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Posted by Nemo on October 30, 1997 at 12:29:16:

In Reply to: Re: Cyber-towers posted by Sir Nemolom on October 25, 1997 at 15:44:21:

: : :


: : : I just got this idea of how we could take better care
: : : of the Ladonian builings of the future.

: : ......(Shortened by Nemo)

: : : Maybe some will mean we need a cyber-minister for this?
: : : What do you, dear Secretary of State, and other fellow
: : : Ladonians feel about this idea?

: : : (For some reason this I get this image in my head of the
: : : wicker-men that the celts were told to be building).

: : : Optimistic about the future,
: : : Sir Nemolom Trond Ivar Hansen, Lord Of Wanderers,
: : : Head Secretary Of The Special State Office Of Nomads

: : Generally it's a fine idea - "my home is my castle", yet I think as time will run, and everyone will acquire his ows Cyber-tower, it may become rather little place for humans outside the towers. Just look at the dramatic situation with cars in some "civilized" counties.

: Hm, you´re right. Maybe we could put some restrictions on it. Like not allowing anyone to run a cyber-tower on her own. Have a minimum limit of 4 people in a running tower, or even more.
: Maybe we could build the towers so that they needed sleep and then the humans had to leave the towers and stay outside for some hours.

: : My idea of a perfect home, which is always with you, is an imaginary house. It could exist in its own dimension, and could be drawn out into daylight each time there was a need for it.

: Like a tent? It´s a good idea, but as far as I know all dimensions are taken already. If one where able to open a portal to a new dimension it would help immensely. We could even occupy it in the name of Ladonia.

: : Anyhow, back to your idea. One could put some restrictions on the size and functionality of cyber-towers. Have you thought of a possibility that these intellegent towers can take over the humans. Somewhat in the same fashion as today's cars suppress their human owners?

: The towers had of course to be designed to be not too intelligent. We could put a mechanism in them so that they would tell their owners if they (the owners) where taking a too low status. Maybe the towers had to be shouted at to react on commands. In that way humans could get out lots of aggression too. The towers could be equipped with a high understanding of how the way nature´s processes works, a "red indian" understanding of the earth, so they wouldn´t hurt nature more than necassrily.

: Would you, dear Nemo, think this would make the design of the towers better?
: Have other ladonians remarks and comments on these ideas?

: With good will,
: yours
: Sir Nemolom, Trond Ivar Hansen, Earl of Wanderers,
: Head secretary of The special state office of nomads

After you having introduced these corrections, I begin to like the idea! What about contacting our Minister of Propaganda and propose to make an opinion poll on the matter?

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