A case study of projection and blame-shifting

Wester media and Ukrainian propaganda have two things in common – a rampant trend of projection and blame-shifting, and the fact that both take their marching orders from the same origin.

An earlier article worth reading in this context is Russian FM Sergej Lavrov’s Article “On dramatizations as a method of Western politics”.

Exhibit A:

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Bloomberg: Gas Rationing Is Getting Closer for Europe

The region is on high alert after Russia made its biggest moves yet to use energy as a weapon.

Throughout the entire Cold War and in the decades since, Russia was a stable supplier of gas to Europe. That changed this week.

Russia slashed gas supplies in apparent retaliation over Europe’s support for Kyiv. After its biggest moves yet to use energy as a weapon, gas rationing in the region is now a very real prospect.

The squeeze caused prices to surge, added pressure to the region’s economy and could strain European solidarity — all victories for the Kremlin that came as European leaders underlined support for Ukraine during a high-profile trip to the country.

With European utilities forced to tap reserves intended to cover needs for the winter, government controls of gas distribution could start within months. If Russia completely shuts its main link, the region could run out of supplies by January, according consultant Wood Mackenzie Ltd

This is the customary shifting of the blame onto Russia. The reality that the Western business knows of, but which the regular people have little to no idea about is far different. But articles, like the Bloomerg’s above, aim to leave the people with the feeling that it is Russia that is responsible for their freezing the coming winter and the increasing utility bills.

The reality that Bloomberg does not tell about is that Russia was forced to stop 2 pump stations which turbines require scheduled maintenance. Gas turbines are very much like airplane turbines, and after a certain period of time in operation they require control and repairs lest a disaster happens. The process is seamless – some turbines are sent for maintenance, and in the meantime the repaired turbines are returned from the factory and are installed. the catch is: the Siemens factory is in Canada and it was Canada that refused to return two turbines undergoing maintenance there, citing sanction. So now this seamless cycle of replace-and-repair is broken. It is in fact Canada, and not Russia that is using gas as an energy weapon to strike at both Germany/EU and Russia at the same time. As a matter of fact, the whole North Stream 1 is scheduled to undergo full maintenance next year. Russia was prepared for this – North Stream 2, which would have also served as a back-up in the current Canadian turbine withholding scenario. NS 2 is filled with gas, its turbines are new, and it can start pumping gas at any moment. But again, EU has put sanctions on itself.

Russia as always values its reputation, but certain elements in the West are trying har to tarnish it, damage EU and damage Russia in one go.

Exhibit B:

Ukraine has been mercilessly shelling Donetsk for the past days, but the Ukrainian propaganda machine is again at its customary Russia is shelling itself, no matter that the trajectories of the incoming strikes are well-documented and lead to the Ukrainian positions. German and French newspapers at first followed this narrative as well, but then published a tiny correction, saying that it was the Ukrainians who were doing the sheling, after all. But the information damage is already done – how many are going to read the correction vs. those who read the big headlines?

The reality is like this, highly likely with the American HIMARS munitions (based on the found fragments and the size of the crater left by the explosion) doing massive damage to the residential sector of Donetsk and killing civilians.

And the Western media just brushes off or ignores the victims speak about the events. This won’t be published in the Western MSM:

And while I wrote this post, Ukrainian “army” hit a gas platform in the Black Sea – a civilian object, but it looks like one more or one less war crime for Ukraine and its NATO handlers is of little concern…

Ukraine has struck at the drilling platforms of Chernomorneftegaz

5 people were rescued, three of them were injured. The search for the rest continues, said the Governor of Crimea Aksyonov. At the scene of the emergency, the Ministry of Defense is conducting a rescue operation with the participation of patrol vessels and aircraft.

And even after this, the Ukrainians released a fake video, presenting a footage of fire extinguishing in the Red Sea in 2014 for the VSU strike. A post warning about it with the video in question below:

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