Germany Is Chasing the Cat Back Into the Bag

In this follow-up article to German Cat Is Out of the Bag – representatives of the Bundeswehr discussed the strikes on the Crimean Bridge we are taking a look at how the Germany handles the embarrassment. The article was first published as a post on our “Beorn And The Shieldmaiden” Telegram channel. Please subscribe!

With the much-discussed conversation of the Bundeswehr officials, ( the Germans tried yesterday to chase the cat back into the bag, in much the same way and with as much success as when they pushed the gas back into the US-blown Nord Streams.

Maria Zaharova commented it thus on her Telegram channel:

Bild: “The Bundeswehr insisted on blocking accounts on the social network X, which distributed the recording of a conversation between the German military, who discussed the Taurus missile strike on the Crimean Bridge.”

It’s called “covering your tracks.” Will everything follow the same scenario as the German “investigation” of the terrorist attacks on the Nord Streams?

German citizens must learn from Scholtz about the rights of foreigners in Russia, Belarus, China, but not about their own German rights.


However, the only thing that blocking of X-accounts and the subsequent publication in the “Bild” can achieve, is the Streisand effectan unintended consequence of attempts to hide, remove, or censor information, where the effort instead backfires by increasing public awareness of the information.

As we saw yesterday in “The Madhouse” satire from Germany anno 2014, the media and the higher-ups were perfectly aware whom they were installing in Kiev:

Frank-Walter Steinmeier also signed this agreement, and the man signs everything!
And then he enthusiastically shakes the hands of the Nazis from the Svoboda party, and is surprised that this agreement is violated by this dark rabble within an hour.
I think this is worthy of the Guinness Book of Records: just five weeks after the update of German foreign policy,
the Nazis settled in the Ukrainian government.

‼️ In May of 2023, the German General Andreas Marlow divulged that the Ukrainians sent to study…

…have little interest in the training program. They are far more interested in ways to intimidate the enemy, including those that may qualify as war crimes, praise the punitive operations that the SS troops carried out during the Second World War, show a swastika, ask to see archival materials about interrogation methods in the SS, including the use of intimidation and torture.

So, the German Bundeswehr knows that they will be supplying their “Taurus” missiles to the Nazis. It does not matter how the politicians word it or which intermediaries this goes through. Germany is already fighting with Russia by the very fact that German “Leopards” are trampling the same earth that the “Tigers” did 80 years ago. But then again, as Gerhartz said in the transcript: “We are now fighting a war that uses much more modern technology than our good old Luftwaffe.”

‼️ Let us remember that according to the “2+4” Agreement on German reunification, in Article 2, it is stated:

The governments of the German Democratic Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany confirm their statements that only peace will come from the German land. According to the constitution of united Germany, actions that can and aim to disrupt peace between peoples, especially preparations for an offensive war, are unconstitutional and punishable. The governments of the German Democratic Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany declare that a united Germany will never use the weapons it possesses, except in accordance with its constitution and the Charter of the United Nations.

Britain is fighting Russia by the only fact that “Storm Shadows” are there and hitting Crimea. The USA – with the plethora of weapons, including now “Abramses”. France – by killing children of Donetsk with their “Caesars”. The list can go on. It’s the whole of NATO, with their target selection, satellite data, training, munition, maintenance that are fighting against Russia.

And Russia knows it. No matter how how many times Bidens, Scholtzes, Macrons and others repeat that they are just passing by, and Ukrainians are helping themselves to the stockpiles of the NATO weapons that just happened to be lying around.

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