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Posted by Baron Johan on November 21, 1997 at 21:40:05:

In Reply to: Re: Cyber-towers posted by Sir Nemolom, S.S. of Nomads. on November 21, 1997 at 14:19:17:

: : : : : : :


: : : : After you having introduced these corrections, I begin to like the idea! What about contacting our Minister of Propaganda and propose to make an opinion poll on the matter?

: : : (Shortened by Sir Nemolom)

: : : Dear Nemo (and others)
: : : I have now contacted the minister of propaganda, but Ive got no answer.
: : : Maybe time isnt right yet for these ideas, or possibly noone reads on the discussion board?

: : : Yours
: : : Sir Nemolom

: : Hei!

: : I have learnt that our minister of Propaganda has put himself in a glacier! I suspect he felt Ladonia stopped to be what it was! I hope he will change his mind!

: : I could reccomend you to send this Cyber-towers project to Baron Johan. I think this idea should be kept up!

: : Nemo

: Ive learnt that Baron Johan is an active minister, and Im sure hes been following this project already,
: but Ill send him an e-mail anyway.
: Ive found out that one big question about cyber-towers would be what energy source it should use.
: Id say fossile fuel should be out of the question, Id like more to use e
: electrical power, like solar cells or batteries.
: Maybe wed need a department of research to find out things like this?
: Would we need different kinds/species of cyber-towers?
: Some for urban environment, some for rural?
: Would we need kinds with different speeds for differnt people?
: Should we need to be able to custom-build them for the different "tribes"?
: As you see theres many more questions to be answered and discussed,
: and Im very happy for your, Baron Johans and others participation in these matters.

: Yours optimistically:
: Sir Nemolom Trond Ivar Hansen, Earl of wanderers,
: head secretary of the special state office of nomads


I have read sir Nemolon's outline of a project "Cybertowers"
and I must say that it has good qualities. I got some ideas.
The cybertowers (maybe the the word cyber- has a slightly
bad ring...why not Tower-towers instead or something else)
Regarding the energy, it should be natural to use wave-power,
as Ladonia has lots of waves in it's vicinity. Another
question concerns the actual material. Should it be a combination
of wood and ectoplasma, or something totally different.
Maybe the project has reached the point when an actual prototype
has to be developed, at least an archaic version. I would be
glad to recieve more details on this project, dear Nemolon.
"What is moving, has to move".

Slow energetic Waves

Baron Johan

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