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Imperial Weapon Research Facility

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It is not a secret that there are lots of excellent, good and average add-on levels for Dark Forces out there. I also decided to make a level of my own, especially since I have long ago got an idea for a story.

One of the puzzles. I like puzzles, surprises and unexpected situations, all of which will find their way into my level, which is called 'Imperial Weapon Research Facility' and replaces the original level 4, 'Research Facility'. I also strive to make puzzles original, that is - not to be found in other DF levels.

I invite everybody to become a beta tester of the level, while the work is in progress. In such a way it will be much easier to make adjustments. I have done quite a lot of work on the level already. The final release is scheduled for the 1st of January, 2000.

If you decide to test this level, and find any bugs (I work hard on keeping the level bug-free) or have any comments, please let me know. The due corrections will then be made, and due credits given...

Download the latest beta-version of Imperial Weapon Research Facility
(Ver: 0.04; Last updated: 24.11.98; Size: 46K)

The Briefing:

We begin to get a picture around the Dark Trooper project. However, the more data we get, the better chances of winning this battle we have. The most accurate information we have for the time being leads us to one particular Imperial Weapon and Droid Reaserch Facility (IWDRF). Our spy inside the Facility, Crix Madine, confirms that the activity is above normal in the high-security Area Z. We suspect the Area Z is used as a Dark Trooper component research center. What we are particularily interested in is the information on the base metal component of the Trooper. We would greatly appreciate a sample of that metal too.

Alas, Crix is unable to get to the Area Z without blowing his cover, and we still need him behind the lines.

The access to the main gate of the base should be clear, but if you run into trouble and the gate would be closed, Crix prepared a "key" for you. He sprayed parts of the entrance code on the walls using invisible paint, and marked the spots with barely noticible markings. The writing will become visible if you treat it with a special solution we are going to provide you with.

And now, some screenshots...

Try and enter!
Before entering the puzzle lane you have to do some serious warming up...

Storage area.
If you manage to solve the puzzle, it is here you will enter...

Secret area.
I shouldn't be showing this... I just wonder if it is at all possible to find this secret room without cheating?

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