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This page is rather dynamic - it constantly grows and gets more sophisticated. You can either search my site for keywords that interest you, or select one of the topics in the list below... You can use finger to check if I am logged in on the network at the Institute of Social Science at University in Oslo. You can also finger anybody through that finger gateway.

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My other homepage at the Institute of Computer Science (Norwegian)

A bit about myself (if you think it's a dull stuff, jump ritgh to the contents of my site):

A certain person My name is [redacted]. At the present I am a student the University in Oslo, studying something very undefined. I've completed lower and medium courses of Soscial Econimy at the faculty of Social Science and a lower course in Russian at the faculty of Humanitarian Studies and now study computer science, working on my Master Thesis . My life is concentrated around mathematics during this term, but in general I plan to complete my student life at the Institute of Computer Science. More what can be said about me is that I am rather tall, my age can be described with the following sentence:
I am so old that I've forgotten how old I am, yet I am so young that I haven't begun to count my years...
You can contact me at or mail me (and everybody else) directly from my mailing page.

The Contents:
  • Programming - here you will find several of my programs - executables and source - together with some useful links to other programming resources.
    Also in this section:
  • Music & Movies - My musical interests and some films I like. Here you will find short descriptions of artists and bands I enjoy listening to with some cover images. Also in this section:
  • Literature - A list of my favourit writers, with some resources connected to them.
    Also in this section:
  • Friends - Links to my friends' homepages
    Also in this section:
  • Ladonia - The Office of Nothingness.
    Also in this section:
  • new! Games of various art - The games I like to play (computer, RPG). Clipart from computer games, some secrets and short-cuts, etc, etc...
    Also in this section:
  • Russian page - A page for those, who understand Russian. The page is in KOI-8.
    Also in this section:
  • Odds and ends, not worth their own section:

  • And here are some useful utilities:
  • Link page - Links to useful resources, which did not find their place on my other pages.
  • Search engines - Lots of powerful search engines, collected on one page. You can also start your search directly from this page!
  • Mailing page - Send your e-mail from here, also anonymously!
  • Expression interpreter - Calculator

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