Child Kidnapping by the Norwegian state
New development

Following the criminal act by the Norwegian state, highlighted in my previous post, here are some new developments:

Investigation Committee started preliminary examination of the facts of the removal of children from Russian families in Norway

On the facts of the removal of children from families in Norway, Russian Main Investigation Department of Russian Federation initiated investigation verification. Today, the media became aware of the withdrawal by child protection services in Norway of a six-year girl from a Russian family, only shortly after when from the Russians of Pskov region, living in Norway, was seized five year boy. In each case, children under false pretenses were taken from their parents and placed in foster care.

As part of the preliminary examination it will be established circumstances of gross violations of the rights of Russian children under manifestly illegal acts by transferring them into foster care, and legal assessment of actions of officials, which resulted in a substantial violation of the rights and legitimate interests of Russian citizens. If criminal signs will be found in the actions committed against Russian children, Russian Investigative Committee will start criminal investigation based on the audit .

It should be noted that the penal laws of the Russian Federation gives us the right to prosecute, including foreign nationals, if they committed a crime against the citizens of the Russian Federation, regardless of where it occurs.

Particular attention SK Russia pays investigate crimes against minors and citizens of the Russian Federation intends all possible legal means, and promote the restoration and protection of the rights of children.

The Commissioner for Children’s Rights under the President of the Russian Federation Pavel Astakhov said on Tuesday that the situation with the Russian boy Oscar Shionkom seized from their parents in Norway, has deteriorated dramatically.

The Norwegian authorities have taken Oscar Shionk on October the 8th from the family of Russian citizens who temporarily come to work in the city of Tromso, after he told the school that his mother helped him remove his milk tooth. According to the Ombudsman, in a report written that it is the mother of “tooth was knocked out of the child.” Earlier Astakhov reported that diplomats aware of 19 cases of withdrawal of Russian children from a families in Norway.

“At the moment, child protection services in Norway actually intimidate parents, as one of the channels showed interviews with Oscar’s grandparents who said that the boy is better to return to Russia … On this basis, child protection services have decided to transfer Oscar to another foster family. Introduced measures of secrecy, “- said Astakhov reporters in Minsk on Tuesday.

According to the commissioner, Oscar was allowed to meet with his parents, but it will not be allowed to tell his place of residence. “This is bullying parents so that the do to not talk to reporters,” – said Astakhov. “We hope to be able to prove that the parents did not commit the fact that they are charged with, and that Oscar is returned to parents,” – he added.

“Aggression from Norwegian authorities, who do not look at any laws nor to bilateral agreements, makes you wonder,” – said Astakhov.

He pointed out that the boy was interrogated for five hours in a foreign language by psychologists and “lead to the conclusion that he allegedly did not want to return to his family.” “But seeing him, showed that he seeks his family and wants to return mother, and this is very important. Child’s desire, the desire for parents to prove that there was nothing in what the Norwegian authorities accused the family of Oscar ” – said Astakhov.

A documentary on NTV
“Adoption has become big business: Norway abducts Russian kids.”

New tragedy with Russian children in Norway forced defenders seriously consider contacting the UN to understand why kidnapping permitted by law prospers in this country prospers.

Children are kidnapped in the streets, taken away from schools. And all this is supposed to protect the child from domestic violence. In fact, this is a lucrative business, and to take away a child, only one call to the service care is needed. Reporter from “Anatomy of the day” Valery Alekhine uncovered facts that should really be checked at the international level.


Little Oscar was returned to his family (and, conversely, the family was returned to Oscar). It happened around 28th of July this year, after the boy was hidden away in a “foster” family for 10 months.

But, the family decided to stay in Norway and will not be taking their child to Murmansk. The article above angles the case as follows: Barnevern graciously decided to return the child to his parents, despite what the court ruling (not to return) seemed to indicate. I really hope that the decision to stay will not prove to be a tragic one in the future…

What these 10 months of separation has done to the 6-year-old kid, is that he started to forget Russian language. The mother’s sister said that during a Skype meeting the child had difficulty understanding her, and that the parents even had to translate for him at times. It seems that Oscar will be learning Russian anew together with his little sister. The aunt, with whom little girl was living during this time, says that the little girl remembers the day when her brother was taken away, how three women came, and how her mother was crying. The aunt considers taking the girl to Norway so that she’ll reunite with her brother again. (I hope this will not lead to dire consequences for both!)