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Posted by Sir Nemolom, S.S.O. of Nomads on November 22, 1997 at 14:02:04:

In Reply to: Re: Cyber-towers posted by Baron Johan on November 21, 1997 at 21:40:05:

: : : : : : : :


: : : : : After you having introduced these corrections, I begin to like the idea! What about contacting our Minister of Propaganda and propose to make an opinion poll on the matter?

: : : : (Shortened by Sir Nemolom)

: : : : Dear Nemo (and others)
: : : : I have now contacted the minister of propaganda, but Ive got no answer.
: : : : Maybe time isnt right yet for these ideas, or possibly noone reads on the discussion board?

: : : : Yours
: : : : Sir Nemolom

: : : Hei!

: : : I have learnt that our minister of Propaganda has put himself in a glacier! I suspect he felt Ladonia stopped to be what it was! I hope he will change his mind!

: : : I could reccomend you to send this Cyber-towers project to Baron Johan. I think this idea should be kept up!

: : : Nemo

: : Ive learnt that Baron Johan is an active minister, and Im sure hes been following this project already,
: : but Ill send him an e-mail anyway.
: : Ive found out that one big question about cyber-towers would be what energy source it should use.
: : Id say fossile fuel should be out of the question, Id like more to use e
: : electrical power, like solar cells or batteries.
: : Maybe wed need a department of research to find out things like this?
: : Would we need different kinds/species of cyber-towers?
: : Some for urban environment, some for rural?
: : Would we need kinds with different speeds for differnt people?
: : Should we need to be able to custom-build them for the different "tribes"?
: : As you see theres many more questions to be answered and discussed,
: : and Im very happy for your, Baron Johans and others participation in these matters.

: : Yours optimistically:
: : Sir Nemolom Trond Ivar Hansen, Earl of wanderers,
: : head secretary of the special state office of nomads

: Fellows!

: I have read sir Nemolon's outline of a project "Cybertowers"
: and I must say that it has good qualities. I got some ideas.
: The cybertowers (maybe the the word cyber- has a slightly
: bad ring...why not Tower-towers instead or something else)

The name isnt important, I just felt that the word "cyber" would cover my meaning the best, allthough not wholly.

: Regarding the energy, it should be natural to use wave-power,
: as Ladonia has lots of waves in it's vicinity.

The towers could have means by which it could gather energy from many kinds of resources. Wave-energy in the vicinity of the sea, sun in the desert, wind in the mountains and so on.

: question concerns the actual material. Should it be a combination
: of wood and ectoplasma, or something totally different.

I belive its most realistic to imagine it being built of different materials,
all of which should be easy to do maintenance on. Wood, iron, fabric, paper, stone, brick, even plastic.
Biomechanic material is also a very interesting idea.

: Maybe the project has reached the point when an actual prototype
: has to be developed, at least an archaic version. I would be
: glad to recieve more details on this project, dear Nemolon.

And Ill be glad to work out more details in cooperation with my dear fellow ladonians.

: "What is moving, has to move".

"All is motion"

: Slow energetic Waves

: Baron Johan

Im very glad for your comments and ideas, and Ill gladly make the first scetches soon.
Look out in the future.

Sir Nemolom Trond Ivar Hansen, Earl of Wanderers,
Head secretary of the special state office of nomads

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