Some accounts of the Ukrainian continued war on their own – Russian – history, language and heritage

One of the signs of the blossoming Nazism is a war of an ultra-nationalistic minority, waged on the culture and values of the majority in their own country. Ukraine has now outpaced Nazi Germany in this regard. In this post I will first translate an article from “Argumenty i Fakty” regarding the ongoing war on the historic monuments and Russian language in Ukraine, and after that I will reference several Telegram posts from several channels that underscore what this article talks about..

The Fall of Pushkin. The preschoolers of Kiev were forbidden to speak Russian


“Completely excluded from the curricula of municipal institutions of preschool and general secondary education”

The total Ukrainization of the language sphere, legalized under Petro Poroshenko, is now reaching the smallest ones. Now children living in the Nezalezhnaya (translator note: “independent country”, aka. “404” or “Ukraine”) will not be allowed to speak Russian even in preschool institutions.

These are not fabrications, but an official statement published on the website of the Kiev City Council.

“Russian language is completely excluded from the curricula of municipal institutions of preschool and general secondary education in the capital,” it says, “According to the deputy of the Kiev City Council, chairman of the Standing Committee on education and science, family, youth and sports Vadim Vasilchuk, in the conditions of war with the Russian Federation, it is inappropriate and incorrect to conduct the educational process and to study Russian in preschool and general education institutions belonging to the municipal property of the territorial community of Kiev.

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The monument to Pushkin in Uzhgorod is already the third monument to the poet, dismantled recently in Ukraine. What will sober up Kiev? The construction of peace in Ukraine is not yet in sight.

“The deputy corps of the Kiev City Council has made a decision that will make it possible to avoid escalation of tension in society and strengthen the protection of the educational space of Kiev from the hybrid influences of the aggressor state. Language matters, and during the war it is a matter of national security,” Vasilchuk said.

“Organizational and legal actions”

At the same time, it is said that “organizational and legal actions” will be taken with respect to children’s groups where the Russian language is still practised.

To be honest, I don’t even want to think about how this will be implemented in practice. But it is possible that activists will come to kindergartens in Kiev who will teach kids to speak “Mova” (translator note: “Ukrainian”) under the threat of machine guns — this will not stand out in any way from the “normal” Ukrainian practices of recent months.

Well, if we are lucky, everything will be limited to the intimidation of teachers and parents.

One should, of course, be happy on behalf of the soldiers and officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, whose Russian speech continues to be heard on the air in the SMO zone — they create a wonderful future for their own children with their diligence.

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Ukrainian Nazis committed an act of vandalism at the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris, sticking stickers to the tombstones of great people in support of Zelensky and Ukrainian Nazism. In the photo, the tombstone of the composer Frederick Chopin with a Nazi Ukrainian inscription.Dead Balzac “for Zelensky”. Ukrainians desecrated a cemetery in Paris

A recipe for Odessa

Meanwhile, the Commissioner for the protection of the state language Taras Kremin appealed to the Mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov with a demand to dismantle roadsigns, shop signs and advertising in Russian in the city: “Back in February 2022, a corresponding appeal was sent, which stated the need to take measures to prevent violations of the law in the field of information sphere in the city of Odessa for general information, as well as external advertising only in a non-state language. However, as of today there is no response or appropriate action… Thus, external advertising placed with violations on the streets and avenues of our cities should be removed.”

Neither local authorities nor ordinary residents of Odessa are eager to implement this decision. Therefore, “Svidomy” (translator note: “the enlightened, ardent Ukrainian”) activists took up the case, marking “Moskal” shops and institutions with signs and trying to put pressure on their owners. Some prefer to give up, some fight back, but in general the trend has already been determined.

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While larger objects are being attacked in Odessa — in particular, the monument to Empress Catherine the Great will be demolished. It will obviously be followed by other preserved monuments to figures of the Russian Empire.Monument to the founders of the city of Odessa. The photo was taken in the spring of 2010.Everyone loves Billy. Will Catherine the Great be replaced by a gay porn actor in Odessa?

“Pushkinopad” with the support of writers

(Translator note: “Puskinopad” refers to the Russian words “listopad” – the fall of leaves in the autumn. Thus the translated titles of the article: “The Fall of Pushkin.”)

The hallmark of 2022 in Ukraine is “Pushkinopad” — the destruction of monuments and busts of the great Russian poet, carried out following the example of the “Leninopad” of 2014-2015.

Launched in the spring in Western Ukraine, today the demolition of Pushkin memorials has reached the eastern regions of the country.

On November 9, by the decision of the local authorities, the bust of Pushkin in Kharkov was dismantled. On November 11, the Zhytomyr media reported on the dismantling of the monument to the poet, which was installed in the city back in the XIX century. At the same time, the mayor of Zhytomyr, Sergei Sukhomlin, said that he was ready to exchange the bust of Pushkin for… the Ukrainian prisoners of war.

It is interesting that what is happening is approved by those who consider themselves figures of Ukrainian culture. In particular, the poet and novelist Sergey Zhadan announced the demolition of the monument in Zhytomyr in his social networks.

It is worth noting that the works of Zhadan himself was published in Russia, he was caressed by the Russian literary crowd, and nominated for Russian literary awards.

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The conveyor of militant broilers: whom and for what will Ukraine raise?

The destruction of monuments to Pushkin takes place against the background of the exclusion of the works of Alexander Sergeevich from Ukrainian school textbooks.

Getting rid of Pushkin in Ukraine is not part of the destruction of Russian culture, it is part of the destruction of culture in general.

Instead, a “surrogate” is being formed, whose sole task is to foster hatred for everything Russian literally from the moment of birth.

The commander-in-chief of the UPA (an organization banned on the territory of the Russian Federation), Roman Shukhevich, taught his adherents: “Do not be afraid that people will curse us for cruelty. Let half of the 40 million Ukrainian population remain — there is nothing terrible in this.”

Today, the regime of Vladimir Zelensky is implementing a similar task — creating a community of “true Ukrainians” by separating them from the other residents of the republic. The one who accepts the postulates of the new national faith, implicated in Nazism, will be able to live, there will be no room for the rest.

This is the fulfilment of the theses of the President of Ukraine, who called in 2021 for everyone who speaks Russian in Donbass to get out to Russia. Today, these practices are being implemented throughout Nezalezhnaya.

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Russian-speaking residents of Ukraine demand to return Russian language to schools, Kiev, Ukraine. They don’t exchange the language for “Mova”. Most Ukrainians still choose Russian.

The Ukrainian authorities recognize that the country cannot exist today without foreign funding. Deputy Head of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine Taras Kachka frankly stated that in the absence of support from the United States, Europe and the International Monetary Fund, the country will collapse almost immediately.

Naturally, the West does not pay Kiev for the beauty of their eyes. It needs soldiers who will die in the war against Russia. Given that the Pentagon plans to purchase weapons for years to come, Ukraine will send its citizens to their deaths for many more years.

In the education of thugs, Russian language and Pushkin are an annoying hindrance.

As a post-script to the last sentence of the article, this is what is being grown in Ukraine:

And now, a few Telegram posts, as promised. Some of them are in Russian and will have my translation.

Below is an opinion piece by Maria Zaharova:

I would like to draw attention to the demolition of monuments of our common history by the Kiev regime. Almost all monuments of the Soviet era have already been demolished, including monuments to Lenin, to whom Ukraine owes its statehood.

On November 7, in Odessa, they reached the monument to Empress Catherine II, who founded this city.

What can I say here? “Sharikovschina”. (Translator note: After the character Sharikov from the famous satirical work by Bulgakov “Heart of a Dog“.)

It is astonishing that while they demolish the monuments of the Soviet period under the slogan of decommunization, in the demolition of the monument to Catherine the Great, they repeat the steps of the Bolsheviks, so hated by them, took more than 100 years ago.

You can read Bunin’s “Cursed Days”, he vividly describes the events of those years and what was happening around this monument. You will get the impression that you are watching a report from today’s Odessa.

In the same place, the monument to Field Marshal Suvorov is subjected to constant desecration by neo-Nazis.

And him for what? It seems that he does not fall under decommunization, he was not an emperor. They need to bring the ideological platform to suit their actions. They’ll think of something.

The nationalist regime in Kiev is haunted by facts confirming that the history of these places, like the whole history of Ukraine, is integral to the Russian one. Any attempts to rewrite it are doomed to failure.