YouTube deletes accounts of Graham Phillips and Scott Ritter in order to fortify free speech

YouTube continues to do what it’s been doing for some time now – “fortifying” the free speech and enforcing “our democracy” (as opposed to any other old inconvenient common democracy) – and deleted accounts of two prominent journalists and truth speakers – Graham Phillips and Scott Ritter. Apparently they were speaking too freely, misunderstanding the purpose of the “free speech”.

Already in May 2022 Graham wrote the following post on telegram:

YouTube has removed more than 9000 channels, and 70,000 videos ‘connected to the war in Ukraine’. Proud to say that several of my videos are among the 70,000 removed, must be doing something right!!!

And in July 2023 YouTube deplatformed Graham (link to WebArchive snapshot of his channel here), deleting many years of independent journalism from Donbass. Graham is currently re-creating the channel on Rumble.

Well, my friends, that day when I log in to my YouTube channel to find the ‘monkey of death’ awaiting me – meaning YouTube has deleted my account. That day is today.

Of course I saw how things were going on YouTube a long time ago, and had stopped uploading videos there, in order to preserve the channel as an archive. Even that wasn’t enough.

What to say, Graham’s YouTube channel, 2013-2023, over a hundred million views, watched all over the world, brought truth to people all over the world! It was a wonderful ride, and thanks for being with me on it – your every comment along the way I read, and hugely appreciated!!!

I’ll go on doing video reportage on other platforms, and YouTube will continue their self-determined journey into the abyss 😇

As RT reported on the 11th of August, YouTube continues in its effort in making itself irrelevant as a platform. So, Scot Ritter is now also publishing on Rumble, including his Scott Ritter Extra channel.

YouTube bans Scott Ritter

The site has completely scrubbed the channel of the former US intelligence officer, who has repeatedly voiced support for Russia.

“There was never any hate speech involved in any of the episodes of ‘The Scott Ritter Show’, unless one views unique content from silenced voices hateful,” Ritter said, calling the move “the latest in a series of actions by YouTube to silence Russian voices.”

“[This] represents the living manifestation of the disease of Russophobia which has swept America and US-based social media platforms,” he wrote.

In a separate post, Ritter noted that in addition to his channel, YouTube had also deleted the ‘Ask The Inspector’ channel, claiming that the move is “a targeted effort by YouTube to remove/minimize my voice, and those of my guests and the people who took the time to ask probing questions about the pressing issues of the day.”

“Those who are behind this should know – you won’t succeed,” Ritter said, adding that there is a “vast social media world” beyond YouTube, while warning those that remain on the platform that they will at some point have to conform to it or have their channels deleted, too.

“Both of them: Ask the Inspector and ‘The Scott Ritter Show. We’re moving to Rumble,” he told RT on Friday.

UPDATE: After a considerable public pressure, YouTube reinstated Scott Ritter’s channels. That was one free voice that was too loud to suppress!

3 thoughts on “YouTube deletes accounts of Graham Phillips and Scott Ritter in order to fortify free speech

  1. Stanislav: In addition to the two purges you cited here, US cancel culture went into high gear earlier this week, scrubbing the domains for 3 Russian “.org” web sites without any warning. They’re back online now with revised URLs, as indicated below:

    SouthFront [] – now

    Strategic Culture Foundation [] – now

    New Eastern Outlook [] – now

    (So much for “freedom of the press” here in the Fourth Reich!)

  2. Thank you for the update. Yes, “free speech for me, but not for thee”…

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