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I began to mirror Ladonia Discussion Board shortly after I became Ladonian citizen in the autumn of 1997. I did it first to get aquatinted with the thoughts, expressed in Ladonia in the days before I joined in - without being on-line while I read all of them. So only some selective messages have been mirrored in those early days. Later I began a systematic mirror activity, so that quite a few messages are now preserved for the future

Ladonia Discussion Board tends to grow rather large over time and gets regularly (once a year?) reset. It gets truncated and all the messages at the end of the board are lost. This site gives you, fellow Ladonian, a unique opportunity to browse through (almost all) older messages, which can mainly no longer be found on the official site. Please note that this is not a discussion board - you cannot post follow-ups or new messages!

If you are interested in the program I use for mirroring, see the end of this page for details. I would advise you to search the archive instead of selecting indexes, as there is quite a number of messages from early days which are not completely threaded. And now, select the index, which corresponds to the time span you wish to view or...

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Old Ladoniaboard Archive for
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Index #First messageLast message
Index 1 Effective: 06.04.97 by Lord Lars von Rosell Daylight Saving Time(s)

Absolute: 19.03.97 by Lord Melander How many are we?

Remark: Many messages and follow-ups are lost.
Effective: 02.12.97 by Nemo, The Cabinet and ladonians

Remark: Overlaps with Index 2. Some links to follow-ups are not reflected on the main page, but are found inside the messages.
Index 2 Effective: 19.04.97 by Lars Vilks SS, Queen and ministers in Ladonia

Absolute: 03.12.97 by Student, Re: art, reality and fiction

Remark: Many early messages can also be found in Index 1. View that first as index 2 is rather large.
Effective: 27.01.99 by Marquis James von Hartman, Latin Linguistics

Remark: The board is almost complete. It has been cut very hard - when Index 3 comes, it will have almost no overlapping.
Index 3 Effective: 11.20.98 by James Hartman, Idea

Absolute: 01.23.99 by shawn, Re: ON-LINE CHAT SUNDAY 25

Remark: Almost no overlaps with previous indecies.
Effective: 03.12.00 by Marquis James von Hartman, MLP, Observation

Remark: None.
Here is a list of messages, missing from the archive, lost forever...

If you want to have an off-line version of this archive, mail me and will send you a copy.

Mirror program: coming soon??? I hope...
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