Re: At the Doorstep of World War III

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Posted by Sir Nemolom on October 14, 1998 at 22:14:10:

In Reply to: Re: At the Doorstep of World War III posted by John Parman on October 14, 1998 at 09:24:24:

: : One last word. World’s Policeman? I didn’t know policemen in America had the right to kill a husband when called to a domestic case of husband beating up his wife... That’s exactly what NATO is about to do!

: : Nemo.

: I would have responded earlier, however, due to the fact that I am in a residence hall in my university where there seems to be a party going on at every hour, I have not had much sleep. I am now in the transition o moving to another hall for the specific purpose of getting eight hours of sleep a night.

: About what you said in that last paragraph, that isn't true, a policeman does not have the authority to kill a husband for beating his wife. There was a time when speaking about abuse was taboo. Now, it has opened up, marital abuse is not an issue, it is a crime. In my home state, California, the offense is punishable by up to four years in jail. However, many wive's are reluctant to press charges, the police see a bloody bruise across their cheek and a broken lip and the wife is crying and may say that "she only fell down the stairs." It is a tragedy that America has abuse like this. However, it is beneficial that national dialogue has been created to focus on the issue. A police officer has only the rights that the American Constitution, the bill of rights, and the Police Code of the USA allow. Pepper spray is sanctioned, many billy-clubs are outlawed, and excessive force can lead to jail time for officers in all 50 states.
: Yesterday, perhaps after writing my response, a "" sent me over 5000 e-mails calling me a 'rat bastard' i wonder if it was me, or something I wrote.

: Best,

: John Parman

Sorry about the 5000 junkmails.
I wish they soon invented some technology that prevented people from sending the same mail to the same person more than once.
I could also wish, Mr.Parman that you answered properly on Nemos last answer,
not just the "last word", brawling about your laws, but to his replies to your arguments.
Your debate is interesting to read,
as it illuminates the wievs of two different worlds,
not just on this case, but on world politics in general.
(Yes, I might be making too much out of this.)
Sometimes I feel the US could need a revolution,
like the one that destroyed the USSR,
(and I feel pity for the poor, passive russian people)
cause to me it seems USAs dark side is beginning to take reign.
Your "New world" has got a tendency to repeat itself. Like an old man.
Am I a pessimist?
(No, I´m not a communist, I´m not even a socialist.)
I also wish the Balkan conflicts would end.

What a mess.

Sir Nemolom

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