Crimean Bridge Complete – The First Passenger Train Passes!

Such splendid news on the eve of the New Year of 2020!

The 100-year-old Russian dream has come to fruition and the bridge to Crimea is now complete. It was during the reign of tzar Nikolai II that the first plans to build the bridge to Crimea appeared. The technological know-how was not, however, in place and the first actual attempt to build the bridge happened right after WWII. The bridge was constructed between the two nearest shore points and could not withstands the pressure of the ice, so it collapsed shortly after its construction. And now this third attempt is a resounding success, started shortly after Crimea’s reunification with Russia and necessitated by the hostile attitude from the Russian break-away Borderland area. The bridge now carries both cars and trains.

Watch the exclusive reportage of the first passenger train passage by the British independent journalist Graham Phillips:

And here is a local view:
MEET! The FIRST TRAIN to CRIMEA! Simferopol. Railway Station comes to life! Sevastopol.