Adolf Hitler’s Führer Directive #21 – blueprint for Operation Barbarossa

A publication from our Telegram channel «Beorn And The Shieldmaiden».

On June 22, 1941, a genocide, indeed, a Holocaust was unleashed upon the Peoples of the Soviet Union.

Today is a Day of Memory and Sorrow, and commemorating June 22 in the toxic western information space climate of 180° reversion of historic truth by media, politicians and intellectuals, even deepens the pain – and factual contradiction of the rewriting of history is certainly called for.

Here we will present a translation of an authentic historical document: Adolf Hitler’s “Führer Directive #21” of the 18th of December 1940, ordering German forces to prepare for an attack on the Soviet Union in 1941, designated Operation Barbarossa.

The orders in the directive specifically outline the overall operational goals and considerations in the coming operation for each branch of the armed forces of Germany, as well as those of their allies, primarily Finland and Romania.

Launched by Hitler’s order on June 22, 1941, Operation Barbarossa was the single largest invasion in the history of mankind – and its failure in December 1941 outside of Moscow signaled the beginning of the end for the 3rd Reich.

Today, the imperialist powers are going to extremes to rewrite the history of the Second World War. The Soviet Union that defeated fascism is shamelessly smeared with lies and projections, by the same forces that promoted, financed and directed Nazi-Germany towards the East.

The latest twist on the imperialist narratale that switches Hitler with Stalin, thus construing the USSR as the attacking aggressor against Europe, serves precisely the horrific purpose of blinding the populations to that repetition of history, the plundering imperialists are now planning.

“Führer Directive #21” refutes and make obsolete all such attemps to distort the historical facts. And therefore it needs to be solidly imbedded in our collective memory.

The Führer and Commander-in-Chief of the German Armed Forces
OKW/WFSt./Abt.L(I) Nr. 33 408/40 gK Chefs.
The Führer’s Headquarters
18 December 40
(only through officer)
9 copies, 4th copy

Directive Nr. 21
Case Barbarossa

The German Wehrmacht must be prepared to crush Soviet Russia in a quick campaign (Operation Barbarossa) even before the conclusion of the war against England.
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The Art of Timely Betrayal. Why the Finnish SS avoided punishment?

With the Finnish President Alexander Stubb complaining that Russia “invaded” his country during World War II, the level of history re-writing goes off the charts.

On our Telegram Channel “Beorn And The Shieldmaiden” we previously addressed the “Finish question” through the poster of the “United Europe”, and Boris Yefimov’s caricatures “The Finnish Shapeshifter Cooking The Books” and “An Awkward Camouflage”. And in the previous posts in the blog: “Kill the Russians.” 105 years ago, the Finnish army staged the massacre in Vyborg. The truth must come out! and Finland – Life after NATO.

The article below was published in “Argumenty i Fakty” on the 18th of March 2023.

The Art of Timely Betrayal. Why the Finnish SS avoided punishment?

by Andrey Karelsky

Marshal Mannerheim, along with a German general, welcomes Finnish soldiers to the occupied Soviet territory. Finnish Military Archive sa kuva

About 80 years ago, in the spring of 1943, the Finnish SS battalion “Nordost” ceased its activities and was soon officially disbanded, while the volunteers who were part of it returned to their native Finland. Thus, the Finnish “SS men” did not partake in the fate of the other followers of the Third Reich, and did not suffer any punishment for war crimes committed on the territory of the Soviet Union.

Moreover, until now, it was believed in Finnish society that they did not commit any atrocities – and even if they reached the foothills of the Caucasus as part of the troops of Nazi Germany, it is rather a reason to be proud of the military prowess of the “hot Finnish guys”.

In Suomi, they didn’t want to hear about the killing of civilians, the shooting of prisoners of war and the massacre of Jews.
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How the Anglo-Saxons Promoted Fascism in the 20th Century and Revived It in the 21st – Dmitry Medvedev

Dmitry Medvedev, the vice-Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, published on the 9th of May 2024 – The Victory Day – an extensive article with 5 questions, addressed to the former allies. The publication was made in the form of a PDF file at the site of the Security Council. Here we present a translation of the article. Special thanks to Denis Efremov from Putinger’s Cat Telegram channel for drawing our attention to this publication and facilitating its translation.

How the Anglo-Saxons Promoted Fascism in the 20th Century and Revived It in the 21st


Return to the most inhuman and odious ideologies of the past became the historical nonsense of the 21st century. Fascism was vanquished almost eight decades ago. Finally and irrevocably, as it seemed back then. The Nuremberg Tribunal handed down the verdict to its leaders and accomplices. For many years, even the demonstration of Nazi symbols, not to mention other symbols and ideas of Hitlerism, was legally prohibited in the world. The United Nations and all international institutions acting in accordance with its Charter had their weighty say at that time.

However, in the new millennium, we are forced to fight the reincarnation of fascism, its zombie spawn, which embodies the disgusting and cynical great-grandson of Hitlerism – the Nazi regime of Kiev. To live in a world that our opponents are furiously striving to turn upside down, split and burn in the conflagration of the Third World War. At the same time, any normal person cannot but be angered and outraged by what the collective West is doing these days – the United States, Great Britain and other countries of the “Anglo-Saxon part” of the planet, along with their vassals and accomplices.

Our former World War II allies enthusiastically feed, stuff with weapons and incite the new Nazis, whose goal is to erase Russia from the map, and force the whole world to live according to gangster concepts, forgetting about the postulates of international law. While the remnants of the “forest brothers”(a) are choking on their Russophobia in the underdeveloped European states, the major Western powers are waging a hybrid war against us, imposing blockades and sanctions regimes, allocating billions to purchase weapons for neo-Nazis. Staging provocations and unprecedented bloody terrorist attacks by the hands of scoundrels, destroying entire cities and hundreds of civilians. In fact, today Washington and Brussels are acting with greater cynicism and scope, than Hitler and his accomplices in the 1930s and 1940s. All this is crudely interspersed with lamentations about “helping the weak” and calls for the “restoration of democracy”, as well as threats to start a full-fledged war with Russia.

Those who shook hands on the Elbe, landed in Normandy, participated in the resistance movement in the territories of European countries occupied by Germany and its allies could not have imagined such a thing in the worst of their nightmares. Those soldiers who found mountains of ashes near the furnaces of the liberated Auschwitz or Mauthausen. Those residents of peaceful European cities who brought flowers year after year to the monument to the Russian Alyosha on Bunardzhik Hill in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, to the obelisks on Mount Gellert in Budapest and in Berlin’s Treptow Park.

The peace treaty signed in the Mirror Gallery of the Palace of Versailles did not bode well for either the victorious powers in the First World War or the loser Germany.

There is no way to get rid of the feeling that, together with the elderly leaders of the United States, the statesmen of modern Europe have finally fallen into irreversible dementia. But no. Looking back, we can conclude with absolute certainty: the memory of our former allies is simply excellent, they hold up the traditions with top marks. Nazism did not come out of nowhere. At one time, it was our imaginary allies who actively helped it to be born and establish itself so as in the future to give it command: “Attack!”. The Anglo-Saxons created a breeding ground and support for Hitlerism at the turn of the last century and the century before last. And then, they were feeding and nurturing it like a bastard, with whose hands they were going to achieve their goals in the near future, and then throw it away as it became unnecessary. Just as its current successors. Everything repeats itself, except with an allowance for technological progress, the geopolitical context and other signs of the new time.

It is very important to understand who we are dealing with now, what we are fighting right up to the victorious end and complete rout. Let us recall and compare historical facts. And let us address five simple questions to the Anglo-Saxons.
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Cannibalistic master class for Ukrainian children

As a continuation of the topic in The Cannibalistic Ukraine with full NAFO support, here is the latest from the “defender of the European values:

“Fun” master class for Ukrainian children. As part of the master class, it is proposed to prepare the following dishes:
“Burning Crocus”
“Belgorod under the rubble”
“Angels of Donbass under the rubble” (referring to the memorial for the children of Donbass, who died from Ukrainian bombardments since 2014)

10 Years since Ukraine launched a war on its citizens in Lugansk

To those who still not understood:

From Russell Bentley’s Telegram channel:

On June 2, 2014, an AFU Su-25 aircraft struck the monumental building of the Luhansk Regional Administration and the square in front of it with unguided rockets. Eight residents of the LPR were killed. A total of about 20 munitions were fired at Luhansk that day.

Before that, there was the killing of Berkut special forces in Kiev, the shooting of buses with Crimeans near the city of Korsun, the killing of dozens of Odessa residents in the House of Trade Unions, the shooting of Mariupol residents on Victory Day, May 26 Donetsk Airport.

The symbol of that day, June 2, 2014, was the “woman in red” – Inna Kukuruza. Her last minutes of life after her legs were practically torn off were captured on video by a local resident who came running to the scene of the shelling.
Not everyone will find the strength to watch this video. But those who saw it will not forget her eyes, looking into the camera, will never forget her death throes.

In addition to the Regional State Administration, bombs were dropped on the square named after the Heroes of the Great Patriotic War and the parking lot.
Behind the administrative building there were multi-storey residential buildings, kindergarten “Zhuravlik”, a few dozen meters from the place of shelling there was a playground where children were playing.

Ukrainian politicians who came to power as a result of a neo-Nazi coup d’état, under the flags of Nazis and fascists, supported by the United States and Europe, sent volunteer battalions of neo-Nazis and the AFU army to Donbass with one goal – to conquer, to bring Donbass to its knees. And if it fails – there was an order to kill, to cleanse Donbass from the unruly.

For 10 years of civil war in Ukraine, unleashed by neo-Nazis and Banderaites, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians died and disappeared without a trace! Tens of millions have fled Ukraine. Today Ukraine is a concentration camp with a ruined economy, total corruption of the elites and total mobilization of ordinary Ukrainians for using them in so called “meat” assaults!

And Donbass…
Today Donbass is Russia! Militia with great combat experience have become soldiers of the Armed Forces of Russia, who are cleansing Ukraine from neo-Nazi filth!

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