The rewriting of WWII history continues by van der Leyen and Johnson

In 2019 I published an article History being rewritten in front of our eyes… Today more such rewriting came about from the mouths of Boris Johnson, who posits that it is USA and UK together with Ukraine (!) who won WWII. It is needless to say that Ukraine did not exists back then, but was a Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic with the USSR, and it was USSR as a whole that took Berlin and ultimately ended WWII (through huge sacrifice), while the USA and UK provided some assistance.

Boris Johnson said that the Second World War was won by the West and Ukraine: The Anglo-American agreement was its achievement. And that is why the West won the Second World War with the Allies, incidentally, with Ukrainian help.

Hot on BoJo’s heels comes Ursula van der Leyen (henceforth known as van der Lie’en) basically stating that nuclear bombs were dropped on Japan by… the USSR. In reality it was the USA that did it to intimidate the USSR by this demonstration of power (at that time the USSR still did not have the nuclear technology in place), and as we now know: 204 A-Bombs Against 66 Cities: US Drew up First Plan to Nuke Russia Before WWII Was Even Over (RI repost)

Maria Zaharova had this to say to van der Leyen:

On September 21, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen was handing out awards on behalf of the Atlantic Council, a notorious US think tank included in the NATO system and hard at work to promote Euro-Atlantic ideas and generate Russophobic and anti-Russia narratives.

One of this year’s award winners is Prime Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida. Ms von der Leyen delivered rather a remarkable speech, praising Mr Kishida for his support of Ukraine and opposition to Russia. She mentioned the fact that his family came from Hiroshima, where a number of his relatives were killed when an atomic bomb was dropped on the city in 1945. Yet, she did not utter a single word about the United States or the Washington criminals who had dropped the A-bombs on the Japanese cities and their civilian population. However, this bureaucrat involved in the biggest corruption scandals in the EU history went even further and blamed the tragedy of Hiroshima… on Russia.

This is what she said: “Many of your relatives lost their lives when the atomic bomb razed Hiroshima to the ground. You have grown up with the stories of survivors and wanted us to listen to the same stories, to face the past and learn something about the future… Russia threatens to use nuclear weapons once again. It is heinous, it is dangerous – and in the shadow of Hiroshima, it is unforgivable.”

It is heinous and dangerous how Ursula von der Leyen spins her lies.