s continue to study this topic together.

The author of the book “Americans on the Moon – a great breakthrough or an astronomical fraud?”, doctor of physics and mathematics, Alexander Ivanovich Popov, with the support of numerous volunteer assistants, summarized some of the previous studies of sceptics and supplemented them with his own research. It is enough to have knowledge of high school physics to be able read the book. The book was published by Veche publishing house (Moscow) in 2009. Since then, many new facts have been discovered. They do not cancel the main conclusions of the book, but develop them. These new facts are set out in the articles presented on the website.

Americans on the Moon – a great breakthrough or an astronomical fraud?

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Part 1. Analysis of flights
  • Going on a long journey
  • 1. Rocket: tests failed – you can now fly to the Moon
  • 2. Critics are to be “eliminated”!
  • 3. How are you feeling?
  • 4. What were the machines capable of?
  • Towards the Moon
  • 5. The first three steps
  • 6. Did “Apollo”’s fly around the Moon?
  • 7. Was the lunar module even tested?
  • 8. Landing!
  • On the Moon
  • 9. First time on the Moon
  • 10. Walks around the lunar modules
  • 11. Is this lunar gravity?
  • 12. Where are these flags standing?
  • The return
  • 13. Leaving The Moon
  • 14. The special case of “Apollo 13”
  • 15. Closing the lunar album
  • 16. The American lunar soil – a rich soil for doubts
  • 17. Let’s sum it up
  • Part 2. How could have this been done?
  • 18. Machines in the role of astronauts
  • 19. The difficult burden of glory
  • 20. How did they keep it a secret?
  • 21. How did we keep track of the “Apollo”s?
  • 22. What do we know about the moon rocket?
  • 23. The main decoration (unpublished on-line)
  • 24. So where were the astronauts?
  • 25. Skylab – a brilliant epilogue to “Apollo”
  • 26. The approximate general scheme of the hoax
  • 27. The loser suffered death and damnation
  • 28. Attribution