The Reason for the Destruction of the Family Values in the West

The following translation of an article, published in “Argumenty i Fakty” #42 on the 16th of October 2019, probably gives the best explanation for the underlying reasons for the systematic destruction of the family values in the Western countries. This is also, so far, the best explanation that I’ve seen for the seemingly senseless abductions of normal kids from normal families by the assorted Western CPS “childprotection” services, like the case of the Lisovs, which luckily had a happy outcome.

The Time of Transgenders. Why is Europe demolishing the traditional family?

Mattel has started selling “gender-neutral” Barbie dolls, which the child itself can transform into a boy or a girl at will.

The new toy has no secondary sexual characteristics (breasts) and the usual shape of the figure (for example, the female waist). Barbie-transformer has already been called “a symbol of the LGBT community” and “a blow to childhood.” Experts on the family argue that in this way it is planned to finally undermine the psyche the new generations. Igor Beloborodov, a demographer, sociologist, Executive Director of the Dniester-Prut information and analytical center, a member of the working group on improving legislation in the social sphere at the state Duma, explained to “AiF” why it is necessary for ideologists of gender equality.

The king fell in love with the king

Vladimir Kozhemyakin, “AiF”: Igor Ivanovich, why dos Europe, despite the obvious decline of the indigenous population, deliberately destroy the traditional family? It seems unnatural to a normal person.

Igor Beloborodov: this is a matter of political lobbying. Many politicians at the helm of the European Union are childless, without a family. They are not interested in all our problems – the decline of the population, the crisis, the decline of the family. Their standard answer to these fears is that the family is dying, and for childbirth there is surrogacy. Moreover, the family for them is a red rag, the enemy number one, because they see in it, as in a mirror, their own perversion. Therefore, they will continue to welcome juvenile justice (CPS), which takes children from normal parents and gives them to homosexuals, to promote sexual education starting from kindergarten. And in the future we will see not only a gender-neutral Barbie, but also a change in the fairy tales, where a king falls in love not with a beautiful mystery girl, but… with another king.

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In Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, and Scandinavia, unique methods of sexual education are generally practised: they do not just talk about it in the classroom, but encourage children to experiment with same-sex as early as possible, that is, first pushing for “self-satisfaction”, and then that “the age of sexual consent should be revised”. A paedophile party was officially registered a few years ago in Holland, which intended to participate in the elections: it called for reducing the age of entry into sexual relations to at least 10-12 years. And in Switzerland, they have already established the production of condoms of children’s size, that is, for ten-year-old boys. The argument that you and I, as traditionally oriented people, consider all this is unnatural means little to “them.” On the contrary, the more unnatural it is, the more desirable it becomes to be put into practice.

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All this is not even social engineering, that stage has already been passed by them. They were engaged in experiments 15-20 years ago, and now they have made certain conclusions and have taken a clear course for the transformation of the society into a gender diverse society. In this sense, there are no restrictions. In France, for example, some universities have no toilets separated by gender, as well as there are no partitions in the toilets themselves, that is, those women who are still able to feel shame in such situations, are forced to either tolerate or, embarrassingly, relieve themselves next to standing men.

Scientists justify and encourage this ideology, because those scientists who refused to promote it, have long been written off: they have no jobs, grants, scientific name, career elevators are closed to them. After such cleansing only those who accepted gender ideology were left in the system. The rest have become marginalized, surviving only through the publication of truthful works and books distributed outside of the “enlightened” Europe.

There is no specific goal to reduce the birth rate. The ideologists of “gender” do not care what comes after them. Now their task is to reformat European society in their own shape and form.

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— In addition to degeneration, another danger hangs over Europe: migrants. There are a lot of them, they profess traditional values, they have everything in order with the birth rate. And so the Europeans will soon have to make room, freeing up space for them to live?

— I’d say that this will not be case! Because the European assimilation mechanism works to the fullest: migrant children go to the European schools, and literally in the next generation we will see the same loyal to perversions teenagers, only with darker skin. It’s the same story in Canada. Therefore, only closed migrant communities have a chance to preserve themselves, and it is unlikely that there will be too many of them.

— But they say that the opposite is true: migrants do not want to adopt Western culture, are hostile to it and live in closed communities, not assimilating. Isn’t that so?

— This statement is true for the first generation of migrants and for people who are truly religious. It is difficult to estimate the percentage of the latter. But we are dealing with a very strong manifestations of nature: for example, the sexual instinct and informative pornographic content during the lessons of the so-called sexual education in elementary school are very effective tools that can undermine any civilization. Anyway, any migrant hopes that his child would be successful in the new society. Seeing the shortcomings of Western society, parents want him to keep the traditional culture, but still learn the language, get knowledge and subsequently have a decent job, be able communicate and establish connections, and this is impossible without an education system that contains corrupting components.

It happens imperceptibly: as though naturally, together with other knowledge, the child receives information on “gender sameness”. He forms loyalty to the negative, blurrs the line between good and evil. TV, Internet – everything works for it. No traditional culture in such an environment can survive for a long time. The parents of these children, educated at home, will certainly resist. But how many of them will be able to keep their children from such assimilation is very questionable. I think not many.

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— And how can a society exist, in which the line between good and evil, prohibited and permissible is blurred?

— Society in Europe is already in a half-life state. 20% of women in Germany deliberately do not want to give birth. According to surveys the level of approval of barrenness – “childfree” – in Western and Northern European countries reaches 90%. In Spain, 20-25% of teenagers are homosexual. This has never happened in history. And all these are artificially launched processes and trends. It’s the same wherever we look at the map of Europe, with the possible exception of Poland, Hungary, and partly Italy. In this sense, European society is atomized to the limit. There is currently no question of saving the family a number of countries that set the tone here – Germany, Holland, Belgium, Scandinavia and others. The traditional family is considered valuable only amongst some representatives of the dying out type of the white Europeans and amongst migrants.

Some hope remains in Poland, Hungary and Italy, which opposed the gender theory, despite the strong pressure of the European Union. However, Western ideologists are trying to convince the society that the current type of human being is a thing of the past, and it will be replaced by a new type that will reproduce with the help of reproductive technologies: surrogacy, artificial insemination, growing the baby outside the mother’s body, that is, in vitro. Recently, an exhibition of surrogate mothers was held in Brussels, the main visitors of which were representatives of the elite stratum of homosexuals. A new market is being formed, which already numbers tens and hundreds of thousands of people. Please note that almost all Russian pop singers of the aforementioned orientation have long bought themselves one or a pair of surrogate children, fundamentally not marrying and in every possible way advertising it. The “pioneers of the movement” were Ricky Martin and Elton John, and then our “beaus” picked it up.

Assisted reproduction is already working in Europe at full power, and I think the products of it are yet to be seen. In the Manifesto of the homosexual movement in the United States back in 1987, it was explicitly and aggressively stated that homosexuals as a social group and political class do not consider any compromise with the family. Their goal is its destruction, and in the future they see the replenishment of their ranks exclusively through use of the reproductive technologies. In this case, they immediately get a ready-made child and raise him in their own image and likeness. And besides, a good half of these perverts are paedophiles, for whom having free access to children and using them for their own pleasures has always been a cherished dream, especially if it is completely legal. Somewhat expensive so far, but by European standards it is quite affordable.

Note: not only the concept of family is dying out, but also the concept of private property as such. Everything can be rented: from an apartment to a “friend for an hour”. A person is made as untethered as possible from the usual things. If you do not have a family, then you can change anything, rent, use other people’s and public services. As a result, a person risks becoming a kind of tumble-weed: today he lives here, tomorrow there, all the time changing activities, environment, sexual orientation, etc. We are talking about the construction of an unstable personality type. At the same time, the issue of so-called demographic salvation is not on the agenda at all. Like, what are you worried about? There are surrogate mothers for now and soon there will turn up with different forms of cloning. And in the future, it would be possible to create obedient biorobots by regiments, those that will perform this or that work.

A Caste of Lovers

— Is everyone really like that in the management of the European Union?

— That’s the entrance ticket into those circles. Homosexual community is caste-like association of individuals. It is, just like ethnic mafia, pulling into the influential positions their lovers, friends their friends and etc. It is much more interesting for them to circulate in their own environment.

— And yet the majority of the population of Europe are still people with a normal orientation. Why is their instinct for self-preservation failing? Do they not see these dangers?

— They were very much ground ideologically. As a rule, we are dealing with an indifferent or loyal majority that does not oppose vice. The entire education system is designed to ensure that the population would perceive this with approval. Since childhood, the children from ordinary families are attempted to be sexually reoriented, and very efficiently at that, because the relevant programs are streamlined and social engineers and psychologists work on them. Children from early childhood absorb what will later be considered the norm. They are taught that such education and gay pride parades are an element of democracy and of a healthy society. And those who dare to resist it, immediately feel the full power of the repressive machine: they become outcasts and can not get a job, get recognition. If they already have children, then under the pretext of “danger to society”, the kids are taken away from those parents.

— There is a version that all this performed by the notorious “Golden billion”. It is advantageous to the representatives of this closed clan of the rich that society be divided into a cheap and easily managed labour force and a small elite that the labourers will serve. A kind of genocide in reverse: they replace the indigenous population with a more convenient one.

— Gender ideology and technology of family destruction are being implemented with equal force all over the world: in Africa, Asia, Latin America. This, of course, is beneficial to the elite of a number of developed countries. But it’s not about reducing the number of people of a certain colour. Europe is already in decline, and in Africa, for example, there is a lot of work still to be done.

Along with the denial of family and sexual identification, the blow is directed at national identity: the ideal person is seen by the creators of the transgender Barbie as a kind of representative of a mixture of three races, who accepts all the perversions and deviations in the psyche and is not attached to anything. In short, a complete scrapping of identity. But in this case, the concept of “law” can also be discarded completely. Is this “Golden billion” ready to live in an era of anarchy?