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Dark Forces

Your partner - JanFirst of all, I'd like to state that DF is the best first-person game I ever played, and I've tried both DOOM and Heretics. In DF you are Kyle, a mercinary, who took the part of aliance. Your task is to disrupt the imperial project on Dark Troopers. You partner, Jan, will fly you to the missions, ohterwise you are on your own.

What attracts me most in this game is (or rather are) good plot, which is in full coherence with Star Wars, intriguing puzzles, and logic objectives. Graphics is also very nice, in fact, DF was first to implement full 3D objects.

The missions are varying and rather realistic. You'll experience being captured and taken your weapons (read toys) from you. There is also a wide spectre of opponents, from harmless mouse droids to the deadly Dark Trooper (expecially in Phase 3). You might wish to view your opponents before you really meet them, or read about them in the FAQ.

Day of the Tantacle?Day of the Tentacle will be discussed later on this page. But did you know that it is also present in DF? Not officially, of course. Making modification to one file, which you extract from DARK.GOB file, you can get this picture. The change in question is discribed at the end of the FAQ. Yet, if you are are not sure how to set about it, download a ZIP archive, which contains the modified file, and extract it in your Dark Forces directory. If you would rather do modifications yourself, you can make use of my GOB extraction utility.

I am currently developing an add-on level for DF. Go to Imperial Weapon Research Facility's main page, and read more about it! The developers of DF add-on levels might be interested in downloading a collection of resouces (130K PKZIPped BMs, WAXs, FMEs, and 3DOs) found in the demo version, but later changed or abandoned in the commercial release.

Transport that brings you to the missionsAnd now, traditionally, a Dark Forces FAQ, and some screenshots. The FAQ in question is more like a state-of-the-art 99.99% complete guide to DF. If you do not manage to round the game after having read it, there is no hope for you...

Screenshots! Look, how you see the world in DF. Ark Hammer, where Dark Troopers are made, while you "board" it; The Executor, Darth Vader's flagship; An Aliance escort; Front view on modified fregate; Captured by Jabba; Jabba's Ship; Dark Trooper, stage II. There is an impressive closing scene in DF, but I will not put any screenshots from it. You must have something to go for, after all :-)

Dark Trooper 'distribution'

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