“As a result of the joint war against Russia, the European Union has rallied as never before” (Adolf Hitler. June 30, 1941)

Commemorating June the 22nd 1941, when Germany with its European allies – official and otherwise – invaded the USSR. Yesterday I reposted Lada Ray’s Open letter: Lada Ray Repost: IMAGINE… AND WAKE UP! An Open Letter by LADA RAY to all English-speaking people. That open letter, while powerful in itself, serves also as a foundation to understanding of the article that I am about to translate now, an article pointing out some very uncomfortable truths for Europe, so of which the USSR prefererd not to remind Europe about, letting it to start from clean slate. Whatch also the documentary, which I translated several years ago: The Great Unknown War. A must-see documentary about the WWII prelude. By Andrei Medvedev.

The article was written by Sergey Vasiliev and published on Cont yesterday.

“As a result of the joint war against Russia, the European Union has rallied as never before” (Adolf Hitler. June 30, 1941)

Sergey Vasiliev
22.06.2022 10:08

The Finnish poster “Road to Freedom” from the 22nd of June 1941, depicting the whole future EU baring its teeth on the USSR.

The title of the article is a quote. These are Hitler’s words, spoken on June 30, 1941. Recorded by Franz Halder. An amazing hit, isn’t it?

Looking at the contented, well-fed, and most importantly – never repenting faces of the captured Nazis of Azov, shuddering at the sight of the Russian cities of Donbass being shot from NATO guns, turning away from the monitor screen when viewing the mockery of the “them-Europeans” (translator note: the reference to Ukrainians after the slogan “Ukraina ce Evropa” – “Ukraine is Europe”) over prisoners and civilians, you suddenly realize that you have already seen it all before.

We, the generation born in the 60s, read in textbooks and books, watched in newsreels and Soviet feature films. We knew all this so well, as if the War ended just yesterday, in the early 80s, when we graduated from schools and universities. “No one is forgotten and nothing is forgotten!” – we repeated it at school lessons of courage, at the meetings with living veterans and at the monuments to the fallen. “This must not happen again!” – sounded from TV screens and tribunes, starting from the most modest rural recreation center and to the presidium of the Party Congresses.

And yet fascism and Nazism were repeated. In the most undisguised, ugly and bloody forms. Moreover, what is especially bitter, it sprouted also on the territory of the USSR, and those who read the same books, watched the same films, sat at the same meetings, or even spoke from the same high stands as the rest, normal Soviet people, became its enthusiasts. The causes of this tragedy must be revealed, mistakes must be taken into account and analysed, conclusions must be drawn. Our people paid too high a price then and continues to pay today to afford endless stepping on the rake.

81 years ago, the European Union of the 1941 model attacked our country in order to seize territory and exterminate the population.

Emblems and patches of those serving Hitler.

Italian divisions, French legionnaires, armies of Romania, Hungary, Finland, military formations of Czechs, Slovaks, Albanians, Mohammedans, Croats were in a hurry to destroy the Russian people at the root…

Odessa was taken by Romanians, Sevastopol by Romanians and Italians, Voronezh and Kharkov by Hungarians. Near Leningrad and Tver, the Dutch SS division Nord-Land went mad from the spilled Russian blood. Demons from all over Western Europe killed Russians as part of SS security and punitive detachments.

There were hundreds of thousands of them – the Dutch, Walloons, Kashubians, Shlenzaks, Czechs, Bosnians went to humiliate the Russian people, went to drive a bayonet into the heart of a Russian man. Spain has stooped to the point that it sent its soldiers to kill Russians even without an official declaration of war! Now everything repeats itself. Europeans and Anglo-Saxons, tripping over each other, are rushing to stand under the Nazi banners in order to once again try to carry out “Drang nah Osten”. Their gestalt itches and itches. Torments and does not let go.

Millions of people justified themselves by saying that they were going to war not for Nazi ideals, but against “barbaric” Russia, which de facto needed to be wiped off the face of the earth. Franz Halder recorded Hitler’s words on June 30, 1941, which stated the true state of things in Western Europe in 1940: “The European Union (!) as a result of the joint war against Russia rallied as never before.”

Not only 85 million Germans, but more than 300 million Western Europeans were eager to destroy Russia in the 1941-1945 war…

Bulgarian “brothers” today are screaming like a cut pig that they did not fight – they did not kill. Well, what did the Bulgarian sanitary echelons do on the territory of the USSR? They treated and nursed those who then fought and killed. And the “most suffering” Poland does not recall why it was on its territory that there was the largest concentration of death camps. While it should!

The national composition of prisoners of war in the USSR in the period from 1941 to 1945 suggests that the entire European Union fought against Russia: Germans – 2,389,560 people, Hungarians – 513,767, Romanians – 187,370, Austrians – 156,682, Czechs and Slovaks – 129,977, Poles – 60,260, Italians – 48,957, French – 23,136, Dutch – 14,729, Finns – 2,377, Belgians – 2,010, Luxembourgers – 1,652, Danes – 457, Spaniards – 452, Norwegians – 101, Swedes – 72.

As for Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Portugal and Turkey, despite their neutral status, they were Hitler’s partners and allies. Throughout the war, Switzerland “laundered” money for the Nazis and supplied military products to the Wehrmacht. Sweden supplied Hitler with raw materials, in particular, strategic – iron ore. “Neutral” Spain sent a “limited contingent” – the “Blue Division” and thousands of volunteers to the Eastern Front. Portugal avoided the war in every possible way, which did not prevent it from buying various “sanctioned” products for the Reich. For example, oil from the USA, food products from South America and rubber from Asia. Turkey supplied the Reich with raw materials and Iranian oil for almost the entire war, providing a number of other services.

Oh, yes! After all, the USSR had allies! Well, we’ll find “a couple of kind words” about them:

According to the American military historian Henry Schneider, Ford helped the Germans in obtaining rubber, vital for German industry. Even before the start of the war, the Nazis received 65,000 trucks from Ford branches in Germany, Belgium and France. In addition, Ford’s branch in Switzerland repaired thousands of German trucks. The German motor transport was also repaired by the Swiss branch of another American auto giant General Motors, which was also the largest investor in the German carmaker Opel, successfully cooperating with it throughout the war and receiving hefty dividends. In 1943, the German branch of General Motors developed and began to produce engines for the Messerschmitt-262, the first Luftwaffe jet fighter.

And after 1941, the Ford branch in occupied France continued to produce trucks for the Wehrmacht, and its other branch, in Algeria, supplied Hitler’s General Rommel with trucks and armoured cars. Even in April 1943, when the Soviet Union was fighting bloody battles with the Nazis, Ford’s French branches worked exclusively for the benefit of Germany. Cargo “5-tonn’ers” and passenger “Fords” were the main army transport of the Wehrmacht. The main goal for the corporation was the profit, which it tried to get at any cost. At the end of the war, Allied aircraft bombed a factory in Poissy, but the same Ford factory in Cologne, Germany, was not touched, although almost the entire ancient city was destroyed. It is noteworthy that after the war, Ford, like its powerful competitor General Motors, thanks to the efforts of major lawyers, obtained compensation from the US government “for damage caused to their property on enemy territory”.

People of no smaller “morals” headed the IBM company, which supplied calculating machines, spare parts for them and special paper for… concentration camps. IBM managed to triple its capital during the Second World War.

SKF, the world’s largest manufacturer of ball bearings, sent giant batches (more than 600 thousand annually) through South America to the Nazi customers.

The oil corporation Standard Oil of New Jersey (Exxon) supplied the Nazis with gasoline and lubricants for $20 million. Until the landing of American troops in France, the tanker fleet of “neutral” Spain worked almost exclusively for the needs of the Wehrmacht, supplying it with American “black gold”, formally intended for Madrid. Even in the first months of 1944, Germany re-exported 48 thousand tons of oil from Spain every month. A refuelling base for the German submarines was even set up on the Canary Islands. In addition, this corporation owned a patent for tetraethyl, which was part of the fuel for the airplanes.

All these facts were not secret. WE were just not told about them. This was considered politically incorrect. Wrong. Unnecessary. And as a result, it has grown into some kind of abnormally obsequious attitude towards the “democratic free West”, which DOES NOT FEEL ASHAMED.

Why are Europeans not ashamed of what they have done? Compatriots ask this question regularly, but its peak falls on June 22, when “our Western partners” remember their “pranks” that led to the deaths of tens of millions of absolutely innocent peaceful Soviet citizens.

Why have the Germans been paying compensation for the Holocaust for 70 years, not forgetting to repent around the clock, but at the same time, how should I put it mildly, treat their crimes against the rest of the non-Jewish population of the USSR with calmness?

Even more calmly than the Germans, 1941 is perceived by the citizens of the countries of “our Western partners”, who together with the Germans came to us in 1941 with fire and sword – Spaniards, Italians, French, Croats, Finns, Norwegians, Dutch? Ask them if they feel guilty about their participation in the Barbarossa plan – they won’t even understand what you’re talking about…

And the “eastern partners” are even more surprised than “our Western partners” – Hungarians, Romanians, Poles, Slovaks, Bulgarians, who not only do not feel guilty, but also pose as victims of “Russian aggression”.

All the atrocities of our Anglo-Saxon non-brothers and all their immunity to appeals about conscience will become clear if we remember that in their moral criteria, sin becomes sin only if you are punished for it.

If you stole/killed/cheated and at the same time remained unharmed, and even gained some capital – it means God wants it that way and the Heavenly Chancellery has no claims against you. But if one is caught, put in jail, and the executioner is invited – it means that he really sinned and it’s time to repent…

This is exactly how the mindset of “our Western partners” is set up, and it is in this logic of thinking that one should look for answers to the perplexed questions of compatriots about “conscience” and “good memory”.

The USSR, which suffered the most from the all-European invasion under the banners of the 3rd Reich, generously forgave the “Euro-prankers” for all their sins, without receiving from Germany even 2% compensation from all the damage. The rest of the aggressors generally got off with a slight scare.

Within the framework of the Orthodox tradition, everything is logical – the sword does not cut the guilty head, the recumbent is not beaten, and whoever remembers the old will lose an eye. In Protestant ethics, however, all this is transformed into the universal “NOT PUNISHED MEANS NOT GUILTY”…

The Jewish community has clearly seen through this logic, and therefore presses the Germans harshly and continuously. Compensations are collected non-stop, dissenters are marginalized, violent ones are criminally prosecuted, and therefore no German has a question about their historical, indelible and inexhaustible guilt towards Jews.

As well as towards the Americans, whose military bases can be seen, one can hear about the chancellor-to in person, and pay 2% of the security tax. The very fact of punishment removes ALL questions about who is sinful here and to whom to repent.

And so they repent, running and racing, before the offended Anglo–Saxons – Germans for Dresden, the Japanese for Hiroshima and Nagasaki… And what should they repent for before the Russians? What sense of guilt can a real, civilized European feel towards them if punishment – the main and sufficient component of guilt – is absent?

But the Russians, on the contrary, are to blame, because they are punished. If you don’t believe it, look at the list of sanctions, which is the first, main and only proof of the existence of [Russian] sin in its Western sense. So the question whether the Russians should repent is not even worth asking. And it will not be asked until the pendulum of punishments swings in the other direction.

Today, when the global systemic crisis leaves less and less hope for its peaceful resolution, which means that “our Western partners” are simply doomed to fight with Russia. It is important not to forget about what is considered guilt in the West and try at least not to repeat the previous mistakes, not to throw beads of generosity and forgiveness in front of… “all civilized humanity”, because they will not appreciate it anyway.

To summarize what has been said:

One of the reasons why “our Western partners” are reactivating the ideas of Nazism is our own tolerance of Western collaborators and activists of the fascist movement in Europe. Forgiveness towards them is precisely the very benefactor that paved the road to hell. We are doomed either to correct this state of affairs, or to die – no one is going to take the Russians prisoner.

But even more serious and thoughtful work on the post-war mistakes needs to be carried out on the domestic front. Nazism, so freely sprouted and riotously voiced among the peoples of the USSR, urgently requires thoughtful analysis and appropriate conclusions. I mean the identification of the “Kashcheev’s needle” (translator note: the reference to the Russian folk take about the evil Kashchej the Immortal, whose immortality was hidden away in a needle) followed by its ruthless destruction, without any liberal snot about forgiveness. Solely for the safety of our children and grandchildren.


Incidentally, a filmed was made in the USSR, where Kashchej became the allegory to the fight with Nazism: