13.06.2022 – The most brutal shelling of Donetsk city over the past 8 years. Now with French munitions

On the 13th of June 2022 the Ukro-Nazi forces conducted the most brutal, savage bombardment of Donetsk city that it has seen over the past 8 years of shelling. The bombardment can be comparable to what the residents of Leningrad had to endure from the German Nazis during the blockade of WWII. Some of the cluster munitions that fell on the residential areas of the city were delivered by France, which has now become an accessory to the war crime.

5 people have died, 35 were wounded. Among the targets of the ukro-Nazis was a maternity ward.

As Ukrainian Policy Matters Telegranm channel reported: “The French media published a story about how the artillerymen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine protect Ukraine. The next day, Ukrainian artillery shelled residential areas of the city of Donetsk, which caused fires throughout the city and many civilians were killed. Unfortunately, French TV channels ignored this story.”

“Donetsk, Shakhterskaya Square, now. 86 BM-21 Grad missiles, 14 BM-27 Hurricane missiles, more than 30 155-mm shells were fired at Donetsk IN THE LAST HOUR ALONE:”

A translation of the Telegram post of:

First Deputy Minister of Information of the DPR Daniil Bezsonov @neoficialniybezsonov

Yesterday, the Ukrainian Nazis launched massive strikes on the center of Donetsk using MLRS, artillery systems. Until late in the evening, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DPR extinguished fires throughout the city. The scale of the shelling is terrifying: 300 shells in two hours! “Grads”, “Hurricanes”, 155 mm NATO artillery. The most massive shelling of Donetsk in the entire history of this long—term conflict – both in power, density, and duration. Over the past day, five people were killed on the territory of the DPR and another 35 were injured.

One might have thought that this was artillery preparation before an offensive attempt, but no. If it had been artillery preparation, then the shelling would have been of a different nature. It would be conducted in the area where it would be necessary to suppress our forces, specifically in the area where a breakthrough would be planned. And the military infrastructure would suffer, not the civilian one. While the Ukrainian Nazis hit exclusively the civilian infrastructure — markets, maternity hospitals, residential quarters. This is the terror of the civilian population.

During yesterday’s shelling, Vishnevsky’s Donetsk maternity hospital suffered. The work of this maternity hospital will be suspended, the women in labour will be transferred to other similar Donetsk medical institutions. Chairman of the RF IC Alexander Bastrykin instructed to identify those involved in the shelling of Donetsk. In addition to the maternity hospital, city hospitals No. 1 and 20, primary health care centres No. 7 and 8 were under fire. I recall one of the massive shelling of Donetsk, during which a number of school institutions were damaged. Now the Ukrainian Nazis have gone through the hospitals.

Today we are witnessing a contradictory reaction of the West to what happened. German Channel One blamed Russia for the shelling of Donetsk. They must be getting Goebbels’ manuals that were collecting dusty in the archives. Even German journalists working in the DPR admit that the shelling was from Ukraine.

The UN, on the contrary, is concerned about what has happened, expressing extreme concern. The representative of the UN Secretary-General, Stephane Dujarric, said that strikes on medical institutions are unacceptable, this is a gross violation of international law.

It is sad to hear from UN representatives about gross violations of international law. After eight years of war, shelling of residential areas of Donbass, persecution of dissidents in Ukraine, the UN can only say that official Kiev has grossly violated international law. Although we have not expected anything from such organizations for a long time: there will be no impact on Ukraine, no persecution of Ukrainian Nazis by the international community. There will be only what we can achieve ourselves: we will kill all Ukrainian soldiers, and those who surrender will be judged by the law.

Here are more reports from the independent journalists on the spot:

Russell Bentley is not shy for words:

One of the heaviest artillery attacks on the center of Donetsk city civilian areas by US/Ukrop nazis in the last 8 years of war, happened today, June 13th.

At this point, it’s not even news. If you don’t know by now who’s the good guys and who are the mass murdering coward terrorist war criminals, I got nothing more to say to you.

And if you DO know who is who and what is what, well, the time for talk is over. Our enemies are YOUR enemies too, and soon enough, and I mean REAL soon, they will be killing you and yours just like they are killing us. Your choice is clear – You can bend over and take it, or you can stand up and fight. It’s life or death, us or them, starting NOW. Get to work! DAVAI!

Graham Phillips writing:


Over 300 strikes on Donetsk within two hours, I hear reported. While Kiev is lamenting that they don’t have enough artillery and ammunition and demanding —not begging, demanding — NATO send them more.

Who does that? Who keeps trying to kill the group they hate, even when it makes no sense from a military standpoint, even when it actively hinders their military operations, because that killing is the point? Think of the death camps in 1944-45 and you’ll understand, instantly.

It’s difficult to imagine a silver lining to this atrocity, but there is one. It should prove beyond any doubt to whoever remains unpersuaded at this point that the Ukrainian regime really is hateful and basically genocidal (towards Russian-speakers of the Donbass, theoretically their own people) and that it needs to be brought to justice. Swiftly.

The French involvement in the genocide of Russians:

And here is how the German MSM portrayed it – blaming Russia.

France is on the lying spree, too. Have something to hide, do they?

“French media call Ukrainian inhumane shellings of Donetsk “Russian shellings” too together with their German colleagues. What is wrong with them?”

At least the BBC (surprisingly) did not shift the blame:

And as a PostScriptum:

3 thoughts on “13.06.2022 – The most brutal shelling of Donetsk city over the past 8 years. Now with French munitions

  1. Sickening! Especially those preposterous lies from the German and Vichy-French press.

    There are no words to expess the rage I feel towards those Ukro-Nazi bastards, whose “leaders” constantly have their hands outstretched *demanding* more weapons to “defend Ukraine” while in fact using them to conduct a vicious campaign of genocide against innocent civilians.

    Excellent coverage, as usual, Stanislav.

  2. I know. And that’s the reaction the Ukrainian “army” is hoping to achieve from the Russian Armed Forces – to start acting rashly, to commence a frontal assault on the well-fortified Avdeevka, from where Ukraine is shelling the civilians.

    An update:
    RT hears first-hand from personnel and patients of shelled Donetsk maternity hospital

    And then, the common heroic deed: doctors staying behind above ground with a newborn premature baby that required intensive care, while the shells were exploding around.

    Dmitry Anatolyevich Bessonov, Head of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Vishnevsky Republican Center for Maternal and Child Health. Together with the doctor on duty and the nurse, he remained in the ward with three newly born children: two in serious condition, and one on a ventilator.

    The blast wave blew away the glass wall of the ward, one of the babies was covered with shrapnel, but he was not injured. The medical staff is also fine, continuing to do their duty.

    Dmitry Bessonov, a doctor with a capital letter, and two of his colleagues (we will definitely find out their names) are real heroes, and our world is based on such people. Low bow and gratitude.

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