At the Doorstep of World War III

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Posted by Nemo on October 12, 1998 at 15:05:15:

The United States are about to start an agression against an independent state - Serbia. I say the United States, and not NATO because NATO-countries would do exactly what USA tells them to do.

This mindless aggression can bring us to World War III. The USA have learnt nothing from its earlier experiences - Hiroshima and Vietnam. I wish to remind everybody that several years of bombing in Vietnam didn't break the will of Vietnamese liberation army. Meddling with internal affairs of a state (especially with a case of civil disagreements) brings nothing but misery and destruction to all the nations involved.

The USA and the world are utterly inconsistent in their moves. When Russia had a case of civil war with Chechen republic, the world community (read USA) did not react in any way - more precisely, they did not send bombers to crush Russia. Why? Because Russia could fight back, because Russia had atomic weapon, after all, because Russian territory is so large. Serbia does not have atomic weapon, Serbia, maurauded by rebels, cannot fight back, and Serbia is small. Thus it can be attacked without any large fear for being hit back. That's cowardice! The following cite only confirms it: "The six B-52s that arrived Sunday at a British air based would be used to launch cruise missiles from outside the range of Serbís air defenses." (from

So why to launche this assault at all? The answer is: to justify NATO's existance and to show who is the boss. Since the threat from Soviet Union disappeared NATO was in accute lack of enemies. So the enemies and wars should be created to justify bugets. Iraque was first, Serbia is next.

Why World War III? Russia has newly declared its support to Serbia - diplomatic and military - as to a bother-state. In an utmost case this would mean that any country declaring war on Serbia, declares war on Russia, meaning that Russia can strike back, targeting any European country.

USA behaves now like "the wold's hooligan", striking the one who is weaker, but avoiding the one who is equal or stronger. It was not so long ago we saw banners "USA out of Vietnam". I am afraid that soon we will see banners "NATO (USA) out of Serbia!"

This paragraph is for americans only (in connection with their constant paranoia): No, I am not a communist; I am a person who loves the thing that americans lost long ago - freedom.

(after the famous Prince Dakkar)

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