False Flag Warning! Russian MoD warns: Kiev plans a chemical false flag!

As usual, the best way to avert a looming false flag is to alert about it. And the best false flag is the one that ultimately does not materialise. So, in view of this, here comes a die warning:

The Message from the Russian Ministry of Defence:

⚡️Joint Coordination Headquarters of Russian Federation for Humanitarian Response in Ukraine

❗️According to the available information, confirmed by several independent sources, a large-scale provocation is being prepared under the leadership of the Ukrainian president’s office aimed at discrediting the Russian Federation on the international scene.

◽️ In order to distract the attention of the international community from the facts of numerous war crimes committed by the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and militants of nationalist formations published by the UN, Kiev regime has planned a special information campaign.

◽️ For its implementation, within the last two weeks, in Akhtyrka in Sumy region, an allegedly ‘advanced defence line of the AFU on the line of contact with the Russian troops’ has been prepared.

◽️ The bodies and remains of dead Ukrainian servicemen, whose deaths allegedly occurred as a result of hit by ‘Russian’ artillery ammunition filled with ‘poisonous substances’, are planned to be delivered to the equipped pseudo-positions.

◽️ Kiev regime envisages the treatment of this area and the remains of the Ukrainian servicemen with a poisonous substance. This will allow invited experts from the Western countries currently on Ukrainian territory to document the alleged ‘use of ‘chemical weapons’ by the Russian armed forces’.

◽️ To make the provocation more plausible, Ukraine’s special services have been instructed to prepare and publish on social media fake radio intercepts allegedly discussed by Russian servicemen preparing to use ‘chemical weapons’, as well as fabricated orders to receive special ammunition for Grad MLRS units.

◽️ According to Kiev regime’s intention, this provocation will make it possible to launch another media campaign to discredit the Russian Federation in the Western media, including an attempt to initiate UN Security Council meeting with accusations against the Russian Federation.

⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ URGENT! Poisonous substances have already been delivered to the region for Western experts to record the “use” of “chemical weapons” by the Russian Armed Forces

Re-transmission by Lada Ray:


💥Zelensky’s office is preparing a massive false flag, in order to discredit Russia internationally! To distract international community from the war crimes committed by Ukraine army, a special piece of land was prepared in the village of Akhtirka (Ахтырка), Sumi oblast.

💥The bodies and remains of the dead Ukrainian military will be delivered from the morgues. The plan is to portray those bodies as if having been struck by “Russian” ammunition equipped with “poisonous substances.” To that end, Kiev regime intends to treat the entire area and the remains of Ukrainian servicemen with said poisonous substances.

❗️The special services of Ukraine have been instructed to construct and disseminate on social networks fake radio intercepts of alleged discussions by Russian military personnel in supposed preparation for the use of “chemical weapons!”

⚡️**The goal of this false flag is to facilitate launching yet another media campaign in the Western media to discredit the Russian Federation and to try to initiate a meeting of the UN Security Council with accusations against Russia!

2 thoughts on “False Flag Warning! Russian MoD warns: Kiev plans a chemical false flag!

  1. You seem to be just as dumb as one of those flat earthers, believing in the lies of the Russian dictator. I feel sorry that you have been brain washed all your life and therefor do not seek the truth that is just in front of you.
    Calling Kiev a regime, just show that you know nothing of what is going on outside of Russia.

  2. Ha! Look at that, a genuine yellow-blue comment!
    I am looking at what is going on precisely from outside of Russia – from Europe. Been doing so since the Nazi coup d’etat in Kiev in 2014. And since the regime sanctioned burning of people in Odessa in May 2014 and dropped the first bombs on the civilian city centres in Donbass…

    No, Kiev is not a regime. There are no Nazis in Ukraine. Zelensky is a philanthropist. They don’t burn books and butcher art over there. There is no censorship there. They are full of love and kindness towards all the people.

    Or, maybe, you’ve been mislead and Kiev is a regime, killing its own dissenting voices, Oles Buzina is one of many, completely blocking the freedom of speech and freedom of religion, persecuting the Russian-speaking majority of its population.

    But, as as it was said many times here, Ukraine will be supported until the last Ukrainian. After all, the Ukrainian land is already not owned by Ukraine, but by the American companies, and they want their land without the aborigines.

    You can shout your OUN-UPA Nazi slogan in your handle all you like, it does not change anything – Ukrainian neo-Nazis of today are slated to be used and discarded just the same way as their OUN-UPA predecessors.

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